Things Fall Apart, The Centre Must Hold

Michel Maietta | Posted 13.09.2017 | UK
Michel Maietta

Last month the Inter Agency Regional Analyst Network (IARAN), a consortium of NGOs, private and academic partners, published a report about what kinds of crises we can expect until 2030 and how the sector needs to adapt to best respond to the needs of people most affected. What does the world look like in 2030? According to the IARAN there are 9 types of crises we can expect to see...

Accountability Should Be About Delivering the Right Outcomes for People, Not About Completing a Predesigned Project

Simon O'Connell | Posted 18.08.2016 | UK
Simon O'Connell

The problem is, in the today's world, we are faced with a plethora of diverse crises, emergencies, disasters and conflicts. Population growth, political and power structure changes, urbanisation, resource scarcity and climate change mean the humanitarian system is creaking under the strain - overstretched and underfunded.

The Operation Was Successful, But the Patient Died

Jonathan Whittall | Posted 19.05.2014 | UK
Jonathan Whittall

For those who do manage to reach health facilities, actual care often remains elusive because of cost. In Khost, in the east of the country, and in the capital, Kabul, roughly half the people surveyed by MSF borrowed money or sold what they could to pay for medicines or doctors' fees during a recent illness. Several sought care in neighbouring Pakistan.

Moral Courage and Democratic Solidarity: The 70th Anniversary of the Rescue of Danish Jewry

Noam Schimmel | Posted 09.10.2013 | UK
Noam Schimmel

Seventy years ago in October something extraordinary took place in Europe. Standing in solidarity with their fellow Danes, the people of Denmark organized a large scale rescue of the Danish Jewish community, bringing the overwhelming majority to the safety of neutral Sweden and thus preventing their deportation by the Nazis to extermination camps...

The Humanitarian Blind Spot

Silvia Stefanoni | Posted 15.09.2013 | UK
Silvia Stefanoni

The concept of the diversity of a population seems obvious when we think about it. The diversity of our own society is well recognised by policy makers and service delivers alike, and the public debate recognises that men and women of different ages have different needs, and are affected by events and changes in society differently.

Not With a Bang But a Whimper

Marc DuBois | Posted 20.02.2013 | UK
Marc DuBois

The world did not end today. At least, not for you. Not for me. In places like Syria and Pakistan, individual worlds will come to an end because of hatred, greed and violence.

In Emergencies, We Shouldn't Only Be Saving the Children

Dr Unni Karunakara | Posted 19.02.2013 | UK
Dr Unni Karunakara

This focus on the very young is perhaps a natural reflex, yet we mustn't allow it to blind us to the needs of older people. As a doctor myself, and currently president of an international medical humanitarian organisation operating in emergencies around the world, I want to challenge our sense that we should always focus first on the needs of the very young in emergencies.