'Trojan Horses' in Birmingham Schools Should Come as No Surprise

Rumy Hasan | Posted 16.04.2014 | UK Politics
Rumy Hasan

The 'Trojan Horse' plot in Birmingham - where some 25 schools have apparently been targeted for takeover by Islamic extremists - is yet another instance of the problems now rising as a consequence of Britain supposedly being a multifaith society; a view shared by all the three main political parties...

Book Review: Tabish Khair, How to Fight Islamist Terror From the Missionary Position

Claire Chambers | Posted 25.02.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Claire Chambers

This is a fast-paced, hilarious novel that nonetheless has sufficient depth to withstand several re-readings. If there's any justice, it's going to be as big a hit in Euro-America as it has been in Khair's home country of India.

Free-Speech Jihadis and Their Defence of Maajid Nawaz

Salman Butt | Posted 15.04.2014 | UK Politics
Salman Butt

Over the last few weeks I've noticed an uncanny resemblance between the caricature flag-burning, blasphemer-threatening, riotous Muslims in the Middle-East, and some (perhaps equally intelligent) so-called 'liberal' tweeters, commentators and presenters in the UK...

The Decline and Fall of Egyptian Democracy

James Snell | Posted 27.03.2014 | UK Politics
James Snell

The fall of Morsi was a blow to those who wanted a stable and free Egypt, that's for certain, but there was a certain pleasure to be gained from watching the army - an institution viewed with distrust by a large number of the population for its support of Mubarak - stepping in to safeguard the future of democracy in the country. Personally, I was ecstatic, stupidly so.

Time to End UK Government Reticence to Extremism

John Sargeant | Posted 03.02.2014 | UK Politics
John Sargeant

The Prime Minister's Extremism Task Force report "Tackling extremism in the UK" has apologised for not doing enough to tackle islamic extermisim: We ...

Arafat's Legacy

Barak Seener | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK
Barak Seener

A viable Palestinian state obviously requires territorial concessions on the part of the Israelis. It also depends on the Palestinian willingness to abandon the spirit of Arafat's resistance that has contributed nothing to the well-being of the average Palestinian.

Secularism in Egypt Once Again Means Authoritarianism and No-one Is Stepping in to Suggest Otherwise

Alex MacDonald | Posted 17.10.2013 | UK
Alex MacDonald

The main secular party in Egypt, the National Salvation Front, has abandoned all credibility. Riding a wave of popular dissatisfaction with the incompetent government of Mohamed Mursi, they foolishly threw their lot in with the military.

Mob Power Can Corrupt, Too: Bad News for Egypt's Future?

Professor Ian Robertson | Posted 03.09.2013 | UK Politics
Professor Ian Robertson

The millions of protestors in Egypt who have brought down a president will today be experiencing the heady thrill of wielding the ultimate power - the jailing of their own leader. But power distorts thinking and emotions and there are strong lessons from psychology and neuroscience to predict that these crowds may live to regret what they have done.

It Is Liberal Racism to Argue That Muslims Are 'Driven' to Commit Murder By Britain's Foreign Policy

Brendan O'Neill | Posted 29.07.2013 | UK Politics
Brendan O'Neill

To claim that Western politicians bear true responsibility for what happened in Woolwich is to argue that the killers themselves do not bear responsibility, presumably because their ability to exercise moral judgement was overridden by... what, precisely? By a peculiarly Muslim fury?

Abu Qatada Case: A Vicious and Dishonest Attack on Civil Liberties

Tam Hussein | Posted 27.07.2013 | UK Politics
Tam Hussein

In a speech last week at Gray's Inn Sir Geoffrey Bindman Britain's foremost human rights lawyer, said that civil liberties are "undergoing a vicious a...

Theresa May: 'Thousands At Risk Of Being Radicalised'

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 26.05.2013 | UK

Theresa May warned on Sunday there are potentially thousands of people at risk of being radicalised in the UK as she indicated plans for a fresh crack...

WATCH: 'One Point, One Demand, Atheists Must Be Hanged'

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 06.05.2013 | UK

UPDATE: According to Reuters, two policemen and a member of a paramilitary force were among those killed in Sunday's clashes. Clashes in the capi...

