John Galliano

All The Outfits At the Met Gala 2017, Plus The Best Dressed On The Red Carpet

The Huffington Post | Susan Devaney | Posted 02.05.2017 | UK Style

Celebrities from every artistic field took to this year’s Met Gala’s red carpet with a statement-making look of their own. Committing to this ye...

Why I Find The Galliano Love-In Hard To Take

Grant Feller | Posted 28.03.2015 | UK
Grant Feller

Am I able to echo a fellow darling of the fashion clique, Vidal Sassoon, who once memorably said that: 'It's OK saying sorry but when you are drunk you say what you really feel.'?

Hayfever? Tired? 6 Lame Excuses Famous People Used For Being Accidentally Offensive

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 20.05.2014 | UK

We've all been there. You've had a long day, you're a bit under the weather, and you say something racist. Or sexist. Or homophobic. This week two...

Howard Tangye - Casting the Line

Bob Chaundy | Posted 31.03.2014 | UK Entertainment
Bob Chaundy

As Head of Womenswear Design at Central St Martin's for 17 years, Howard Tangye's fashion illustrations have been highly influential to his students, most notably John Galliano, Stella McCartney, Richard Nicoll and Julie Verhoeven.

Kids Fashion Is All About Fun!

Louisa Mallejacq Flynn | Posted 23.06.2013 | UK Style
Louisa Mallejacq Flynn

Never before have we had such variety and freedom, and when it comes to fashion, pretty much anything goes. One particular sector of the market, children's wear, is seeing rapid growth and, according to The Telegraph, in the UK alone it's estimated to be worth a staggering £500 million.

Is It Galliano 'Just Being Galliano' or Something More Sinister?

Jan Shure | Posted 16.04.2013 | UK Style
Jan Shure

A few weeks ago I blogged in these pages about disgraced couturier John Galliano under the headline "Galliano deserves another chance". Welcoming Gal...

Did John Galliano Dress Up Like Orthodox Jew On Purpose?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.02.2013 | UK

John Galliano has come a long way from being fashion's enfant terrible to a terribly drunken anti-semitic rant in a Paris bar. The former Dior des...

Fashion x Music: From the Club to the Catwalk at The V&A

Kate Lawson | Posted 30.03.2013 | UK Style
Kate Lawson

Oh the 80s, the era that kept neon light manufacturers in business, rhinestone cameo brooches sparkling against our spiked glasses of Sodastream and Italian dance diva Spagna's spiky mane burning tiny holes in our eyes - aww, I remember it well.

Galliano Deserves a Second Chance

Jan Shure | Posted 29.03.2013 | UK Style
Jan Shure

I hope this extraordinarily talented designer has healed and that this gentle re-immersion into the frenetic world of fashion at Oscar de la Renta proves the first step in a total rehabilitation, personal and professional.

'B', Call me Mrs B, Spell-Bound By the Matriarch of Browns

Katerina Zherebtsova | Posted 16.01.2013 | UK Style
Katerina Zherebtsova

Mrs B commands a majestic entrance, coming up on to the dramatically lit stage of the evening talk in her name at London's Arts Club. If not for the dark dress (Lanvin, beautifully tailored) and unusual, striking jewellery, I would swear I might have mistaken her for a matriarch of a more majestic sort.

Style on the Small Screen

Rosemary Mac Cabe | Posted 03.11.2012 | UK Style
Rosemary Mac Cabe

Time was, you could count the number of stylish television characters on one hand. Perhaps Mischa and Rachel on The OC; Rachel from Friends (at a push; no one has forgotten the mistakes the 1990s made on her behalf); anyone in a school uniform on Home & Away.

Get Your Folk On

Eleanor Doughty | Posted 23.09.2012 | UK Style
Eleanor Doughty

In March 2009, Belarusian model Maryna Linchuk opened John Galliano's autumn 2009 show. She was the embodiment of the eastern peasant top to toe; from the headwear to the pointed almost primitive shoes she wore. Two and a half years on, and elements of a similar aesthetic have crept their way back onto runways worldwide, both in Autumn and Resort collections, 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Dior Finally Pick Galliano's Replacement

MyDaily | Posted 09.06.2012 | UK Style

Fashion house Dior have finally announced who will be taking over as their new artistic director: Raf Simons....

PFW Dispatch: All The Latest From The Weekend Shows

MyDaily | Posted 05.05.2012 | UK Style

From Givenchy to Hermes, the big designer names hit the catwalks at Paris Fashion Week over the weekend....

Christian Dior: Make Up Your Mind, Already

Ellen Grace Jones | Posted 24.03.2012 | UK Style
Ellen Grace Jones

An endangered vessel can never remain rudderless for too long and it's been almost 12 months since the helmless ship Christian Dior parted with its (aspirational-pirate) captain John Galliano.

Review 2011: Headline-Grabbing Fashion Moments | Posted 28.02.2012 | UK Style

From Tulisa championing new talent in front of millions on X Factor to the John Galliano scandal - we've picked the most memorable fashion moments to ...

Raf Simons for Christian Dior?

MyDaily | Posted 11.02.2012 | UK Style

Rumour has it that Belgian-born designer Raf Simons could be replacing John Galliano as the new creative director of Christian Dior......

John Galliano and the Fashion Fascists

Julian Kossoff | Posted 11.11.2011 | UK
Julian Kossoff

Galliano's outburst was not about shocking it was about his place in the fashion 'master-race' and its utter disdain for the Everywoman.

Galliano Found Guilty Of Anti-Semitic Insults

The Huffington Post UK | Paul vale | Posted 08.11.2011 | UK

A French court has convicted John Galliano for racist and anti-Semitic slurs, handing him a suspended fine of £5,245 (€6,000). The fashion desi...

Galliano Faces Paris Verdict Over Racist Rant

BBC | Posted 07.11.2011 | UK

A verdict is expected on Thursday in the case of British fashion designer John Galliano who has been on trial accused of racially abusing a couple in ...

The Bow Must Go On

Isabella Redmond Styles | Posted 07.11.2011 | UK Style
Isabella Redmond Styles

John Galliano once said, 'the hat is the accent, the exclamation mark, the finishing note that punctuates the whole look.' A snappy phrase maybe, but for many fashionable ladies hats can seem more ' ?!?!" than '!', announcing 'I'm a kook' in flashing lights above your head.

Why I wish I was a bridezilla.

Funmi Fetto | Posted 01.11.2011 | UK Style
Funmi Fetto

The mass coverage of - and debate over- the London riots and Libya left me desperate for light, fluffy relief. (Does that make me a bad person?). I finally got my hands on the hard copy of American Vogue . and it was just what I needed.

Marc Jacobs For Dior, Phoebe Philo For Louis Vuitton?

MyDaily | Posted 22.10.2011 | UK Style

Following initial rumours that Marc Jacobs is set to replace John Galliano as the creative director of Christian Dior, it's now reported that Celine's...

Kate Moss Saves Galliano

Dani and Annette Felder | Posted 02.10.2011 | UK Style
Dani and Annette Felder

2011 has seen two of the most anticipated weddings in the UK, if not in the world and, for that matter, speculation about their wedding dresses. Both weddings taking place in the UK, both brides called Kate, both Kates hailed as style icons in the making or style legends per se.

Where Has My Tailor Gone?

Delphine Hervieu | Posted 19.09.2011 | UK Style
Delphine Hervieu

Big groups are capitalising talents in such an extreme way that creativity might die.