Local Government Should Be At The Heart Of Our Democracy - It Must Be Defended And Strengthened

John Tizard | Posted 11.09.2017 | UK Politics
John Tizard

If any authors were going to make the case for local government as a crucial element in the democratic viability of our unitary state and equally as c...

For The Sake Of Places And Communities Local Government And VCS Must Be Together

John Tizard | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK Politics
John Tizard

The next few years are going to require some bold and creative solutions to some very challenging problems. These solutions are going increasingly to invented and implemented on a place basis and will be best achieved when local government and the VCS are together promoting and striving for their communities.

International Day of Democracy: What Does Taking Back Control Mean To You?

Alexandra Runswick | Posted 15.09.2017 | UK Politics
Alexandra Runswick

If Theresa May means what she says about her government being for all and not just the "privileged few", then she needs to direct her attention to addressing this sense of powerlessness that is sweeping the nation.

Local Social Action Is More Vital Than Ever - And So Are Its Champions

John Tizard | Posted 13.07.2017 | UK Politics
John Tizard

If ever there was a time for bold, brave focussed leadership in the voluntary and community sector, at both national and local level, surely it is now? And this must particularly be case in respect of the local community and small charity sector, which are the backbone of strong communities and the catalyst for local social action.

Setting the Record Straight on Sunday trading

Fiona Bruce | Posted 18.02.2017 | UK Politics
Fiona Bruce

The fundamental point about Sunday trading and the economy is that more hours do not equal more sales. All that happens when trading hours increase is that the sales get spread from smaller to larger stores, and across more hours.

Set Up to Fail: Why Flawed Housing Targets Threaten Our Countryside

Shaun Spiers | Posted 16.11.2016 | UK Politics
Shaun Spiers

Today CPRE published a major report, Set up to fail: why housing targets based on flawed numbers threaten our countryside. I guess most people's minds...

Power to You: Neighbourhood Planning Gives Communities Control of Development in Their Local Areas

Tony Armstrong | Posted 08.10.2016 | UK
Tony Armstrong

Localism hands power to people. Decades of decisions being taken at a central level and then imposed on communities have been turned on their heads in recent years and people are now reaping the benefits.

Big Business Society: The Antidote to Corbynomics

Alexander Temerko | Posted 20.08.2016 | UK Politics
Alexander Temerko

It was helpful of Jeremy Corbyn to publish an eight-page economic manifesto last month. We can now be 100% sure that his policies would scare every major company away from the UK for good.

How Your Neighbourhood Can Have Its Own Community Allotment

Tony Armstrong | Posted 14.08.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Tony Armstrong

Allotments are wonderful things, aren't they? They mean that even if you live in a big city you can get outside and feel the sun (or rain) on your back as you nurture fresh, healthy food for your dinner table...

The Voluntary and Community Sector Can Light a Beacon to Hope and Change

John Tizard | Posted 23.07.2016 | UK
John Tizard

Given the current political and economic agenda, it is all too tempting for the voluntary and community sector to retreat into a shell of despondency,...

The Time for Britain's 'New Federalism'

Tim Farron | Posted 10.07.2016 | UK Politics
Tim Farron

As the Scotland Bill makes its way through Parliament, it's time to start igniting the liberalism of localism; for more of our towns and cities to start marching towards the drumbeat of devolution.

Localism and Decentralism Must Be Part of a Much Wider Political Reform Agenda

John Tizard | Posted 07.06.2016 | UK Politics
John Tizard

Localism, devolution and decentralisation are currently key buzz words right across Whitehall and town halls throughout the country. Now whilst it is very important that these words evolve into effective policy (and do so for places beyond the major cities and city regions), it is, in my view, equally important that the move upwards to local government does not stop at the town or county hall but extends even further, up to communities and neighbourhoods.

The Northern Powerhouse: Why It's the Real Deal

Paul Worthington | Posted 21.05.2016 | UK Politics
Paul Worthington

It is easy to be cynical about the Northern Powerhouse. Critics have already labelled it as tokenism, or an afterthought from the Conservative Party to appease concerns that it does not think beyond its traditional strongholds. But it is more than that. Furthermore, criticising the vision before it has even got off the ground is actually counter-productive in the long run.

