'I Used to Have a Life and Then I Started Doing Genealogy'

Scott Phillips | Posted 24.10.2012 | UK
Scott Phillips

This journey in genealogy, which I am pleased to say is far from ended, has been one of the most marvelous experiences of my entire life. I rank it right up there behind my marriage, being a parent and grandparent, and almost tied with the semester I spent on Semester at Sea.

WATCH: 'That's For You Hannah' - Defoe Dedicates Winner To Late Cousin

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 16.08.2012 | UK Sport

Jermain Defoe has dedicated his England winner against Italy on Wednesday night to his late cousin Hannah. Defoe's cousin died in a freak accident ...

Slow it Down: Why a Sustainable Slow Food Wedding is More Fun and Worth Doing

Catherine Gazzoli | Posted 14.10.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Catherine Gazzoli

'Doing good'. It sounds like yet another thing to think about and weave into one' s special day. But it doesn't have to be. One of life's most simple pleasures is a shared meal with those we love. Food is glue in that it acts as a social cohesive agent. On your wedding day, food is promoted to far more than basic fuel and becomes a signature of the event itself.

Pope's Former Butler On Trial For Vatican 'Thefts'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.08.2012 | UK

The Roman Catholic Pope's former butler is to stand trial on allegations he stole documents from the pontiff's private house and leaked them to the pr...

US Tourists Complain About Italian 'Hitler Wine'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 10.08.2012 | UK Comedy

Confession time: we have more than once been known to purchase a bottle of wine purely because we like the picture on the label. (A cute kangaroo gets...

Olympics: A Story Which Deserves to Be Told

David Fearnhead | Posted 03.10.2012 | UK Sport
David Fearnhead

On Monday morning, 6 August, at approximately five minutes past ten a 30-year-old Italian will take to the track to compete in her very first Olympic Games. To the ranks of media her name will just be one of many on a list. Indeed when I tried to sell her story to the British press, they didn't have room to tell it.

London's Tryst With Olympics

Preetam Kaushik | Posted 25.09.2012 | UK Sport
Preetam Kaushik

London is a great tourist destination and the Olympics have always added that extra appeal, for it highlights human skill and efforts. The spotlight is turned on London where the 2012 Olympics are being held. London promises to put on a great show.

A Taste of Italy | Acetaia San Giacomo - Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Reggio Emilia

Akeela Bhattay | Posted 20.09.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Akeela Bhattay

As you might imagine, a bottle of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar is pricier than what you might pay for a bottle of the non-traditional variety, but if you enjoy good food, investing in a bottle or two (to be used sparingly, of course) should not disappoint. And if you are ever in Emilia Romagna or planning a trip to the region, I would highly recommend this tour!

Italy and the Eurozone Crisis: Where to After Mr Monti?

Robert O'Daly | Posted 18.09.2012 | UK Politics
Robert O'Daly

If the situation in the eurozone deteriorates further as the Italian general election gets nearer, there is a high risk of severe financial market turmoil that could push Italy back to that brink of financial and economic collapse where it found itself last November.

Is Berlusconi On His Way Back To Power? (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 10.09.2012 | UK

Back in Berlusconi's arms? The former PM has hinted at a comeback Nothing has been confirmed at this stage, but disgraced former Italian Prime Mi...

Spain May Be 'Boring', But They're the Greatest International Side Of All Time

Matthew Handley | Posted 03.09.2012 | UK Sport
Matthew Handley

Call them 'boring' if you want, but this Spanish side is the greatest the world has ever seen. And the scary thing is, they're not even done yet...

The Era of Tiki-Taka Ticker Tape

William Barns-Graham | Posted 01.09.2012 | UK Sport
William Barns-Graham

Even had they lost last night, I don't think anyone would have denied that the last 5 years have been dominated by the Spanish.

Spain Defeat Italy For Third Successive Major Honour

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 01.07.2012 | UK Sport

Spain retained their European Championship crown with a 4-0 win over Italy in the Euro 2012 final in Kiev. Goals in the first-half from David Silva...

LIVE BLOG: Spain V Italy Euro 2012 Final

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 01.07.2012 | UK Sport


'Gone! Gone! The Dream Is Gone!' German Papers React To Italian Defeat

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 29.06.2012 | UK Sport

Germany are in danger of becoming a poor man's England after their 2-1 defeat to Italy in the Euro 2012 quarter-final. By the time the 2014 World Cup ...

What Italy Crave Right Now Is Another Toto Schillaci

Stephen McDonough | Posted 26.08.2012 | UK Sport
Stephen McDonough

Italy have surpassed every ones expectations in making the semi finals of the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine. For the promising performances however there has been one missing ingredient in the success story, a goal scorer to compete for the Golden Boot.

What Is That?? Balotelli Can't Drink It (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 26.06.2012 | UK Sport

Mario Balotelli has again made more of an impact off the field rather than on it for Italy at Euro 2012, and that continued during a brief break in th...

Euro 2012: Thank Goodness for England's Elimination

Mike Ward | Posted 25.08.2012 | UK Sport
Mike Ward

Perhaps this is merely echoing what countless others are saying, but thank the Lord we lost, eh? Thank the Lord that a so-so Italian side managed to eliminate Roy Hodgson's so-so-agonising and frankly rather depressing England from Euro 2012.

England Lose on Penalties, But It's Not Quite the Same Old Story

James Hunt | Posted 24.08.2012 | UK Sport
James Hunt

An England side going out of a major tournament at the quarter final stage. On penalties. But don't stop me just yet, you haven't quite heard this one before.

GALLERY: England Beaten On Penalties By Italy Euro 2012

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 24.06.2012 | UK Sport

England have been eliminated from Euro 2012 on penalties by Italy, who will face Germany in next week's second semi-final. Ashley Young smashed the...

LIVE: England V Italy Minute-By-Minute

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 24.06.2012 | UK Sport


English and Italian Football Is Linked Now More Than Ever

Eliot Rothwell | Posted 23.08.2012 | UK Sport
Eliot Rothwell

England against Italy is often a strange contest. For two nations with rich and diverse histories, often involved in the same interlocking spheres of European influence, very little is found to link the two nation's politics, cultures and, at least now, football teams.

Warned: England Fans Not To Repeat 'Inappropriate Behaviour'

PA | Posted 24.06.2012 | UK Sport

England fans have been warned not to repeat their "inappropriate conduct" at Kiev's Olympic Stadium on Sunday which resulted in the Football Associati...

QUIZ: The Italian Connection

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 22.06.2012 | UK Sport

England and Italy's Euro 2012 quarter-final on Sunday is a pertinent time to recall the rich footballing link the two countries have enjoyed since the...

GALLERY: England V Italy Through-The-Years

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 22.06.2012 | UK Sport

England and Italy meet for the 23rd time on Sunday in the Euro 2012 quarter-finals, here's some of the best snapshots from a fixture with 79 years wor...