Mass Shootings

An Open Letter to the Orlando Shooter

Sophie Pope | Posted 15.06.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Sophie Pope

You're a criminal and a coward, and your crime has shocked the world to its core. But we refuse to break in the face of what you have done. The people who died because of you will be honoured as we stand together for justice.

Orlando: Now We Must Stand Together to Prove That Hate Doesn't Win

Suki Sandhu | Posted 15.06.2017 | UK
Suki Sandhu

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this today. On 12th June 2016, the world was subjected to the most violent singular attack on the LGBT+ community in recent history. My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy, but also to their friends, families, the LGBT+ community, and every person in this world who believes in freedom and liberty - because this was also an attack on them.

Violent by Trade: More Gun Dealers Than Starbucks in the U.S.

Dyfed Loesche | Posted 15.06.2017 | UK Politics
Dyfed Loesche

Firearms are big business. The magnitude of how readily available deadly weapons are in the U.S. is made clear by the chart below based on figures by data visualization hub 1point21... Trading in guns seems even more common than selling burgers or coffee.

US Newspaper Stands Up To Gun Lobby In 'Courageous' Front Page

The Huffington Post | Steven Hopkins | Posted 13.06.2016 | UK

The New York Daily News is being applauded for its "courage" in standing up to the NRA with a stinging front-page in the wake of the worst mass shooti...

Americans and Guns

Alice Bell Reeves | Posted 03.12.2016 | UK
Alice Bell Reeves

Another week, another horrific mass shooting in my adoptive country. And so, again, America grieves, while my British friends shake their heads in disbelief, asking: what is it with Americans and guns?

US Gun Control

Clive Norman | Posted 08.10.2016 | UK
Clive Norman

For many years now we have been watching aghast at the US gun laws. Granted we here in the UK only tend to hear the more alarmist examples of multiple...

Almost 1,000 Massacres Since Sandy Hook and the USA Still Hasn't Learned Its Lesson

David Mooney | Posted 01.10.2016 | UK
David Mooney

It may sound trite, but it's a really simple equation. There will be fewer people shot if there are fewer firearms readily available. Just how many mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, or sisters must be told that a family member will not be coming home because a lunatic has put a bullet in them before the USA will actually do something about it?

'True Detective' Star Calls For Teachers To Carry Guns In US Schools

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 01.06.2015 | UK

NEW YORK -- Actor Vince Vaughn’s latest role appears to be a parody of former NRA president Charlton Heston, the "True Detective" star telling GQ Ma...

Swiss Shooting Leaves Five Dead

The Huffington Post/AP | Steven Hopkins | Posted 10.05.2015 | UK

Eight people are feared dead after a gunman opened fire in a northern Switzerland town, before turning the gun on himself. According to police at ...

Paris Shooting At Charlie Hebdo Magazine Office Leaves At Least 12 Dead

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 07.01.2015 | UK

Four of the most well-known cartoonists in France are said to have been killed in the mass shooting attack on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in cent...

Police Arrest Canadian Gunman Suspect After Moncton Mountie Massacre

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 06.06.2014 | UK

SEE ALSO: Manhunt: Incredible Pictures Show Canada Gunman At Large After Shooting Dead Three Police (PICTURES, VIDEO)Canada Gunman Justin Bourque 'W...

US National Symbol 'No Longer The Bald Eagle But The Gun'

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 27.05.2014 | UK

UPDATE: Joe the Plumber has written an open letter to the victims' parents telling them "your dead kids don't trump my constitutional rights". N...

School Shootings: It's Time the Media Admit They Are a Big Part of the Problem

Richard Gizbert | Posted 16.02.2013 | UK Politics
Richard Gizbert

Americans have always had guns. Something else has changed in the social equation. I believe it has to do with the need to be famous, the willingness of some sick people to go to the most horrific lengths to achieve that, and the role the media play.

'Our Hearts Are Broken', States President Obama in His Most Moving Address Since Taking Office

Emily Stacey | Posted 15.02.2013 | UK Politics
Emily Stacey

Speaking as a parent rather than a president, Obama left a series of long silences during his speech and visibly wiped tears from each of his eyes, highlighting his shock and the effect it had had on his role as a father.

Suffer the Little Children.....

Grainne Gillis | Posted 15.02.2013 | UK Politics
Grainne Gillis

What America has to ask itself is this, as basic as it is: What do we value more? The right to own a deadly bit of metal, or the right of our children to live beyond their seventh birthday? This debate has come too late for the innocent victims of Newtown, Connecticut; but to honour their memories, the debate must happen so that it is not too late for others. I

We Need to Talk About Gun Control

Catherine Balavage | Posted 14.02.2013 | UK Politics
Catherine Balavage

Some people are saying that the shootings are a mental health problem rather than a gun problem, but what is abundantly clear is that tighter regulation is needed.

We Need to Talk About Guns, America

Hanna Flint | Posted 14.02.2013 | UK
Hanna Flint

When you've racked up more homicides through gun crime than Iraq, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo and a vast number of other war-torn countries currently in conflict, there is clearly something wrong with your ideology that continues to function under a pretence of self-defence.