Neutrinos with the Euclid Space Telescope

Anais Rassat | Posted 28.08.2013 | UK Tech
Anais Rassat

Euclid is a space telescope planned for launch in 2020 by the European Space Agency, and will make a map of the distribution of billions of galaxies in the Universe. This will make it possible to map the history and evolution of the dark Universe, which is the name given to describe everything we do not understand about the Universe.

Einstein Was Not Wrong, But Was He Right?

Anais Rassat | Posted 19.08.2012 | UK Tech
Anais Rassat

The best is still to come, because while scientists can predict the arrival of a scientific revolution, they never can predict the advances that will arise from this change of worldview.

Can Neutrinos Solve the Mystery of the Matter-Antimatter Unbalance?

Nicola Guttridge | Posted 29.05.2012 | UK Tech
Nicola Guttridge

All evidence suggests that neutrinos have mass, but of such a small amount that it is assumed to be negligible. As they travel so fast, their mass must necessarily be tiny - this leads on to the physics controversy of 2011: the saga of the faster-than-light neutrinos.

Nothing Superluminal After All?

Anais Rassat | Posted 24.04.2012 | UK Tech
Anais Rassat

This Nature blog post reports on some possible sources of error that may rule out the problem of the superluminal neutrinos reported by the OPERA team earlier in September 2011.

Upending Physics? Spectacular Aspects of Neutrinos Below, at, or Above Speed of Light

Henryk Frystacki, Ph.D | Posted 28.11.2011 | UK Tech
Henryk Frystacki, Ph.D

The spectacular aspect of such a detectable neutrino beam would be less the discovery that neutrinos may be actually tachyons, but an information speed above the speed of light barrier.

Scientists are Wary of Superluminal Neutrinos

Anais Rassat | Posted 23.11.2011 | UK Tech
Anais Rassat

Neutrinos have become a buzzword this week since the OPERA collaboration released a pre-print last Thursday suggesting some neutrinos had been found travelling faster than the speed of light.

Challenging Einstein: Physicists Detect Faster Than Light Particles

The Guardian | Posted 22.11.2011 | UK Tech

It is a concept that forms a cornerstone of our understanding of the universe and the concept of time – nothing can travel faster than the speed of ...