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Why "Execution-Style Killings" Are Anything But

Rob Atkinson | Posted 09.05.2013 | UK
Rob Atkinson

"Execution-style Killing". It's one of those chilling news-story phrases that are fairly frequently-used, lazily, thoughtlessly and as a knee-jerk re...

The Inmate of Rome

Will Bordell | Posted 30.04.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Will Bordell

It's a relief to be able to call him Joseph.  And it will be a relief once he's treated just like any other Joseph.  It's been said before and it will be said again: there's a Ratzinger-sized space in Rome's nearest prison cell just waiting to be filled.  The former Bishop of Rome should soon become the Inmate of Rome.

The Case Against Private Prisons

Joe Cottrell-Boyce | Posted 23.04.2013 | UK Politics
Joe Cottrell-Boyce

There is... no solid evidence that private prisons are better than their public sector counterparts. Audits have however found that inexperienced staff and cost cutting measures have left many private prisons struggling to create a safe environment for prisoners.

Jessica Elgot

Private Prisons 'Are Better Than Public Ones' | Jessica Elgot | Posted 21.02.2013 | UK

Private prisons are more efficient and better at managing re-offending than public prisons, and jails should be put on the open market by the governme...

Should Rape Defendants Be Anonymous?

Sarah Lothian | Posted 21.04.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Sarah Lothian

So why should rape and sexual assault be treated differently? Either we have faith in our justice system, or we don't... By protecting defendants, what are we saying about our confidence in the evidence presented - which includes the reliability of the witnesses involved?

Magdalene Laundries: Northern Ireland's Hidden Shame

Patrick Corrigan | Posted 20.04.2013 | UK Politics
Patrick Corrigan

Today, it is our generation's and our governments' reputation for honour, not that of the Magdalene women, which is at stake.

Independent Commission's Public Consultation on Mental Health and Policing

Lord Victor Adebowale | Posted 15.04.2013 | UK Politics
Lord Victor Adebowale

The police have many roles in our society but we cannot deny that one of their central duties is to protect the most vulnerable individuals and this includes those with mental health issues.

Justice Reinvestment - Adding Up the Benefits

Vicki Helyar-Cardwell | Posted 13.04.2013 | UK Politics
Vicki Helyar-Cardwell

In the flurry of activity around the Justice Secretary's announcements on rehabilitation and the speedy roll out of payment-by-results in justice, some other potentially more interesting financing schemes are being overlooked despite very promising results.

What Are Our Intelligence Services Doing in Our Name?

Bob Morgan | Posted 12.04.2013 | UK Politics
Bob Morgan

Tory MP Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the all-party group on rendition, said the Justice and Security Bill would make it more difficult to establish the truth about Britain's complicity in kidnap and torture and make us all less safe. I think he is right about that.

Mexico: Where is the Justice for Regina Martínez?

Cathal Sheerin | Posted 03.04.2013 | UK
Cathal Sheerin

Journalist Regina Martínez was murdered in Mexico's most corrupt state in April 2012; there is widespread suspicion that the official investigation ...

British Is Best? Don't Believe the Hype...

Julian Constable | Posted 02.04.2013 | UK Politics
Julian Constable

The argument trotted out by the supporters of the British model is that the British police are unique in the world because of its origin in British history, that they exist because of the 'will of the people', that they are the 'best in the world', that this is shown by the affection that the people have for them and that this is seen in the absence of weapons.

Sudan: Darfur Is Still Suffering 10 Years After Conflict Began

Lynne Featherstone | Posted 27.03.2013 | UK Politics
Lynne Featherstone

This year marks 10 years since the start of conflict in Darfur and the numbers speak for themselves. During 3,655 days of violence, hundreds of thousands have died, millions have been forced from their home and 2.7 million still rely on food aid for survival. As we approach the grim anniversary of when violence began, I visited the war-ravaged region this week to see for myself the impact British aid is having on the ground. In many ways, the fact that I am only able to blog about it after returning from Darfur because of the security threat, speaks louder than any of the words I can write.

