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How To Avoid A Horror Movie Style Death

Cookie Kibbles | Posted 06.02.2017 | UK Comedy
Cookie Kibbles

If you really must babysit, keep your mobile on you at all times, because the killer will have cut the phone wires. Also don't sit in front of the unlocked patio doors with the curtains open. That's just asking for trouble.

Depression Is A Monster But Don't Fear it

Andrew Bonsall | Posted 29.11.2016 | UK
Andrew Bonsall

bmm banner.jpg I now take time, when sliding or emerging from that chasm in my mind, to research depression as a social and psychological phenomenon, as well as my own personal brand. As my understanding has grown, the shroud of mystery has begun to unravel.

The Perils of Automatic Subtitling

Pat Higgins | Posted 17.05.2017 | UK Entertainment
Pat Higgins

A colleague suggested that the best starting point would be to use a free online service to prepare 'auto-detect' subtitles, which could then be proof-read and edited before being exported and attached to the new version of the movie for Amazon. This seemed like a damn good starting point. It worked! Well, it sort of worked.

The Crazy Bitches Guide to Filmmaking

Adam Hamdy | Posted 14.06.2015 | UK Entertainment
Adam Hamdy

A couple of years ago I met filmmaker Jane Clark in Cannes as she was taking the first steps on her journey to make a fun horror called Crazy Bitches

Caroline Frost

Blair Witch Director Strikes Again With 'Exists'

HuffingtonPost.com | Caroline Frost | Posted 10.04.2015 | UK Entertainment

The director of ‘The Blair Witch Project’ has returned to his favourite genre of found-footage horror with his latest project ‘Exists’. Ed...

"Horror For Kids" and the Poltergeist Remake

Pat Higgins | Posted 31.03.2015 | UK Entertainment
Pat Higgins

A while back, I was asked by a horror fan who had never seen the movie whether it would live up to his expectations. I was about to answer an enthusiastic 'yes' when I paused; all of my experiences of Poltergeist are filtered through having first seen it in my early teens.

'This Film Was About Real People, Not Just Horror'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 06.01.2015 | UK Entertainment

Jeremy Irvine may look as though butter wouldn't melt, but the star of 'Woman in Black: The Angel of Death' couldn't resist giving his co-star Phoebe ...

The Definitive (According to Me) Five Best British Horror Films of All Time

Jonathan Sothcott | Posted 31.12.2014 | UK
Jonathan Sothcott

The best thing about Halloween is undoubtedly the fact that it gives us carte blanche to spend the day, evening, weekend or whole week (depending on your partner's enthusiasm for Halloween, of course), watching nothing but horror movies.

Caroline Frost

'I Don't Like Mirrors, Never Have'

HuffingtonPost.com | Caroline Frost | Posted 13.06.2014 | UK Entertainment

‘Longmire’ star Katee Sackhoff has admitted it takes a certain kind of strength to play a very unnatural kind of mother in this week’s spine-chi...

Another 'Alien' Encounter For Sigourney?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.06.2014 | UK Entertainment

Sigourney Weaver has revealed that she'd be keen to reprise her role of Ripley in a fresh instalment of 'Alien', saying, "There's more story to tell."...

WATCH: The Real Life Chills Behind 'The Conjuring'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 05.02.2014 | UK Entertainment

'The Conjuring', out on DVD from Monday, stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as a married couple who have chosen (it takes all people!) as their pro...

Memories of a Hellraiser - A Chat with Chatterer

Roger Crow | Posted 29.01.2014 | UK Entertainment
Roger Crow

September 1987, and the face of horror changed forever. Hellraiser, Clive Barker's debut movie, turned out to be one of the most visionary and influential films of the decade.

WATCH: Behind The Scenes With Julianne Moore On 'Carrie' Remake

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 27.01.2014 | UK Entertainment

This week sees the release of 'Carrie' - not the original 1976 version starring Sissy Spacek as Carrie White, but the remake, with Chloe Grace Moretz,...

WATCH: The 10 Least Scary Horror Films

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 31.10.2013 | UK Entertainment

Horror films are characterised by their ability to make you hide behind your hands/cushion/sofa, jump out of your seat and have nightmares for days. ...

'Sharknado' Is Good

Liam Heffernan | Posted 03.11.2013 | UK Entertainment
Liam Heffernan

Sharknado's success has exceeded expectations, and is rapidly asserting itself as a modern cult classic. Isn't that what we say about The Big Lebowski? So why is Sharknado still only good because it's bad?

Childhood Fears of a Horror Writer

Pat Higgins | Posted 30.10.2013 | UK Entertainment
Pat Higgins

I've been writing screenplays for horror movies and splashing around in the shallow end of the film industry for a decade now. Horror has become my comfort zone, albeit with a hefty splash of comedy to help the dark stuff go down. It wasn't always that way...

FREE TICKETS: Sharni Vinson In 'You're Next'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 21.10.2013 | UK Entertainment

Directed by Adam Wingard and starring Sharni Vinson, Rob Moran, Barbara Crampton, Ti West and Amy Seimetz; 'You're Next' will be in cinemas across the...

Review: The Conjuring (2013)

Thomas Patrick | Posted 04.10.2013 | UK Entertainment
Thomas Patrick

irected by James Wan, the man who kick-started the torture-porn sub-genre a decade previously, The Conjuring is a surprisingly blood-free horror that bears more in common with his last work Insidious than the one that made his name.

What the Psychology of World War Z - And Horror Films in General - Tell Us About Ourselves

Dr Raj Persaud | Posted 24.08.2013 | UK
Dr Raj Persaud

The latest Brad Pitt block-buster movie World War Z - about a zombie apocalypse sweeping the world - has just opened in the UK. But does the immense global popularity of horror genre films like these reveal something dark lurking in our psyches?

PICTURES: Children Of The Horror - Where Are They Now?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 18.08.2013 | UK Entertainment

'Mama' being the latest horror film to juxtapose sweet, pretty children with a chilling, blood-curling narrative, presents an excuse to check in on th...

Review: Evil Dead (2013)

Thomas Patrick | Posted 18.06.2013 | UK Entertainment
Thomas Patrick

Fans of the original The Evil Dead will remember the comic touches that Sam Raimi laced his screenplay with. Gone is this particular element of charm, replaced by Alvarez with a cascade of blood and self-abuse. That's not to say that it isn't entertaining.

'The Worst Thing They Had Me Do'

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 18.06.2013 | UK Entertainment

Actress Jane Levy can laugh now, but the things they made her do for her lead role in 'Evil Dead' - a remake of the 1981 original - would have many a ...

TRAILER: Carrie's Back - As Scary As Original? Oh Yes!

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 05.06.2013 | UK Entertainment

'Carrie' struck terrors into cinema-goers' hearts in 1976, with the sight of blood streaming down Sissy Spacek's sweet face not long forgotten. And ju...

Film Review: Dark Skies

Jack Pelling | Posted 02.06.2013 | UK Entertainment
Jack Pelling

The chief problem with Dark Skies is its unfading sense of familiarity and despite a few red herrings, horror fans will have little trouble joining the dots from the off. The film is littered with genre clichés, and the obligatory twist is immediately foreseeable from the glaring contrivances in the plot.

Film Review: Mama (2013)

Thomas Patrick | Posted 21.04.2013 | UK Entertainment
Thomas Patrick

Mama, directed by debutante Andres Muschietti is based on his short film and boasts a truly impressive cast of actors, including Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain.