Mohandas Gandhi

Look Who's Joined Mandela In Parliament Square

AP/The Huffington Post | Paul Vale | Posted 14.03.2015 | UK Politics

The legacy of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated with a prominent new statue of the Indian independence leader in Parliament Square in central London. Prim...

World Leaders Gathering in South Africa to Celebrate the Life of Nelson Mandela Will Fail to See His Point

Dr Raj Persaud | Posted 07.02.2014 | UK
Dr Raj Persaud

The World Leaders gathering in South Africa to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela are precisely the one group who have least interest in Nelson Mandela's true legacy - disobey the rules when they are wrong. His real message is in danger of being air-brushed out of history.

What Apple Can Learn from Gandhi

Laxmi Hariharan | Posted 25.06.2012 | UK Tech
Laxmi Hariharan

"If it were not for Gandhi we would have made much more progress." These were the provocative words my Dad often mentioned in jest, when I was a child...

12 Spiritual Steps to a Healthier Christmas

Tony Lobl | Posted 04.02.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Tony Lobl

I am one of those children for whom Advent calendars meant just one thing: chocolate - a daily dose ahead of a Christmas Day overdose. I can't rememb...