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Is Our Failure to Invest in an Ebola Cure 'Morally Bankrupt' or Financially Prudent?

Natalie Nezhati | Posted 19.08.2014 | UK
Natalie Nezhati

It could be said that the investment of resources into a cure that could carry a price-tag of £1m plus per person to turn a profit is, in purely financial terms, a ridiculous thing to do. With many pharmaceutical companies linking their moral accountability solely with their shareholders, for those who contract unprofitable, neglected diseases it's often a case of "bad luck" and in many cases "goodbye".

Ebola: What Are The Symptoms Of This Deadly Disease?

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1m Targeted In MMR Catch-Up Campaign

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US Man Contracts Plague After Pulling Mouse From Cat's Jaws

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Warning Over Fake Anti-Malaria Drugs

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Flesh-Eating Strain Of MRSA Reaches UK

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Potentially deadly strains of MRSA that are easily passed between people outside of hospitals are increasing in the UK, experts said today. Extra v...

Olympic Pandemic: Masses Flocking To Capital Could Cause 'Global Spread Of Disease'

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