Democracy In Somalia: Overcoming Insurgency To Provide A Lasting Peace

Matthew Walker | Posted 12.12.2016 | UK
Matthew Walker

While the world has been fixated on the American presidential race, Somalia, once the epitome of a failed state, is holding its first elections since ...

British Islamist 'Killed In Somalia'

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 12.11.2013 | UK

A British Islamist known as Osama al-Britani has reportedly been killed in Somalia after falling out with with the al-Shabaab group. The Foreign O...

Ten Years After the Baghdad Bombing the UN Must Do More to Protect Its Workers From Deadly Attacks

Ian Richards | Posted 19.10.2013 | UK
Ian Richards

We're no longer the same UN. We're more and more in conflict zones. And we've taken certain decisions that mean we're no longer seen as neutral. The UN flag is now a target instead of a shield. That means we have to change how we go about things, because right now our colleagues and their families are paying too high a price.

'Deplorable' Attack On UN Somalia Compound Kills 16

PA/ The Huffington Post UK | Posted 19.06.2013 | UK

An attack on a United Nations compound in Somalia by Islamist militants that left at least 16 people dead was "utterly indefensible", Foreign Secretar...

Time to Build a Brighter Future for Young Somalis

Tony Baldry | Posted 09.05.2013 | UK Politics
Tony Baldry

The reality is that two-thirds of Somalis are under 25. A huge number of these young people are fed up with living in conditions of grinding poverty, with little prospect of work. The challenges facing Somalia are enormous.

Cameron To Pledge Support For Somalia

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 07.05.2013 | UK Politics

David Cameron will warn that failure to support the rebuilding of Somalia will lead to "terrorism and mass migration" as the international community g...

Somalia: Rising from the Ashes

Thomas Hauschildt | Posted 29.04.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Thomas Hauschildt

The freeing of Mogadishu was a turning point and might not only make Mogadishu a more peaceful place, but also set Somalia on the right path to stability - an opportunity it had not seen for at least twenty years.

A Tale of Two Cities

Justin Forsyth | Posted 26.01.2013 | UK Politics
Justin Forsyth

We need a twin-pronged approach in Somalia. Continued humanitarian assistance for the poorest families, but also aid to help them plant crops again and rebuild their lives.

Calling for Equality in the Somali Police force - Meet Captain Asha

Salma Zulfiqar | Posted 05.11.2012 | UK
Salma Zulfiqar

In 1979, newly recruited policewoman, Asha Hassan Hussein, was the first female to ride a police motorcycle to patrol the streets of Mogadishu.

Diary From Kabul - The Secret War

Martin Middlebrook | Posted 20.06.2012 | Home
Martin Middlebrook

Since my brush with death at the Ashura bombing in Kabul, and my crack on the head, I have developed a disturbing ability. In the same way that bats can locate moths by echolocation, I have discovered that I can locate furniture with my shins. We never stop learning it seems. It started in Dubai when I jammed my foot into a table and sliced my toe open.

Somalia's Olympic Committe And Football Chiefs Killed In Mogadishu Suicide Blast

The Huffington Post UK | Samuel Luckhurst | Posted 04.04.2012 | UK Sport

Members of Somalia's Olympic committee and football chiefs are amongst 10 people killed after a suicide blast in Mogadishu. Al-Shabab militants hav...

Theatre Interview - Jackie Clune in Mogadishu

Chris Cox | Posted 20.05.2012 | UK Entertainment
Chris Cox

There is something about Mogadishu that lives with you, which creates questions for which there are no answers, and opens your eyes to 21st century schooling. It's a piece of theatre, which deserves your attention, if only to fuel your conversations for the next few weeks.

Why the International Community Has to Come Together to Help Somalia

William Hague | Posted 05.04.2012 | UK Politics
William Hague

This week I visited Somalia's capital. Mogadishu is a city where people until recently were surviving, not really living. As its Mayor said to me, a 20-year-old Somali has never known anything other than violence and war... I left Somalia more convinced than ever that we have a responsibility to do our utmost to stem the decline of Somalia. Its people deserve a better future, and our own security requires their country to become more stable.

Dysfunctional: Which Country Is Andrew Mitchell Talking About?

PA | Posted 22.12.2011 | UK Politics

Somalia is a direct threat to the UK's security because it is one of the "most dysfunctional countries in the world", International Development Secret...

Eyewitness Account From Somalian Flood

Catherine Carter | Posted 24.12.2011 | UK
Catherine Carter

I stand by a pool of stagnant water. It looks fairly innocuous, –dirty and strewn with rubbish, but harmless. It’s hard to believe that just days ago this water came rushing through Sigale Camp, leaving destruction behind it.

Mogadishu - Bringing Drama to Radio 3

Matthew Dodd | Posted 24.12.2011 | UK Entertainment
Matthew Dodd

We're right there in the room as a father, worn down by a low-paid job and family tragedy, humiliates his bullying son, desperate to stop him throwing his life away. We're listening over the shoulder of a head teacher in his office as he brutally washes his hands of a good colleague, because social services have decided to investigate her home life.

'Famine's The Real F-Word': Celebs Speak Out In Drought Video

Huffington Post UK | Felicity Morse | Posted 03.12.2011 | UK

Stricken Somalians are desperate for humanitarian aid after the worst drought for decades continues to blight the south of the country, killing livest...

We Can't Turn our Backs on Mogadishu's Children

Justin Forsyth | Posted 18.01.2012 | UK
Justin Forsyth

No parent should have to watch their child die. One of the first mothers I met in Sigale camp, Mogadishu, told me how she had had to do just that. Fleeing from her home because of the drought, unable to feed her children, she trekked seven days with her four children to Mogadishu to find refuge. On the way her youngest child, still breastfeeding, died. There was nothing she could do. She looked exhausted, and hadn't eaten herself for four days but was determined to save the lives of her three remaining children.