New Economy

Should We Endure Rising Instability And A Deeply Unequal World, Or Build A New Vision Of A Shared Prosperity?

Tim Jackson | Posted 18.10.2017 | UK
Tim Jackson

Our choices are now clear. Either we endure the rising instability and fractured politics of a deeply unequal world, or we build a new vision of a shared prosperity. At the heart of that vision, we must reframe the distribution of rewards in society. And abandon the dysfunctional narrative that relentless growth is the only means to achieve this end.

How Britain's Olympics Success Makes the Case For The Basic Income

Martin Whitlock | Posted 30.08.2017 | UK Sport
Martin Whitlock

Whether as entrepreneurs, artists, carers, inventors, makers, designers or anything else, if we are to fulfil our potential and make our contribution to society we need the time and opportunity to develop every aspect of our talents, capacities and personalities. The Universal Basic Income isn't about picking winners, but acknowledging that everybody has the capacity to win.

The Monopoly Box

Dan Gregory | Posted 08.09.2016 | UK Tech
Dan Gregory

The shipping container is the electrical travel plug of global trade. Enabling frictionless exchange of the products of territories oceans apart, the simple corrugated box is one of the winners of globalisation. Today, the container is everywhere.

In Search of Capitalism 2.0: Time For a Clean Slate?

Michael Townsend | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK
Michael Townsend

Since the collapse of communism, more than twenty years ago, capitalism has been, more or less, the only show in town. As a system for running our ec...

Future Shock! My Top 15 Hopes for 2013 and Beyond...

Michael Townsend | Posted 25.03.2013 | UK
Michael Townsend

Alvin Toffler published Future Shock in 1970, at a time of great social and economic upheaval. Toffler sought to help people make sense of what was g...

Facebook - The Ultimate 'Old Media' Company?

Des Freedman | Posted 07.08.2012 | UK Tech
Des Freedman

Facebook is now in danger not simply of undermining its own brand reputation but of jeopardizing prospects for the wider new media environment by saturating the market for advertising and driving down costs.

Ed Miliband's Cerebral Leadership

Azeem Ibrahim | Posted 02.04.2012 | UK Politics
Azeem Ibrahim

A lot is being asked of the leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband. He is expected to unify a dispirited party, present a road map to reform the capitalist system, provide a feisty opposition to the Conservative- Liberal Democrat coalition and also come up with solutions to the damaging inequities of the government's economic policies.