Lipgoss: Words That Should Be Banned From Celebrity Coverage

Anna Hart | Posted 11.08.2012 | UK Entertainment
Anna Hart

Enough is enough! If I have to read about another bogus curves celebration (Q: Have you ever been invited to a party in honour of someone's arse? Thought not) I will punch my laptop, and that HURTS. I've begun a list of words and phrases which should be retired from celebrity coverage.

Lipgoss: Did Rihanna Eat Feta Cheese Off Some Dude's Head?

Anna Hart | Posted 19.06.2012 | Home
Anna Hart

Want to know what the internet has been thinking about this week? Well, we've been mostly wondering whether Rihanna did drugs off a man's head at Coachella Media Circus, or if she was unwrapping some feta cheese, which is what it looks like to me.

Lipgoss: Adele, Petra Ecclestone and Christina Aguilera Have Much Nicer Homes Than You

Anna Hart | Posted 17.04.2012 | Home
Anna Hart

I'm pleased to bring you some Grade A real estate porn. Here's Adele's 10-bedroom, grade II-listed Home Counties mansion, complete with two swimming pools and 25 acres of greenery... Valued at £7 million, with a monthly rent of £15,000, it's nonetheless a rustic cottage compared to Petra Ecclestone's LA mansion.

Lipgoss: Glenn Close Says Cult Made Her a Better Actress

Anna Hart | Posted 25.03.2012 | Home
Anna Hart

Fatal Attraction star Glenn Close has the following advice for budding thespians: try a cult! The actress told New York magazine that her family joined the conservative Moral Re-Armament sect with her family when she was just seven years old...

Lipgoss: Jay-Z Totally Sheepish About Sexist Lyrics

Anna Hart | Posted 18.03.2012 | Home
Anna Hart

Getting older and wiser sucks sometimes, particularly because you're increasingly conscious of what an immature bonehead you used to be. This week, it's the turn of megastar rapper, Beyonce-marrier and brand-spanking-new father, Jay-Z, to cringe about sexist lyrics he rapped in the past.

Lipgoss: Fred Durst Live-Blogs Juice Fast Misery

Anna Hart | Posted 13.03.2012 | Home
Anna Hart

By this point in 2012, you're probably bored stupid of friends who won't meet you for an alcoholic drink until February, and magazines promising "New Year, New You!" schemes of physical and gastronomical misery, usually alongside a bikini-clad celebrity salesperson.

Lipgoss: Britney Spears and Christmas Baby Rumours

Anna Hart | Posted 21.02.2012 | UK Entertainment
Anna Hart

Over my years in the industry, I've noticed that the baby-related-headline count spikes at Christmas. Is it a sentimentality thing? Is it a Baby Jesus thing? Who knows. It's creepy, anyhow.

Lipgoss: Jessica Simpson and the Creepy Business Of Public Weight-Loss

Anna Hart | Posted 11.02.2012 | Home
Anna Hart

Celebrities hopping into bed with the diet industry is nothing new, of course. Ever since a size 12 Oprah Winfrey wheeled a cart filled with 67 pounds of animal flesh onstage to celebrate her hard-won weight loss, stars have known there's money to be made by spilling your guts about your overspilling gut.

Lipgoss: Pippa Middleton Replaces Jennifer Aniston as Postergirl for Single Misery

Anna Hart | Posted 07.02.2012 | UK Entertainment
Anna Hart

Oh, how the world hated it when sad, lonely, singleton Jennifer Aniston hooked up with a stinky boy.

Lipgoss: Job Vacancy as Lady Gaga Sacks Creative Director

Anna Hart | Posted 16.01.2012 | UK Entertainment
Anna Hart

Lovers and spouses come and go, but a celebrity's relationship with a manager, publicist or creative director is supposed to be sacrosanct. This week, we're sending out the sympathy cards and tubs of Ben & Jerry's to Lady Gaga and her creative director Laurieann Gibson, whose split seems to be going the acrimonious way.

Lipgoss: Has Kim Kardashian's Divorce Made Reality TV Jump the Shark?

Anna Hart | Posted 11.01.2012 | UK Entertainment
Anna Hart

As every magazine editor knows, if you combine a life crisis - and they don't come much better than a sham divorce coupled with the potential ruin of your media empire - with potential weight loss or weight gain, you've got headline GOLD.

Lipgoss: J-Lo's Onstage Meltdown Explained

Anna Hart | Posted 26.12.2011 | UK Entertainment
Anna Hart

Much as we respect Jennifer Lopez for her services to the perfume industry (Joke! All her fragrances ming!) we cannot conceal our bemusement at this week's events.

Lipgoss: Stars Who Party With Dictators

Anna Hart | Posted 13.12.2011 | UK Entertainment
Anna Hart

Hilary Swank, we know whose party you went to last weekend. And you are GROUNDED, young lady. Okay, so Hilary isn't really grounded, but the internet is very, very angry with her. On October 5th the Million Dollar Baby actress attended a massive birthday bash for Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen President accused of human rights violations.

Lipgoss: Woody Allen Sees Potential in Michelle Obama

Anna Hart | Posted 09.12.2011 | UK Entertainment
Anna Hart

Michelle Obama! Your long wait for fame and recognition might be over. On a recent episode of Daybreak, Veteran neurotic and film director Woody Allen revealed that he's not averse to offering the First Lady her big break.

Lipgoss: Rihanna Astonished to Discover the C-Word is Offensive

Anna Hart | Posted 04.12.2011 | UK Entertainment
Anna Hart

A lesson beautifully illustrated by Rihanna in the November issue of British Vogue, in whose glossy pages the singer reveals both airbrushed clavicles and a fondness for the word 'c---'. Not a bad choice for your favourite expletive, but there was one problem: she had no idea it was offensive.