UK Jubilee

"OMG This is Literally Amazeballs.": The Use and Abuse of English 2012

Neil Simpson | Posted 02.08.2012 | Home
Neil Simpson

This year all of London is a stage: from the pomp and pageantry of the Jubilee barge sailing regally down the Thames, to the heart pounding action of the Olympic Games. The biggest Shakespeare festival the world has seen is also being staged.

Pupil Ousted From Class For Wearing 'Sectarian' Union Jack T-Shirt

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 03.06.2012 | UK Universities & Education

A 13-year-old boy was told to leave the classroom for wearing a Union Jack T-shirt because the teacher felt it was "sectarian", it has been reported. ...

11 Other Queens

The Huffington Post UK | Alice E. Vincent | Posted 03.06.2012 | Home

It's not just HuffPost Culture who are queen fans - writers, poets and artists have been inspired by royalty for centuries. And who can blame them? Po...

The Royals and Us: Is it Really So Rosy, Or Just Another Fad?

Mark Borkowski | Posted 01.08.2012 | UK Politics
Mark Borkowski

In the run-up to the Jubilee juggernaut, the western media has become obsessed with the newfound brand success of the British Royal Family aka Brand GB.

Bonk Holiday

Tracey Cox | Posted 01.08.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Tracey Cox

Nothing like a national celebration to up the national average for sex. The combination of party + alcohol + time off + a lie in = more sex for everyone! Less 'God save the Queen' more 'God help me I'm horny as hell'. WARNING: This blog contains graphic sexual content...

Glitter, Parties and Magnificent Curtsies!

Zandra Rhodes | Posted 01.08.2012 | UK Style
Zandra Rhodes

On 23 May, HRH Queen Elizabeth, hosted a party to launch the Diamond Jubilee, intended to be "the most glittering arts event in the history of London" (this turned out to be an understatement), and I was part of the GLITTERATI!!!

Beating the Traffic, the Camper Van Way

Martin Dorey | Posted 01.08.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Martin Dorey

Here we go again. It's the summer time, there's some royal action going down and suddenly we've got a whole bunch of bank holidays all at once. You know everyone is going to have the same idea and will make a dash for it. Quick! Pack up the camper van and head for the coast!

The Royal Polling Numbers

Simon Atkinson | Posted 01.08.2012 | UK Politics
Simon Atkinson

If we're measuring success in terms of opinion poll findings, there can be little doubt that The Palace goes into this weekend's Jubilee celebrations in rude health.

This Jubilee, Spare a Thought for the Republicans

Mat Morrisroe | Posted 31.07.2012 | UK Politics
Mat Morrisroe

"We all have fond memories of 60 years of our Queen," Dermot Murnaghan smarms through my TV screen inaccurately. After retrieving whichever inanimate object now lies below the screen having found itself being hurled along with a range of colourful language towards the inane news man's grinning bonce, I reflect on what has been an annoying few months for me and millions of other Britons.

Will the Queen Fly the Flag for British Fashion?

Nickee Todd | Posted 01.06.2012 | UK Style
Nickee Todd

During the lead up to her Diamond Jubilee, our 86 year old monarch's dress sense has been the topic of many a fashion article. She apparently knows what suits her, has a distinctive style and always dresses appropriately.

Celebrate Or Commemorate - The Jubilee and Olympics Make For More Crappy Goods

David Morgan | Posted 31.07.2012 | UK Comedy
David Morgan

Whether you plan to do either or both for this year's top public fund draining events; one thing is for sure there is a multitude of things out there ...


Nick Revell | Posted 30.07.2012 | UK Comedy
Nick Revell

I am so excited my brain can literally not think in a straight line why because we're all buzzed up counting down the days left to the Queen's Diamond Geezer weekend which is now literally only a few days away and I literally cannot wait...

Taking The Jubilee Biscuit

Anna Berrill | Posted 30.07.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Anna Berrill

The 1950s, the decade of the Queen's coronation, was a time of austerity, rationing, and simplicity in the baking stakes. From malted date cakes and cherry bakewells to pillow soft finger rolls, shortages meant that food was on everyone's minds.

Britain's Jubilee Blues

Peter Kellner | Posted 30.07.2012 | UK Politics
Peter Kellner

One might have thought the Queen's Diamond Jubilee would be an occasion to celebrate how much life in Britain has improved over the past sixty years.

The Art of Ink is Back

The Reverend Jennie Hogan | Posted 25.07.2012 | UK Lifestyle
The Reverend Jennie Hogan

For those who love them, pens are friends, adding a touch of class and reassurance every time.

PICS: Landlord Turns Pub Into Ship For Diamond Jubilee

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 23.05.2012 | UK Comedy

Most of us will celebrate the Diamond Jubilee by having a lie-in, or having a cheeky Pimm's, or throwing another peasant shrimp on the barbie. Andr...

Reunited: Hockney And The Queen Meet Again

PA | Posted 22.07.2012 | Home

The Queen will meet David Hockney for the second time in two days during a trip to the Royal Academy of Arts today. The artist will be among those ...

'We Were Born On Your Wedding Day, Duchess!'

PA | Posted 22.05.2012 | UK

Two seven-year-old girls caught the royal eye on Tuesday, giving the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall a reminder of their wedding day. Twins Grace and ...

Coffee Bean Queen!

PA | Posted 16.07.2012 | Home

There have already been sightings of Jesus in a potato and the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich - and now the Queen has made an unlikely appea...

Sam Parker

Should One Be Amused? Major Jubilee Exhibition Reviewed | Sam Parker | Posted 20.07.2012 | Home

Standing in a shop in Charing Cross Station on my way to see The Queen: Art & Image at The National Portrait Gallery, I happened to notice that the im...

Burnley To Get Visit From The Queen

Posted 16.05.2012 | UK

The Queen will visit East Lancashire on Wednesday as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour to celebrate 60 years on the throne. She will be accompanied ...

On Set With My New Atelier Collection

Julien MacDonald | Posted 21.04.2015 | UK Style
Julien MacDonald

Earlier this year I announced that Julien Macdonald (the brand) was launching a private client, made-to-measure service in house at my studio, keeping the whole Made in Britain theme alive, especially in this Jubilee year!

Jubilee Memorabilia, Finding the Diamonds in the Jumble

Richard Brownlie-Marshall | Posted 11.07.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Richard Brownlie-Marshall

Ever since the big date in April 2011, we all knew what to expect for 2012's summer of celebrations. Around 12 months ago Britain's memorabilia fire was re-ignited with gold rimmed tea cups, William & Kate tea towels and, of course, bunting galore.

Life Hacking Through Self-Tracking

Drew Benvie | Posted 09.07.2012 | UK Tech
Drew Benvie

With the summer fast approaching, the Olympics and Jubilee season upon us, the web-savvy amongst us are turning to 'self-tracking' to get the most out of our time. The new trend of using apps, gizmos and lifehacks is a lot more than just being techy though: it's giving people the ideas for working smarter.

Celebrate The Diamond Jubilee In The Queen Of All Shrines

Posted 10.05.2012 | UK

With the Queen's diamond jubilee on the horizon, and patriotic passion set to seize the nation, a rather more quirky way of celebrating her Majesty's ...