My Dad Is The Most Modern Man I Know

Jamie Wareham | Posted 23.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Jamie Wareham

bmm banner.jpg This summer, around a rather large Chinese takeaway, I spoke to my family about how I tried to take my life. Between me and my dad, plus a few tears, we talked about the pain this event had caused all of us. It was the first time that many family members listened to this story and it was the first time we spoke about it so openly.

World Beard And Moustache Championships - In Very Hairy Pictures

The Huffington Post UK | Rosy Cherrington | Posted 05.10.2015 | UK Style

Beard-lovers of the world, unite and take over. That's what actually happened on Saturday 3 October, at the World Beard and Moustache Championships. ...

What Can Monkeys Teach Hipsters About Beard Evolution?

Mia Rozenbaum | Posted 13.04.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Mia Rozenbaum

When you live high in rainforest canopies with other closely related species, what you do need to recognise is your own kind, for breeding and other social purposes. Could Hipsters be trying to stand out in the city jungle as a different species?

How To Remove Your Moustache In The Most Painful, Hilarious Way Possible

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 02.12.2014 | UK Lifestyle

With Movember well and truly over for another year, YouTuber Mehdi Sadaghdar has provided this delightfully informative video on how to remove your mo...

Movember: The Most Facial-Hair Friendly Places In The UK

The Huffington Post UK | Brogan Driscoll | Posted 30.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle

Movember is the time of year that makes a man's heart swell at the prospect of letting his top lip fuzz run wild without fear of mockery. But even...

Movember Musings

Patrick Bryan | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Patrick Bryan

Most men secretly want to grow a moustache. As much as we may deny it there is a definite attraction in adorning our faces with an expressive, character defining moustache. While beards have retained a certain roguish charm... moustaches on their own have remained resolutely anti-fashion.

Movember Tips

Patrick Bryan | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Patrick Bryan

We all know that behind Movember is a serious message and that the money raised to great causes. But it is also about having fun and celebrating manliness!

Movember Puts Spotlight on Men's Health

Professor Kevin Fenton | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Professor Kevin Fenton

Over 50,000 men between the ages of 15 and 64 die each year in the UK. They're dying too young, many from diseases we should be able to prevent. In the UK, the death rate for men between 15 and 44 years old is nearly double that of women.

Movember, Mullets and 14th Century Irish Legislation

Matt Lacey | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Comedy
Matt Lacey

"Someone outlawed the moustache?" You say, flabbergasted and spitting coffee into your walrus whiskers like a Boer-war general. Well, yes they did. Let me bring you back to 1366 in Ireland, a country in a state of near-continuous warfare controlled by a slew of regional warlords.

Here's 10 Marvellously Moustachioed Businessmen

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 29.10.2013 | UK

On 1 November, men across Britain will ceremoniously shave off their moustaches to mark the start of 'Movember'. These newly-shaved men will spend...

'My Beard Is Sexy & I'm Ready For A Relationship'

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 09.06.2013 | UK Lifestyle

A mother-of-one has revealed why she has given up trying to control the thick facial hair she began sprouting after the birth of her son 28 years ago....

What It Is to Have a Beard

Paul Flannery | Posted 18.05.2013 | UK Comedy
Paul Flannery

Beards are not just a fashion statement. By growing new lines on your face, you are also drawing new social lines in the sand (see what I did there?). I'm finding I get much more respect from my fellow man, people seem to take my opinions more seriously and I don't feel I have to fight so much to be heard anymore.

Hairy Huff Po-ers Show Off Their 'Mos

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 30.11.2012 | UK

It's been a hairy old month at the AOL and Huffington Post UK offices, with facial fur roaming wild and free thanks to Movember's official sanction fo...

WATCH: Moustaches Are Creepy - Sometimes

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 21.11.2012 | UK Comedy

Men! Growing a moustache for Movember? Been getting some funny looks off other people? You're not the only one. The fella in the video above has be...

Remember Remember the Cause of Movember

Matthew Tucker | Posted 16.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Matthew Tucker

At the time of writing, I have not raised a single penny for Movember. I am simply another tache enjoying a ride on the Mo-wagon. So is my neglect of the Movember campaign causing an unforgivable disservice to men around the world?

Remember Remember a Girl Does Movember

thesophie | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Comedy

I also want to raise awareness for women's facial hair. I will be posting CLOSE-UP photos of my upper lip as the dark army approaches. This will be extremely embarrassing so please sponsor me so there is a point.

The Moalition: It's Time for Cameron and Clegg to Grow a Pair

Josh Barrie | Posted 28.12.2012 | UK Politics
Josh Barrie

Find me a UK citizen who wouldn't like to see the government's main men strutting about Westminster fashioning rather excellent moustaches, and I'll find you a badger who'd like to be culled.

Is That A Caterpillar On Your Top Lip Or Are You Raising Money For Movember?

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 02.11.2012 | UK

Naked upper lips across the world will be tingling in anticipation of the official sanction for facial fur to roam free for the month of November. ...

A Hairy Gathering - British Beard and Moustache Championships (PICTURES)

Tahira Mirza | Posted 13.10.2012 | UK Comedy

Brighton brought out the sun for this year's British Beard and Moustache Championships which featured some of the best bewhiskered faces imaginable. ...

The Victoria, Bow: a Balanced and Sober Review

Iddo Goldfarb | Posted 30.09.2012 | UK Comedy
Iddo Goldfarb

Before I begin, I should state for the record that I quite like this pub; I've spent many a blissful, booze-soaked hour within. The following rant is almost exclusively the result of my treatment, one July afternoon.

WATCH: Andrew Garfield In A Big 'Tache And Bigger Wig, Dancing? Sure Thing!

Huffington Post UK | Alastair Plumb | Posted 04.04.2012 | UK Comedy

As many women will happily tell you, Andrew Garfield is very, um, 'cute'. Just watch him in The Social Network and try to not to fall for his chiselle...

Me and My Moustache: Movember's Babies

Alex Bowell | Posted 23.01.2012 | UK Comedy
Alex Bowell

Ultimately, a moustache is a thing of sophistication, and maturity; of subtlety and patience. Remember, a moustache is for life, not just for Movember.

Give Me A Home Where The Moustachioed Roam: Hairiest Movember Pics

Huffington Post UK | Felicity Morse | Posted 15.11.2011 | UK

It's almost halfway through Movember - the sprouting season for charitable chaps who have let moustaches roam over their upper lips for a good cause. ...