Amina Is Free! Amina Ran Away!

Inna Shevchenko | Posted 14.06.2013 | UK
Inna Shevchenko

On Friday 12 of April Femen's topless Jihad reached Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki with the question: "Where is Amina?" The president was keeping silent, hiding himself behind dozen of security guards. Some time after I got a telephone call: "Inna, I am here. It's me, Amina!".

My Human Rights Wish-List

Benedict Rogers | Posted 14.03.2013 | UK
Benedict Rogers

In his superb article 'A Human Rights Wish-list for 2013', Jack Healey encouraged us to chose our own wish-list. I have taken up that suggestion.

Cameron Sends Transport Planes To Mali

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.01.2013 | UK

David Cameron has agreed to help transport foreign troops and equipment to Mali amid efforts to halt an advance by Islamist rebels in a conflict that ...

Egypt: Beyond 'Islamists' Vs 'Secularists', What Way Forward?

Myriam Francois-Cerrah | Posted 04.02.2013 | UK Politics
Myriam Francois-Cerrah

This ‎oft-repeated dichotomy of 'islamists vs seculars', masks real diversity in the motivations of ‎opponents to both the presidential decree and the hastily drafted constitution.

British Muslims Split Along Sectarian Lines Over Arab Uprisings

H.A. Hellyer | Posted 14.01.2013 | UK Politics
H.A. Hellyer

For more than a decade I have been studying the community dynamics of Muslim Britons. Their views on the Arab uprisings are intriguing: sectarian fears, disappointments, scepticism, hope and ethnic concerns are all there.

As a friend, Britain Should Warn Indonesia That Its Pluralism Is in Peril

Benedict Rogers | Posted 13.12.2012 | UK Politics
Benedict Rogers

It is right to invite President Yudhoyono to Britain, it is right to seek to deepen our friendship, and it is right to applaud Indonesia's achievements. But in a spirit of friendship, David Cameron and the British Government should not shy away from addressing the challenges as well as lauding the accomplishments.

Where Next for Egypt? The Muslim Brothers and the Ghosts of History

Dr Johan Franzén | Posted 26.08.2012 | UK Politics
Dr Johan Franzén

The sight of Dr Muhammad Mursi being presented as Ra'is al-Jumhuriyyah (President of the Republic) was something I never thought I would see, and regardless of the future course of Egyptian politics it marked a truly historic moment.

Hitchens, Jesus and Freedom: A Jailed Atheist and the Struggle Against Religious Intolerance in Indonesia

Benedict Rogers | Posted 25.07.2012 | UK
Benedict Rogers

If Christians, Ahmadis, atheists and Muslims who believe in religious freedom, mutual respect and pluralism stand up for each other, we can defeat the preachers of hate.

Egypt: The Dawn of an Islamist Future?

Dr Johan Franzén | Posted 01.05.2012 | UK Politics
Dr Johan Franzén

Over the past year, we have witnessed how the Egyptian revolution has stalled. From exuberant optimism in February 2011, through a violent summer and autumn with continuous clashes between activists and the military, to a still uncertain second winter.

Is FOSIS Training the Violent Extremists of Tomorrow?

Hasan Afzal | Posted 03.04.2012 | UK Universities & Education
Hasan Afzal

All too often we see the end product of the conveyor belt. We see the Abdulmutallabs and extremists of this world when it's too late. Ever seen what goes on in the middle? Have you ever wanted to know how well intentioned young Muslims turn into their community's worst nightmare? I can give you a sneak peak.

Is the 'Arab Spring' Making way for an 'Islamic Winter'?

Imad Mesdoua | Posted 27.12.2011 | UK Politics
Imad Mesdoua

It's the question on everyone's lips these days. The trending topic, the pressing issue, the 'primary concern' in the press and in political backrooms everywhere: Is the Arab Spring making way for an Islamic Winter?

Ten years of Terrorism Research

Jamie Bartlett | Posted 09.11.2011 | UK
Jamie Bartlett

So for the next decade: experts in terrorism will be needed as the threat grows more complex and varied, and the UK is well set. But more empirical primary evidence is needed to understand what is happening; and honesty about how it is used. I promise to hold myself to that too.