The Next Government Should Commit to a Public Services Pledge

John Tizard | Posted 26.06.2015 | UK Politics
John Tizard

In less than two weeks' time, the general election ballot boxes will be back in storage (though few would dare predict for how long). And then, sometime after 7th May, the UK will have a new government.

Disabled Employees Have a Vital Role to Play in Britain's Economic Growth

Richard Hawkes | Posted 22.06.2015 | UK
Richard Hawkes

The disability employment rate is 47.4 per cent. Historically, periods of economic growth have not had the same positive effect on the employment rate of disabled people as they have for everyone else.

Better Buy British: Six Reasons Why

Lucy Duggan | Posted 19.04.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Lucy Duggan

Every time you buy British goods that are made with skilled labour, you're not only creating jobs for British workers, you are also keeping skills alive in this country. Often these skills have been handed down through the generations. It's about culture, tradition, heritage and history as much as it is about the thing you buy.

Voluntary and Community Sector Must Engage in General Election Now!

John Tizard | Posted 06.03.2015 | UK Politics
John Tizard

The UK General Election is only four months away. This will be a very significant general election with potentially major implications for the future of the state, the economy, society and consequently for the charity and voluntary and community sector.

Counties Demand Devolved Powers - What 'One Place, One Budget' Could Achieve

David Hodge | Posted 22.11.2014 | UK Politics
David Hodge

Last week's No vote in the Scottish referendum marks the start of a new discussion, one devoted to devolution that could lead to the transform of the whole of the UK. Whatever results from the negotiations around Scottish Devo-max or the immediate fallout for the UK's other regions, what is perhaps more significant is that a generation of voters has recognised a Whitehall and Westminster centred model is not set in stone...

Time for National Charity and VCS Bodies to Lead a National Discourse

John Tizard | Posted 25.10.2014 | UK Politics
John Tizard

These are going to be critical months for the voluntary and community sector (VCS) and charities more generally - and this is especially the case for the national sector bodies. It will also be a critical period for all of us and there needs to be an open debate about the future of society which these bodies can lead.

Business Rates Need More Localism

Dhruv Patel | Posted 30.05.2014 | UK
Dhruv Patel

I believe it is vital that the tasks of setting rates and reliefs, and deciding how to spend them are devolved to local and regional levels of government. This would give people a democratic say in which types of businesses they want to encourage and how the receipts are spent, allowing them to witness the resultant effect in their own, and neighbouring, areas.

People Are Switched Off Politics - We Must Bring Them Back

Nicholas Rogers | Posted 19.04.2014 | UK Politics
Nicholas Rogers

That people are disenchanted with politics is hardly an original observation. Turnout at elections is declining, politicians are almost universally derided, distrusted and disliked. Perhaps it was ever thus, but modern voters seem less interested and less willing to listen to what politicians say than ever before.

Open Primaries Can Fix Our Broken Politics

Louis Degenhardt | Posted 09.03.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Louis Degenhardt

A jolt of energy needs to be administered to our comatose national politics, faltering on life support. Let's demand better involvement and better politicians. It's time to create a better politics.

My 2014 Predictions

Jonathan Guy | Posted 08.03.2014 | UK Tech
Jonathan Guy

Predictions are incredibly hard. Either you get it spot on and appear to be prescient or you are so wide of the mark that you look foolish. There is no middle ground and for that reason most people wisely stay clear of making them. Given that I'm not most people, here goes.

State and Market: Will the Autumn Statement Help Clear Up Current Confusion?

Dan Corry | Posted 01.02.2014 | UK Politics
Dan Corry

Recent events in British politics have shown how confused our public is on the issue of the role of the state versus that of the market and indeed of society, something that political leaders and officials at local and national level probably experience every day.

Print, Prejudice and the Struggle for Sites: The Ugly Face of Localism

Joe Cottrell-Boyce | Posted 02.12.2013 | UK Politics
Joe Cottrell-Boyce

Last month, Inside Housing reported that only 101 of the 597 Traveller pitches allocated government funding in England since 2012 have managed to secure planning permission. Without permission, it is unlikely any of the remainder will go ahead; another broken promise in the ongoing struggle for adequate Traveller accommodation in the UK.