Can We Say Goodnight To Nightclubs?

Olivia Petter | Posted 20.03.2016 | UK Entertainment
Olivia Petter

The number of nightclubs in the UK has almost halved in the last 10 years. According to the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers, in 2005 there were 3,144 but last year, there were only 1,733.

That Old Access Chestnut Again!

Mik Scarlet | Posted 16.12.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Mik Scarlet

For anyone who has an impairment that impacts on their ability get around easily, the concept of access is so much more than just getting into a place. Sure a world with as many ramps as steps would be a dream, but we also need what I would consider obvious, provision like toilets we can easily get into and use without endangering our safety.

7 Reasons British Nightclubs Are Closing, According To You

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 11.08.2015 | UK

On Monday it was revealed that close to half of the nation's nightclubs have closed since 2005 - and from the outpouring of reaction on social media, ...

Everyone Knows The Real Reason Nightclubs Are Closing

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 11.08.2015 | UK

The number of nightclubs on Britain’s high streets has almost halved in the past decade, according to new figures. Research from the Association ...

How to Bag Yourself a Business Angel

Nick Telson | Posted 07.07.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Nick Telson

Nothing ever goes to plan. Investors will know that. Be passionate, be knowledgeable, be prepared and you may well just find that business angel...

Nightclub Sends Text To Aberdeen Students Telling Them They Have An STD

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 03.02.2015 | UK Universities & Education

Students in Aberdeen were left feeling rather crabby after a nightclub sent a mass text warning they might have a sexually transmitted disease. The...

Where Have All the Good Gay Clubs Gone?

George P. Simmonds | Posted 18.03.2015 | UK Universities & Education
George P. Simmonds

My latest experience of one concluded in me quaffing several tequila shots too many and projecting them at great volume into the nearest toilet bowl. Why did I do such a thing to myself, you ask? Well it wasn't because the booze was cheap - is it ever? - and it certainly wasn't due to any sort of fondness for tequila.

A London Council Is Getting Tough On Nightclub Bum Pinchers

The Huffington Post UK | Natasha Preskey | Posted 18.12.2014 | UK Lifestyle

For most women, being groped or hearing sexist and threatening comments in a nightclub is simply an unpleasant norm. How many of us would think to rep...

Lucy Sherriff

Young Entrepreneur Of The Week: Nick Telson Of | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 27.11.2014 | UK

Nick Telson is one half of - a nightlife discovery sites where customers can book everything from bars, clubs and pubs, to pop-ups t...

Is the Night-Life No Life for a Lady?

Suzi Dixon | Posted 27.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Suzi Dixon

I get asked a lot why I still go to nightclubs even though I'm 35 and attached. Er, for the music, of course. I've never been one to view a night out as anything other than a chance to experience a vibe, and get excited about musical trends and the ongoing expansion of dance music, in its many forms.

Guidance for the Naive Undergraduate - Part Three: In the club, getting tipsy.

Thomas Hurdsfield | Posted 16.06.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Thomas Hurdsfield

Inherently, nightlife and where to find a good party has always been a priority of students. The happiness one can achieve from standing in a room listening to FatBoy Slim's successor, whilst having others sweat hit them in the face like the satchel of a londoner running for the tube, is dubious if anything.

The Dangers of Becoming a Repeat Offender

Rytis Vitkauskas | Posted 08.06.2014 | UK Tech
Rytis Vitkauskas

London is a magnificent city - few places can boast the same cultural and social variety that is on offer in our capital. Practically bursting at the seams with a new theatre show, gallery launch, music gig, restaurant popup or cabaret performance every night, the options available for what to do with our free time have never been greater.

Finding the Right Student House

Danielle Lowe | Posted 06.04.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Danielle Lowe

Time at university flies by for most students. Days blend in with the next as we stay up late reading for tomorrows class, getting that essay written, preparing for that exam next week or having a good time with friends.

Why Berlin Is Europe's Most Alluring City

George Gabriel | Posted 05.03.2014 | UK Universities & Education
George Gabriel

While some might be concerned about it being a hipster's playground overrun with murky nightclubs, there is much to suggest the city is for anyone curious enough to explore its rich and expansive avenues. Just being in Berlin is an experience in itself.

Leeds 'Freshers Violation' - Just A Drop In The Ocean

Jamie England | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Jamie England

Earlier this week, Tequila, a favourite event at Mezz nightclub among students in Leeds, was the focus of media attention following a promotional video containing jokes about freshers being raped. The video was released to advertise Tequila's event 'Freshers Violation'...

I Hate Fussy Eaters, but There's a New Restaurant in Town

Lucy Karsten | Posted 28.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Lucy Karsten

I am still wary of people who begin meals with a list of things they 'do not eat', or who pick at food warily, as though it were filled with menace, rather than a bowl of spaghetti. I am delighted, therefore, with the new venture from Cameron Worth and Rolan Dack: Ronnie Saunders Diners Union.

Midsummer's Night Drink

Gillian Hoffman | Posted 26.08.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Gillian Hoffman

Come summer our thoughts turn to which watering hole to quench our thirst? Ok, the English weather may not always beat down on us, but when it does make a welcome appearance where are the hot spots in London?

How to Survive the East-West London Divide

Ellen Stewart | Posted 17.08.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Ellen Stewart

Since I started working a proper grown up job right near Soho I've come accustomed to a new sort of rift... the East-West divide *gasp*. It seems Londoners just can't find enough ways to hate on each other.

Cool Places To Stay And Party In Belfast (PICTURES)

Posted 13.08.2013 | UK Lifestyle

Eat, drink, sing, dance and then -- if there’s any night left -- collapse into a comfy bed. It’s the intention for many after a big night out,...

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 10 Jun - 16 Jun 2013

Kat Jackman | Posted 03.08.2013 | UK Entertainment
Kat Jackman

Tip-offs and musical treats are the name of the game with our Top Five Emerging Icons Live... so brace yourselves, new music fans- cos there's some be...

Malta, Get There Before Everyone Else Does

Roisin Curran | Posted 21.07.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Roisin Curran

Whether you come for the culture, the shopping, the parties or even just the weather, you won't return home unsatisfied.The surprising aspects of Maltese life will have you in their hooks from the word go, just give the unique Island a chance - before everyone else discovers what its capable of.

Nightlife in Newcastle: Top Spots for a Stag Do

Stephen M. Baker | Posted 13.07.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Stephen M. Baker

Another month, another stag do completed - although I've had an incredible time on all of the stag do's I've been on this year, this was perhaps the most challenging as I was best man and so had to organise everything.

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 13 May - 18 May 2013

Kat Jackman | Posted 07.07.2013 | UK Entertainment
Kat Jackman

This week's new music gig guide hopefully comes to you after your chilled-out and possibly boozy Bank Holiday. Even though topping up your social calendar may not be high on your agenda right now, we reckon that you should certainly start planning your gigs for the week ahead. It's always good to be organised, right?

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 22 Apr - 28 Apr 2013

Kat Jackman | Posted 16.06.2013 | UK Entertainment
Kat Jackman

Every week sees gigs by Emerging Icons artists take place up and down the country. New music fans across the UK have the chance to witness some of the freshest acts to emerge on the scene and we're here to let you know well in advance of those shows that are just too good to miss.

Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 15 April - 21 April 2013

Kat Jackman | Posted 08.06.2013 | UK Entertainment
Kat Jackman

Each week we like to put together a list of our top picks to help you in the right direction- tipping you off about the most unmissable dates on the Emerging Icons gig calendar- to make sure you can get them added to yours!