Internet Policy

Teenagers: The New Front in the Fight Against Online Child Sexual Abuse Images

Susie Hargreaves | Posted 22.06.2013 | UK Tech
Susie Hargreaves

For a long while within the IWF we've debated whether it is right for us to engage with teenagers. But the facts speak for themselves - young people under 18 are viewing adult content. Surely if we ignore this, we put them at risk by not providing them with the information they need to report these images?

Government's Communications Bill - Licence to Snoop?

Gary Hibberd | Posted 16.02.2013 | UK Politics
Gary Hibberd

My concern is not about the rights of official bodies having access to this information. Rather it is the ability of these organizations to hold such vast amounts of data securely coupled with the idea that a Draft Communications Bill can be written without any real consideration around the practicalities of its implementation.

Adopting an Adaptive Style for Internet Policy

James Purnell | Posted 24.12.2012 | UK Tech
James Purnell

An adaptive style of policymaking requires a different type of organization and outlook, one that looks outward and abroad, tolerates failure, and moves and learns quickly. An adaptive style won't triumph over policy substance. But in the fast-moving Internet age, it is its essential partner.