There's A New iPhone Update Available, Here's Why You Should Download It Now

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 25.01.2017 | UK Tech

The latest iOS update – 10.2.1 – protects your iPhone from a staggering 13 different vulnerabilities. Two of the bug fixes fall under the “kerne...

The iPhone 8 Could Ditch The Home Button For A Radical Security System, Report

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 18.04.2017 | UK Tech

The death of the headphone jack outraged many iPhone fans, but the next component heading for Apple’s scrapheap may be less sorely missed. According...

This Video Reveals What Your iPhone Could Have Looked Like

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 11.01.2017 | UK Tech

When Apple unveiled the original iPhone in 2007 it was seen as an incredibly revolutionary device. What very few people realised though was that had A...

Oxfam's New App Lets You See Exactly Where Your Donations Are Going

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 09.01.2017 | UK Tech

Oxfam is seeking to raise the bar for transparency in the charity sector with a new smartphone app that connects donors to the causes they support. La...

The iPhone Is 10 Years Old, Which Was Your Favourite?

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 12.09.2017 | UK Tech

Believe it or not, 2017 marks a whole decade since Steve Jobs first unleashed the Apple iPhone on the world, successfully making us all feel really ol...

You Can Now Play The Original (Incredible) Rollercoaster Tycoon On iPhone/Android

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 28.12.2016 | UK Tech

Remember Rollercoaster Tycoon? Of course you do, it was that glorious PC game that you played before you eventually lost your life to the Sims. Since ...

Apple Has Revealed Why Some iPhone 6s Devices Shut Down Unexpectedly

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 06.12.2016 | UK Tech

Apple has finally explained why some iPhone 6s devices are unexpectedly shutting down, but only on its Chinese website. Last month, the firm announce...

This Short 'Prank' Video Will Slowly Crash Your iPhone

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 26.11.2016 | UK Tech

Tech-savvy pranksters have devised yet another way to crash your iPhone. A seemingly innocuous video link circulating on iMessage and other messaging ...

Mario Is Coming To Your iPhone, But It Is Going To Cost You

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 16.11.2016 | UK Tech

The long-anticipated release date of Super Mario on iPhone has finally been confirmed as the 15 December, just in time for you to be completely antiso...

Your Smartphone Is Covered In Molecules That Reveal Details About Your Personal Life

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 15.11.2016 | UK Tech

Your smartphone is revealing far more about your personal life than you realise, and we don’t mean the contents. A new study has revealed that scien...

Sent By Accident? Google Adds Lifesaving 'Unsend' Button To Email App

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 08.11.2016 | UK Tech

We’ve all been there. You write an email, carefully written, incredibly confidential and painstakingly spellchecked. You then promptly send it to th...

The Next iPhone Update Will Come With David Bowie Emojis

The Huffington Post | Oscar Williams | Posted 03.11.2016 | UK Tech

Apple is releasing a series of professional emojis in iOS 10.2, including a singer with a striking resemblance to David Bowie. There’s a male and fe...

Actual Practical Advice For When Your Phone Falls In The Toilet

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 01.11.2016 | UK Tech

Given how expensive smartphones are, you would think we’d all be a little more careful not to break them so regularly. And yet, here we are, fishing...

Write Off Apple At Your Peril: The Smartphone Innovator Is Still Leading The Charge

Ernest Doku | Posted 28.10.2016 | UK Tech
Ernest Doku

How will it ride out a difficult market? I'd put money on Apple continuing to attempt to convert feature-phone customers and a younger crowd with a lower-priced iPhone offering. It currently ticks that box with the iPhone SE which delivers the Apple experience for £220 less than the iPhone 7.

Nike's New Invention Is A Step Too Far

Mark Dolan | Posted 18.10.2016 | UK Comedy
Mark Dolan

Can all technology companies just dial it down for a while, so we can gather ourselves? No new models, no new operating systems, no new features. I just need a break from all of this constant improvement. I'm exhausted with it all.

This Trick Lets You Send Messages, Facebook Updates From A Locked iPhone

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 11.10.2016 | UK Tech

Apple’s addition of TouchID has meant that the iPhone is, in most regards one of the most secure smartphones available. However iOS still contains t...

The UK Is More Addicted To Smartphones Than Ever, According To New Study

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 27.09.2016 | UK Tech

If your smartphone is the last thing you look at before you go to sleep and the first thing you look at when you wake up, you are not alone. A new s...

People Are Actually Drilling A Hole Into Their iPhone 7 To Look For A 'Hidden' Headphone Jack

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 27.09.2016 | UK Tech

The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack. This is a fact, and no matter how much you might disagree with Apple’s decision, nothing you can do is...

Keeping Up With The i-Joneses

Sean Farrington | Posted 22.09.2017 | UK Tech
Sean Farrington

This week's National Coding Week is testament to this. Despite our reliance on technology and technical solutions to drive our work and personal lives, few of us actually understand the inner workings or the technology that facilitate a wonderful user experience

Want An iPhone 7 With A Headphone Jack? Here's How To Get One

The Huffington Post | Ryan Barrell | Posted 21.09.2016 | UK Comedy

The lack of a headphone jack on Apple’s latest release is easily one of the most controversial moments in the history of the iPhone, causing many fa...

5 Reasons You Will Want To Download macOS Sierra

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 20.09.2016 | UK Tech

Apple’s brand-new operating system for Macs, macOS Sierra will be available to download on the 20 September from 6PM BST. If you own a MacBook, iMac...

Some People Can Hear Their iPhone 7 'Hissing', Don't Panic Though

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 19.09.2016 | UK Tech

A very small number of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users are reporting that their smartphones are ‘hissing’ when performing very complex tasks. The...

11 Tweets That Sum Up Our Feelings About Updating To iOS 10

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 15.09.2016 | UK Tech

We know Apple knows best and they are only updating our iPhones to make our lives easier/full of better emojis. But every time a new update is launch...

Wondering What The New Message Apps Are On iOS 10? Wonder No More...

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 13.09.2016 | UK Tech

Apple iOS 10 is quite simply their biggest software update yet and it’s available to download tonight at 6PM BST. One of its biggest features is the...

Ignore The Angry Mob, Ditching The Headphone Jack On iPhone 7 Was The Right Call

Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 13.09.2017 | UK Tech
Thomas Tamblyn

Apple ditched the headphone jack because it was old, large and probably the only part of an iPhone that didn't actually feel very 'Apple'. The company has been doing this for years, just...