Barry George 'Not Innocent Enough' To Win Payout

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.01.2013 | UK

Barry George, who spent eight years behind bars after being wrongly convicted of the murder of Jill Dando, has lost his High Court bid for compensatio...

More Haste, Less Speed

Deborah Evans | Posted 26.03.2013 | UK Politics
Deborah Evans

Politicians often feel the pressure to do things quickly, to display a sense of urgency. Yet so often, rushed decision making means they get it wrong. Unless they take steps to establish the impact of their proposals, how can they know that they will achieve their objectives?

Police Spy Case Shows Threat of Secret Courts

Clare Algar | Posted 24.03.2013 | UK Politics
Clare Algar

Last week, lawyers for the police were partly successful in pushing a case concerning what has been described as the "sexual and psychological abuse of campaigners for social justice ... by undercover police officers" into a secret tribunal, from which little if any evidence of just how this was allowed to happen will emerge.

The PM Must Consider What the EU Has Done for Victims of Crime

Javed Khan | Posted 24.03.2013 | UK Politics
Javed Khan

The truth of the matter is that if you are a victim of crime you may have a lot to thank the EU for, and a lot to lose if Britain pulls out of measures it has just recently signed up to.

If You Say a Job Is Worth Doing...

Deborah Evans | Posted 06.03.2013 | UK Politics
Deborah Evans

2013 is a year of big change for personal injury, but change is not always progress.

'Do You Want Criminals Roaming The Streets?'

PA | Posted 28.12.2012 | UK

David Cameron has been warned by a senior Brussels official that Britain's withdrawal from European Union law and order measures would leave paedophil...

Twitter Guidelines To Protect Against 'Chilling Effect On Free Speech'

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 19.12.2012 | UK

Those who post offensive messages on Twitter or Facebook are less likely to face criminal charges, under new guidelines set out by Director of Public ...

Time to Find an Appropriate Balance With Judicial Review

Tony Baldry | Posted 17.02.2013 | UK Politics
Tony Baldry

What I suggest is needed here is not a consultation on a limited and technical set of reforms to judicial review, but rather, a more widespread debate in Parliament and society more generally as to where is the appropriate balance to be drawn between Judicial Review being a proper and legitimate means of holding the executive to account, and where does it become a mechanism simply for seeking to frustrate and thwart decisions taken by ministers with which one happens to disagree.

One Hour and Eighteen Minutes

Ruth Green | Posted 27.01.2013 | UK Politics
Ruth Green

With the wave of oligarchs that continue to flock to London to battle out their grievances, sadly embezzlement scandals and corruption are associations we regularly make with Russia nowadays.

Reducing Wrongful Convictions

Gates Cambridge Scholars | Posted 26.01.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Gates Cambridge Scholars

Our memory is capable of incredible things; however, it does not work like a tape recorder, neither when memorising an event, nor when attempting to recall it. In court, eyewitness evidence is regarded to be among the most incriminating type of evidence.

Respecting Human Rights Demands Accountability for Human Rights Protectors

Noam Schimmel | Posted 26.11.2012 | UK Universities & Education
Noam Schimmel

In promoting human rights we ought to show those organizations advancing human rights respect and appreciation but not deference, hold them accountable to the values they strive to represent and protect and critically assess their efforts to do so, and encourage a more prominent place for discussion, dissent, and contestation within the human rights community and society at large about how human rights are advanced.

Don't Blame Libel Laws for Twitter's Mistakes

Bobby Friedman | Posted 09.01.2013 | UK
Bobby Friedman

It's all too easy to pretend you're on the side of the righteous when you're naming names, but if you have no idea whether you're in fact spreading a grave libel rather than exposing the truth, you are doing nobody a public service.

Who Can Help in the 'Rehabilitation Revolution'?

James Timpson | Posted 07.01.2013 | UK Politics
James Timpson

A commitment to allow prisoners to re-enter society, as opposed to just letting them rot, has real potential to improve the outcome of our justice system for everyone. So go for it Chris, go for it MoJ, go for it prison bosses, and as citizens we need to play our part in supporting this agenda.