Forgotten Crisis: Why Aren't We Talking About South Sudan?

Sir Nick Young | Posted 04.04.2014 | UK
Sir Nick Young

Reports of continued fighting in South Sudan are worrying. But even more distressing is how little attention this humanitarian crisis is generating. Let us not underestimate the scale of the crisis in the world's newest nation.

Would You Risk Your Life for a Week in the Sun?

Dr Nitin Shori | Posted 12.03.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Nitin Shori

The long-awaited sunshine enjoyed in parts of the UK this past week will no doubt have got many of us in the mood for a holiday, with some tempting last-minute deals on 'winter sun' getaways to be found. But would you be willing to jet-off to an exotic destination without the recommended vaccinations or malaria protection?

To Combat Cancer in Developing Countries, We Must Learn The Lessons of HIV And Malaria

Allan Pamba | Posted 08.04.2014 | UK
Allan Pamba

Think of disease in Africa and you maybe think of malaria. But this is not the whole picture. In Africa and across developing countries, people are living longer and their lifestyles are changing. With this shift, a different threat is emerging...

Why I'm A Celebrity Is As Much About Malaria As Creepy Crawlies

Arabella Gilchrist | Posted 24.01.2014 | UK Entertainment
Arabella Gilchrist

Here we are again - glued to our TV screens, revelling in the hilarious and at times toe-curling jungle trials of ITV's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! This year's series is captivating the nation's imagination more than ever with the opening episode bursting back onto our screens with a record-breaking audience of 12million viewers. The show's popularity is all the more impactful because behind the fun and frolics in the jungle, the celebrities have united to support an important cause - Malaria No More UK.

Day of the Girl: Why Defeating Malaria Is About More Than Just Saving Lives

James Whiting | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics
James Whiting

Friday is the Day of the Girl - a moment to recognise that children, especially girls, despite their own enormous determination, often face insurmountable challenges to fulfilling their potential. They face wholly undeserved social, cultural and economic barriers. Although there are more obvious girl-specific barriers, in much of Africa malaria is one of the greatest single obstacles to the fulfilment of a girl's potential - and one of the cheapest to remedy. Not only is it one of the biggest killers of children under five (around half a million children a year in Africa), but for those who survive the bout of malaria, it can be recurrently debilitating for years afterwards.

Why I Welcome the UK Announcement for the Global Fund

Andy Murray | Posted 30.11.2013 | UK Sport
Andy Murray

There was some good news last week as the government has announced it will significantly increase its support for the Global Fund over the next three years - subject to other countries following its lead. The UK is doing sterling work to champion the fight against three of the world's biggest, preventable killer diseases - Aids, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria. This support will enable hundreds of millions of lives to be transformed and help give families, communities and entire countries the chance to thrive and reach their potential.

Let's Celebrate UK Support for the Global Fund

James Whiting | Posted 24.11.2013 | UK Politics
James Whiting

On 23 September, the UK Government announced its contribution to the Global Fund and we got a step closer to the day when no child dies from Aids, TB or malaria. The UK has pledged £1billion over the next three years - providing the overall target of $15billion is met from other governments and donors.

Look After Your Health When Travelling Abroad

Dr Tom Brett | Posted 04.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Tom Brett

If you are travelling abroad, a little of bit of extra planning is essential. Ensuring that you have the appropriate vaccinations, packing your holiday first aid kit and checking that your travel insurance covers any existing health conditions will help you to have a healthy holiday.

Together We Can Be the Net That Makes Malaria No More

Andy Murray | Posted 27.08.2013 | UK Sport
Andy Murray

In the past year, I've won some of the biggest matches of my career but today, I'm writing about a winnable battle I'm proud to support off court. It's the fight against malaria - one of the biggest killers on earth yet a preventable disease that we have the power to beat. The scale of malaria is staggering. It was reported that around 17 million people watched the Wimbledon final between Roger and myself last July- that's a lot of people. But I've also realised that in my lifetime - the last 26 years - far more than that number have died from malaria. Every death is needless as malaria is preventable and curable.

Meeting of the Minds to Roll Back Malaria

Roz Hobley | Posted 28.07.2013 | UK
Roz Hobley

The backdrop to this challenge is that historic and remarkable progress has been made in the last 10 years to fight malaria. A dramatic surge in international funding and willpower to combat the disease has reaped major rewards for humanity.

International Aid: The Case for Innovation

Ashish Prashar | Posted 08.07.2013 | UK Politics
Ashish Prashar

Like Justine Greening, I can't understand the arguments made by some against spending 0.7% of GNI to relieve suffering overseas. They should remember that 7p in every £10 is a small slice of our national income when compared with the spectre of people dying unnecessarily, living without access to education or even clean water.

