Fraud Health Claims Costing Facilities To Genuine Patients

Preetam Kaushik | Posted 25.01.2015 | UK
Preetam Kaushik

The size of fraud claims in UK today is simply beyond wildest of imagination. Surveys in the recent past have revealed the amount of misuse and the numbers are beyond staggering.

The Political Grounding of American Christianity

Tony Sobrado | Posted 27.05.2014 | UK
Tony Sobrado

In a stunningly ironic way it is the political equivalent of survival of the fittest that seeks shelter under a religious cannon. The religious Americans have there ultimate dream cake and eat it: the pre-eminence of self-regard on this earth is the right thing to do for yourself, others and God and as a consequence you are spiritually rewarded for it in the afterlife.

How Are Misaligned Incentives in Health Care Costing Tax Payers?

Elizabeth Dzeng | Posted 21.04.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Elizabeth Dzeng

The United States has been in recession for years and calls for fiscal responsibility ring loudly. Fiscal crises and congressional deadlock have almost become the new normal. Rising health care costs account for 25% of total federal spending and stands at $2.8 trillion a year.

A Republican Post-Mortem: It's Demography, Stupid!

Joseph Yackley | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics
Joseph Yackley

The exit polling data is clear. Apart from political party, no other measure explains the outcome of the election more than race and ethnicity. Not gender, not religion, not age.

America Needs and Deserves a New Conservatism

Noam Schimmel | Posted 24.08.2012 | UK Politics
Noam Schimmel

The overriding ideology which drives the Republican Party today is not conservatism. In fact, it's more radical than anything a prudent, cautious, skeptical conservative would support.

Washington Notebook: An America Divided

Jon-Christopher Bua | Posted 16.10.2011 | UK
Jon-Christopher Bua

During this Civil War Remembrance Year, as a nation America looks back 150 years and hears the somber words of Abraham Lincoln - "A house divided against itself cannot stand."