#Mindfulness Meditation

Think You're Sh*t At Meditating? Try These 3 Things

Hannah Jane Thompson | Posted 18.10.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Hannah Jane Thompson

Everyone and his dog meditates now, don't ya know? What started off as an esoteric practice associated with gurus and hippies has now become so cool and commonplace that you can carry it around on your new shiny iPhone and talk about it freely on a night out.

Shopping And The Wandering Mind

Kamontip Evans | Posted 13.10.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Kamontip Evans

Have you ever come back from shopping with a lot more than you intended? Tempted by the sale, the colours, shape and taste of the products, you bag loads on a whim?! Some of those items, after second thoughts, you will return to the shops and get refunded

London, Just Breathe

Michael James Wong | Posted 11.09.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Michael James Wong

Living in London is chaos. It's noisy, it's frantic, it's a city that is always moving and always on. For many Londoners these are the joys of the city, but at the same time are the things that can challenge the state of calm and balance in our everyday lives.

Mindfulness: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Beth | Posted 21.08.2017 | UK Universities & Education

Ok, that might be a little bit of a dramatic title for this post but what I want to do is look at the big M word. That's right. Muffins. No, obviously not. Mindfulness. Everybody I seem to meet is familiar with this concept. It's like the latest trend that everybody wants a part of.

Using The Body's Wisdom As A Signpost To Healthy Relationships

Alexa Frey | Posted 01.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Alexa Frey

Mindfulness means living in our body. Noticing what footprint experiences leave on us.

Meditation And Entrepreneurship

Morgan Gladwell | Posted 24.07.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Morgan Gladwell

The life of an Entrepreneur can be a very stressful one. The combination of anxiety, fourteen hour days and an inability to switch off can hinder or ...

Understanding And Practicing Mindfulness

Rich Wigley | Posted 05.07.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Rich Wigley

I'd love to walk by one day and see more people practicing mediation. It's an ancient tradition, far older than the internet or television (which we value so highly), and we should celebrate it.

Getting My Fix - Me And My Anxiety

Sarah Powell | Posted 09.05.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Sarah Powell

If you feel scared for no reason or there's a voice that's telling you you're rubbish and everyone else is fine or better, I want to tell you, it's just not true. You're a brilliant, good person and you don't have to live with feeling crap.

Mindfulness In Sophrology

Dominique Antiglio | Posted 24.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Dominique Antiglio

Once you have learned a few exercises with a practitioner you can do them at home, ideally for 10-15 minutes each day. Your practitioner will also give you a recording of your session to help you practise the exercises.

Silence Is Golden

Izzy McRae | Posted 30.03.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Izzy McRae

I've just come back from a 10-day silent meditation course. I did my first one in 2012, and it was the best thing I have ever done - I don't say that...

Mindful Ways Of Dealing With A Difficult Boss

Smita Joshi | Posted 14.03.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Smita Joshi

A lot of difficulties with your boss can be resolved by understanding your nature and your boss' nature. By truly listening to the spoken communication that lives in the realm of "being human", you can effectively dissolve the individual from being the rock that blocks your career progress.

A Simple Guide On How To Meditate

Morgan Gladwell | Posted 27.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Morgan Gladwell

Meditation is certainly not some "cure" that will change your entire life after a couple of simple five-minute sessions, and it will certainly not make all your problems go away; but what it will do is allow you to have a more positive "in the moment" outlook on life, which will positively affect yourself and those around you.

How To Find Time To Meditate

Sara Bussandri | Posted 27.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Sara Bussandri

So you've heard about mindfulness meditation and the many ways it can help you in your daily life. You want to get started, but you just can't find the time. You have a million things to do, and if you had any spare time, you'd use it to get through your never-ending to-do list.

What If Mindfulness And Meditation Don't Work For You?

Katrine Horn | Posted 01.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Katrine Horn

Here's something I just wanted to share with you. Maybe it can inspire you to tweak your morning routine a bit. Maybe you're saying something like: "My morning routine has got nothing wrong with it" and maybe you're right. But wouldn't it be fun to try something different? It's when we change our routines that new, brilliant ideas come come to life!

Steadying Our Hearts And Minds In Extraordinary Times

Willem Kuyken | Posted 30.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Willem Kuyken

We are living in quite extraordinary times, with seismic shifts in the world's landscape. These changes are social, political and in terms of climate change quite literal. Technology connects us so that the reverberations of these changes are in a very real sense experienced in people's minds and hearts.

Nine Tips For Mindful Running - The Way To Go!

Alexa Frey | Posted 24.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Alexa Frey

Recent research has shown that combining mindfulness and running has a greater impact on depressive symptoms than either of the two activities alone. So how can we bring mindfulness and running together? Here are some ideas for runners of all levels:

Three Superpower Secret Weapons For A Less Frantic Day

Emma Fairclough | Posted 23.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Emma Fairclough

I used to get anxious all the time and my breathing was shallow. In any breathing exercise I'd notice it was shallow, get more stressed and consequently more anxious! Mission definitely not accomplished. With mindfulness it's different. All you have to do is take a few breaths, notice that they're shallow, accept them fully as they are and keep on breathing.

How Mindfulness Can Help You Sleep Better

Sara Bussandri | Posted 05.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Sara Bussandri

This meant a few nights not being able to sleep until 3am, 4am or even 5am. And when everyone else is sleeping, and you know the children will still get up early, not being able to fall asleep can be very frustrating.

What Is Organisational Mindfulness And How Can We Develop A Mindful Culture At Work?

Jutta Tobias | Posted 28.10.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Jutta Tobias

I often explain mindfulness as a practice that 'creates space' - mental space for myself, to help me make sure that I use the (often small mental) pause wisely between what the world brings to me and how I respond.

Raisin D'Etre

Caragh Little | Posted 19.10.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Caragh Little

It's exhausting, being a worrier. It's like living your day two or three times over, doing all the things you have to do and worrying about them as well, plus a bit of anxiety about all those things you did and said yesterday, and the day before, and last week, and last month and even years ago

What I Talk About When I Talk About Transcendental Meditation

Leigh Clark | Posted 06.10.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Leigh Clark

We're bombarded with information during our waking hours, and most of it is unsavoury, antagonistic and reactionary. By closing your eyes for twenty minutes, twice a day, with no distractions you'll find that the silence is a powerful way to filter out meaningless codswallop and a great way to help you think of new ideas and prioritise the things in life that really matter

Meditation - Elixir for the Mind

Smita Joshi | Posted 05.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Smita Joshi

Get mediating to claim your health -- mind and body. Your mind is your most precious asset, but most of all, dive into the realms of your inner being to discover and realise your true potential in all areas of your life.

Yoga and Weddings, Happily Ever After

Charo Merida | Posted 08.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Charo Merida

YOGA & WEDDINGS, HAPPILY EVER AFTER... "It's not about the perfect dress, it is about the perfect frame of mind" After having worked in the even...

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Kamontip Evans | Posted 07.08.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Kamontip Evans

The new academic year will soon be upon us. Some parents will see their child head off for university. You may look at this as freedom-at-last: your child will be leaving home, allowing you to do what you have longed to do all these years. Some of you will fear the empty nest syndrome. And for others, possibly most, a mixture of both.

Catch 'Em All?

Caragh Little | Posted 18.07.2017 | UK
Caragh Little

Last September, rather a mischievous student at my school attempted to bemuse, outwit or irritate his teachers by making it sound as though he was exc...