Lord Patten

Plans To Change How Universities Are Run Prompts Lords Revolt

The Huffington Post | Jasmin Gray | Posted 03.01.2017 | UK Universities & Education

The government faces a huge cross-party revolt over controversial reforms to Britain’s higher education sector that would make it easier for new col...

Tory Minister 'Should Have Been Sacked' For Criticising Brexit Judges

The Huffington Post | Paul Waugh | Posted 06.11.2016 | UK Politics

Lord Patten criticises @sajidjavid and newspaper editors over their reaction to the High Court decision on #Brexit. pic.twitter.com/3cuztoyqqx— Pest...

Oxford Quotas: A Lazy 'Solution' to Deep-Seated Problems

David Browne | Posted 17.05.2017 | UK Universities & Education
David Browne

Quotas will do nothing to solve this problem; what is needed is a culture which does not put media circulation (which is easy to increase by fuelling confirmation biases) ahead of the very people in whose interests those attacking Oxbridge claim to act. However, such cultural shifts are far harder to achieve than the arbitrary imposition of a quota - an option which may be easy but is most certainly not right.

Quotas Increasing Ethnic Diversity Will 'Lower Standards'

The Huffington Post | George Bowden | Posted 16.05.2016 | UK Universities & Education

Quotas to ensure Britain's best universities accept more students from diverse backgrounds will guarantee "lower standards", the Chancellor of Oxford ...

The Future of the BBC

Lord Patten | Posted 06.05.2017 | UK Entertainment
Lord Patten

No-one would invent the BBC today. But thank God our predecessors did. The BBC is one of this country's greatest institutions: it developed organically, almost accidentally, but it's become a central part of the public realm without being part of the state.

China Is a Bully We Need to Stand Up To - Because No One Is Safe in China Today

Benedict Rogers | Posted 02.03.2017 | UK Politics
Benedict Rogers

Like all bullies, China will respect us more if we do so - and perhaps then, there is a chance of China changing. For at the moment, twenty years after Amnesty International's report, no one is safe in China.

Universities Should Be Dangerous Places, But Not Yet

Nick Cartwright | Posted 20.01.2017 | UK Politics
Nick Cartwright

For me the debate about whether the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oriel College, Oxford should be removed encapsulates the crux of the debate and whilst many recognise that there are things to be commended in the arguments made on both sides I find myself agreeing with both sides, at the same time.

'Fear Miliband, Not Farage' Former Tory Chairman Says

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Jack Sommers | Posted 17.01.2015 | UK Politics

Ed Miliband is a bigger threat to the Tories in any TV leaders' debates than Nigel Farage whose momentum is "deflating", the former Conservative Party...

The World's Worst Job: Chairman of the BBC Trust

Paul Blanchard | Posted 01.10.2014 | UK
Paul Blanchard

The job of chairman of the BBC Trust is up for grabs. On paper it looks like a dream job. Not too taxing; perks of being a civil servant; good pay; great working environment; interesting, high-profile, semi-altruistic organisation. However, unless you've been living on Mars for the last 15 years, you'll know that this is, in fact, the job from hell.

Lord Patten Quits As BBC Chair

The Huffington Post UK/PA. | Posted 06.05.2014 | UK

BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten is standing down from the role with immediate effect on health grounds following major heart surgery. He said he was...

Jimmy Savile Sex Abuse Inquiry Cost BBC Around £5m

PA | Posted 15.09.2013 | UK

The BBC has spent around £5 million investigating the Jimmy Savile sex scandal so far and the final bill is still not in. The corporation's annual...

Ned Simons

Edward Snowden's Choice Of Hong Kong 'Surprising', Says Former British Governor

HuffingtonPost.com | Ned Simons | Posted 13.06.2013 | UK Politics

The last British governor of Hong Kong has said he was "quite surprised" that Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower, chose to flee to the the Chinese ...

Ned Simons

Lord Patten Warns Tory MPs To Unite Behind David Cameron Or Lose Election

HuffingtonPost.com | Ned Simons | Posted 13.06.2013 | UK Politics

Lord Patten, the former chairman of the Conservative Party, has warned Tory MPs the party will lose the next election if it appears to be divided or o...

'Do You Want To Know My Toilet Habits?'

PA/The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 27.11.2012 | UK Politics

"Do you want to know my toilet habits?" Lord Patten asked during a bad tempered exchange with Tory MP Philip Davies on Tuesday. Appearing before th...

The Last Days of the BBC?

Mathew Strowbridge | Posted 13.01.2013 | UK Entertainment
Mathew Strowbridge

Somebody tell me what's going on. It seems that every day a new BBC executive is sent skulking to the butchers for a scalping.

A Poisoned Chalice?

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 12.11.2012 | UK

The acting director general of the BBC will set out his plans for rebuilding trust in the corporation in the wake of the botched Newsnight child abus...

Lord Patten 'BBC Still The Greatest Broadcaster In The World'

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 11.11.2012 | UK

Lord Patten said he still believes the BBC, though not perfect, is "the greatest broadcaster in the world" in the wake of the Newsnight investigation ...

Savile Tragedy Is Being Exploited To Attack the Very Idea of Having a BBC

Adam McGibbon | Posted 30.12.2012 | UK Politics
Adam McGibbon

The BBC's predictable enemies are beginning to use the scandal to attack the very idea of a publically-funded, non-commercial broadcaster.

Salmond In Hot Water After Comparing BBC Boss To Nazi

PA | Posted 05.02.2012 | UK Politics

Opposition leaders have called for Alex Salmond to apologise after he used a term linked to officials in Nazi Germany to describe a BBC adviser. Sc...

Why Murdoch Dropped Lord Patten's Book

PA/Huffington Post | Posted 24.03.2012 | Home

Rupert Murdoch decided to drop a book written by Lord Patten about his time as Hong Kong governor in case it risked his plans to expand into China, th...

Frozen Planet Row: Is This Revenge For The Leveson Inquiry?

PA | Posted 13.12.2011 | UK Politics

Newspapers are giving wildlife series Frozen Planet a hard time in revenge for the BBC's coverage of the Leveson Inquiry, director-general Mark Thomps...

Chairman Of BBC Trust: No To Statutory Regulation Of Press

PA | Posted 13.01.2012 | UK Politics

Lord Patten, the chairman of the BBC Trust, has argued against statutory regulation of newspapers in a lecture at the Society of Editors' annual confe...

VOTE: Does The BBC Need More Women?

PA | Press Association | Posted 18.11.2011 | UK

BBC Trust chairman Lord Patten has called for more women's faces and voices on radio and television. The former Conservative Party chairman said th...

BBC Cuts Talent Costs, But Still Paying 19 Stars More Than 500,000 A Year

Olivia Williams | Posted 11.09.2011 | UK

The annual report of the BBC's performance revealed a mixed picture of its efficiency drive and output successes over the past year. It is the first r...