The UK Can Bend the Curve of the HIV, TB and Malaria Epidemics

Dr Alvaro Bermejo | Posted 01.07.2013 | UK
Dr Alvaro Bermejo

David Cameron has identified other priorities for this summit - trade, tax and transparency - and will host a pre-meeting focused on world hunger. These are all vital issues, but the Prime Minister also needs to protect what has already been achieved and should encourage the G8 to deliver on past promises.

Together We Can End Malaria Deaths and Save Thousands of Lives

Isaiah Owolabi | Posted 25.06.2013 | UK
Isaiah Owolabi

It's time for us all to act by confronting the reality that there are simple, cost-effective solutions that can make a major difference to the lives of thousands across sub-Saharan Africa. From early diagnosis to prompt treatment, anti-malaria medication and treatments to prevent malaria in pregnancies, there are direct actions that can be taken in countries across the region that will have a disproportionate impact on malaria diagnoses.

'Mary and Martha' Transforming Me and You to Transform the World

Andrea Hartley | Posted 24.06.2013 | UK Entertainment
Andrea Hartley

By watching the film, I learnt that more money is spent on preventing male baldness than on researching malaria - an absurdity that is underlined by the fact that for only £5 for a mosquito net, 40p for a rapid testing kit and £1.20 for emergency drugs, so many more lives could be saved.

World Malaria Day: International Community Needs To Sustain Commitment To Tackle Malaria

Lynne Featherstone | Posted 24.06.2013 | UK Politics
Lynne Featherstone

The UK will not stand on the sidelines while millions suffer from this entirely preventable and treatable disease. It's time for the international community to come together yet again and keep up their commitments. We need another decade of action against malaria. The prize could be another million lives saved.

World Malaria Day - A Moment to Reflect

Jo Yirrell | Posted 24.06.2013 | UK
Jo Yirrell

Thursday is World Malaria Day - a moment to reflect on the enormous global efforts taking place to rid the world of this terrible disease. It's also a poignant reminder of all those who have lost their lives to malaria, including my son Harry who died in 2005.

No Cheap Option or Easy Short Cut to Ending Malaria

Sarah Dransfield | Posted 21.06.2013 | UK
Sarah Dransfield

As World Malaria Day is marked this week, it will be an opportunity to celebrate the significant progress that's been made, but it will also be a time to question why there are still so many challenges in trying to eradicate this deadly disease.

From Leighton Buzzard to Brussels With My Story in 'Mary and Martha'

Jo Yirrell | Posted 10.06.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Jo Yirrell

We were with Richard Curtis for a screening of his latest film Mary and Martha. It's a story about two mothers who have nothing in common except their shared loss of their sons through malaria. I was there because I share their story, I lost my son Harry to malaria and my own experience is reflected in the character of Martha.

Speaking at the House of Lords

Jo Yirrell | Posted 14.05.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Jo Yirrell

On 12 March I found myself, once again, transported from housewife and Inclusion Officer to Special Ambassador for Malaria No More UK. The Upper School where I work are very accommodating when I need a day off to be an Ambassador. They understand just what it means to me to be able to tell my late son, Harry's story and add my voice to the battle to help end deaths from malaria.

Mary and Martha and Me

Jo Yirrell | Posted 30.04.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Jo Yirrell

This week, I went to a private screening of the new Richard Curtis film Mary and Martha at The Electric Cinema in Portobello Road, London. You are asking yourself, why were you, Jo Yirrell there? Well, would you believe, I was part of the inspiration for Richard as he wrote the film.

In Defence of Aid

Ashish Prashar | Posted 29.04.2013 | UK Politics
Ashish Prashar

Ipsos MORI recently released a poll which showed that three quarters (76%) of those surveyed in Britain say they know 'not very much' or 'nothing at all' about the development aid given by the UK to poorer countries.

'I Accused Doctors Of Plotting To Kill Me'

WENN | Posted 07.12.2012 | Home

Cheryl Cole became "delirious" with fever during her malaria fight - lashing out at her doctors and accusing them of plotting to kill her. The Girl...

You gotta have faith!!

Ashish Prashar | Posted 04.12.2012 | UK Politics
Ashish Prashar

Think of Sierra Leone and images of the Hollywood blockbuster 'Blood Diamond' come to mind - a film that, beneath its glamour, shows a country torn ap...

Health-Care in Africa: Who Gets the Money?

Ian Linden | Posted 09.11.2012 | UK
Ian Linden

HIV/AIDS work is only the most recent global response of faith-inspired health care. From the late 19th Century faith communities have been providing medical care through clinics and hospitals.

Warning Over Fake Anti-Malaria Drugs

Huffington Post UK | Felicity Morse | Posted 22.05.2012 | UK

A third of anti-malaria drugs on the market are fake or of poor quality, threatening to increase resistance to life-saving medicine, new research has ...