Mass Effect 3 Ending

Surprise: Gamers Divided Over New Mass Effect 3 Ending

Huffington Post UK | Michael Rundle | Posted 27.08.2012 | UK Tech

A new ending to the controversial role-playing game Mass Effect 3 has apparently served only to further divide fans of the series. A poll by CVG sa...

Mass Effect 3 Makers To Re-Write Ending Following Gamer Protests

Huffington Post UK | Melanie Hick | Posted 22.03.2012 | UK Tech

Mass Effect 3 makers Bioware have agreed to rewrite the ending following mass protest by passionate gamers. Ray Muzyka, co-founder of Bioware, res...

Mass Effect 3 Ending Outrage Ends In Memes

Huffington Post UK | Melanie Hick | Posted 16.05.2012 | UK Tech

The outrage over the ending of Mass Effect 3 has resulted in a rash of memes. The ending of the game has been poorly received and a source of grie...