Dr Brooke Magnanti  24.04.2014
Some may think of anonymity as a modern phenomenon enabled by media and technology and its ability to help people hide their true identities....
INTERVIEW: 'What Do We Value As Human Beings?'

INTERVIEW: 'What Do We Value As Human Beings?'

Sarah Dean  25.06.2013
HowTheLightGetsIn, the philosophy and music festival at Hay-on-Wye, has just finished its fifth outing. To find out how the festival went...
Global Warming as a 21st Century Religion

Global Warming as a 21st Century Religion

Peter Lilley  22.06.2013
G.K. Chesterton said that "when people stop believing in orthodox religion, rather than believe in nothing, they will believe in anything"....

Dreams of Eden

Rosemary Burnett  19.06.2013
Do we need a new story to give us the determination to influence our political masters and mistresses into taking action? Do we need a...

The Values Fix: Now or Never?

Ian Johnson  19.06.2013
Technical advances alone cannot dictate our future. We must decide whether we are a part of, or apart from, Mother Nature, the natural...
Atrocity in Public Relations

Atrocity in Public Relations

Julian Stallabrass  19.06.2013
The Vietnam War is, of course, in retrospect seen as a PR disaster for US power: the spectacle that eventually emerged of the world's greatest...


Marina Benjamin  19.06.2013
I welcome the Club of Rome's ValuesQuest agenda, because it challenges this deficit of aspiration. And because I'd like to see more 'becoming'...

Private Cities in the Jungle

Dylan Evans  24.05.2013
Plans are afoot to build private cities in Honduras, complete with their own tax-systems, immigration policies, and alternative legal systems....

Racist Bridges

James Garvey  24.05.2013
Maybe there are racist bridges. The claim sounds as bizarre now as it did the first time I heard it some years ago. But it's what came...

Wonder and Terror in Art and Science

Anna Dumitriu  24.05.2013
Having been asked to participate in a panel discussion at HowTheLightGetsIn 2013 entitled "Of Wonder and Terror" I have been reflecting...

A Palace in the Slums

Gabriel Gbadamosi  24.05.2013
I climbed down once into a corrugated iron tunnel the size of a dog kennel in the slums of Freetown, and came out the other side into a...
Not Just a Pretty Face

Not Just a Pretty Face

Hannah Dawson  24.05.2013
It is painful enough for a woman to know how to think about her body. Here's culture, screaming at us on the one hand to be sexy, and on...
The Rural Economy

The Rural Economy

Kirsty Williams  24.05.2013
The rural economy faces significant challenges that do not arise in urban areas. This has contributed to a rural recession which is different...
The Politics and Economics of Violence

The Politics and Economics of Violence

James Gilligan  24.05.2013
In the US from 1900 to the present, the rates of both suicide and homicide have risen significantly, to epidemic levels, only after Republicans...