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17 Things People Need to Stop Telling Me About My Moschino Phone Case

Victoria Drysdale | Posted 13.11.2016 | UK Style
Victoria Drysdale

I know, I probably deserve it, anyone who willingly buys something so ridiculous probably does. But in truth it was purchased for my own entertainment, and also because I smash my iPhone as frequently as plates at a Greek wedding. Anyway, here are the 17 things people need to stop telling me about my phone case.

People Are Making Their Phones Look Like Guns Yet Are Shocked The Police Are Freaking Out

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If we were to think about some of the biggest mistakes you can make in life, this would be firmly in the top five. Located somewhere above getting ...

Yes, That Is An iPhone Case Shaped Like An Actual Gun

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There are some things you need in life: heat, water, air and so on. There are other things that are nice-to-haves, like a set of N64-themed soaps. ...

WATCH: iPhone Dropped From 100,000 Feet, Survives

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In an impressively insane PR stunt, and iPhone case manufacturer has dropped Apple's latest iPod Touch from 100,000 feet above the Earth. Arguably...

Michael Rundle

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'Naked Lady' iPhone Case Could Be Most Tasteless Ever

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