We Can’t Immediately Categorise Breivik as ‘Insane’

Maajid Nawaz | Posted 18.09.2012 | UK Politics
Maajid Nawaz

If a Muslim man emerged from an extremist sub-culture with a worldview, and went on to murder hundreds of innocents in order to further his worldview, you would rightly call him a terrorist. What you certainly would not expect is for Muslim community voices to shun all responsibility by merely dismissing the terrorist as a lone madman, who acted in isolation and was not part of a wider and worrying trend.

Is it Possible for a Sane Person to Commit Mass Murder?

Dr Jane Anderson | Posted 06.07.2012 | UK
Dr Jane Anderson

What might the man (or woman) on the Clapham omnibus make of the case of Anders Behring Breivik, currently on trial for the killing of 77 people in Oslo and Utøya in July 2011?

Terrorists Are Sane

Dr Robert Lambert | Posted 25.09.2011 | UK Politics
Dr Robert Lambert

If we make the mistake of calling terrorists mad we will be in danger of overlooking their extremist politics and their adherence to tried and tested methods of political violence.