Children Should Be Free To Explore The Internet Safely Without Fear Of 'Randoms'

Claire Lilley | Posted 15.09.2017 | UK Tech
Claire Lilley

Children love the internet and value the opportunities it gives them for fun, self-expression, communication and autonomy, but their enjoyment can be overshadowed by negative experiences. Children themselves are calling for the right to be free to explore their online spaces without fear of intimidation.

Age Verification On Adult Sites Is A Vital Step To Making The Internet Safer For Children

Claire Lilley | Posted 18.07.2017 | UK Tech
Claire Lilley

Young people are not equipped to deal with pornography. It can have a deeply damaging effect on their behaviour and their understanding of consent and healthy relationships. It can distort their views on body image. It can be downright dangerous when it comes to learning about sexual health.

The Fight Against Radicalisation Is Now An Online Battlefield

Claire Stead | Posted 30.05.2017 | UK Tech
Claire Stead

Young people - who are both most exposed to the online world and the most vulnerable - need to be protected and shielded better than anyone. This education, between what is right and just and true, begins at home and in the school.

It's Time To Face The Facts On Children's Mental Health

Peter Wanless | Posted 09.05.2017 | UK
Peter Wanless

For a number of years the NSPCC and several other charities and health organisations have been ringing the alarm bell about the state of young people'...

Social Media Companies Have A Duty To Protect Children

Faith Gordon | Posted 09.05.2017 | UK Tech
Faith Gordon

We all need to take responsibility in educating children and young people on the media's responsibilities and the ways in which they can protect their privacy and challenge any breaches of their rights.

Ofcom Rules On 'Coronation Street' Child Grooming Storyline

The Huffington Post | Rachel McGrath | Posted 20.03.2017 | UK Entertainment

After assessing viewer complaints, Ofcom has decided not to investigate a February episode of ‘Coronation Street’, which saw a development in the ...

Making It Happen: A World Without Child Sexual Abuse

Peter Wanless | Posted 13.03.2017 | UK
Peter Wanless

Right now, an average of one child in every twenty has suffered sexual abuse. Every child is affected differently. But for many, it can ruin their c...

How Safe Is Your Child Online?

Estelle Lloyd | Posted 06.03.2017 | UK Parents
Estelle Lloyd

So I ask you, how is riding a bike any different from using the internet? We need to nurture our children, explain right from wrong, make them aware of the dangers lurking around every corner and to always think

More Than 8,000 Adults Reported Drug And Alcohol Abuse Around Kids Last Year

The Huffington Post | Steven Hopkins | Posted 13.02.2017 | UK

A charity working to safeguard children has revealed it receives almost one call every hour to its helpline from adults concerned about drug and alcoh...

The Internet Is One Of Our Greatest Inventions, But We Must Protect Our Children And Young People From Online Risks

Edward Timpson | Posted 06.02.2017 | UK Politics
Edward Timpson

The internet is one of our greatest inventions - a powerful tool that children and young people can use to learn, to express themselves and explore the world around them. However, protecting them from the risks they might face online or on their phones is vital. You wouldn't let your child go off to meet a stranger or put themselves in a risky situation - and the same rules apply to the online world. Some children are visiting adult chatrooms, viewing inappropriate content and in some cases being bullied by peers or even - in extreme situations - radicalised, and we need to protect them from these risks.

Why Is The Government Dragging Its Feet On Grooming Law?

Peter Wanless | Posted 10.01.2017 | UK
Peter Wanless

Imagine discovering that your child had been sent a message by an adult, on social media or through a mobile phone app, asking whether they liked sex or what kind of underwear they were wearing. You'd probably feel a mixture of anger, panic, fear and revulsion. You'd want to take action. You might go straight to the police and tell them what had happened. But the police may not be able to do anything.

How Society Is Failing Transgender Children - A Response

Dr Helen Webberley | Posted 15.12.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Dr Helen Webberley

I would welcome participation in a safely hosted debate, let the community join in. Let us hear first hand from those who are going through this experience. Let us ask the questions, lift the veil, hear from the experts, listen to what it actually feels like to be gender non-conforming...

Getting Our Children Out Of Harm's Way

Peter Wanless | Posted 09.12.2016 | UK
Peter Wanless

There can be few things more distressing for a parent or guardian then when their child becomes so unhappy or upset that they feel compelled to self-harm. It is therefore deeply worrying that more and more children and teenagers in this country are being hospitalised after deliberately hurting themselves.

We Must Blow The Whistle On Child Abuse In Football

Peter Wanless | Posted 06.12.2016 | UK
Peter Wanless

It essential that we continue to emphasise and support organisational awareness and action, but also help parents and carers act in an informed manner where they can also help encourage good child protection. The NSPCC will also continue its systematic work in schools to help develop a resilience in children that helps them speak out and stay safe.

Football Child Abuse Sees Three Times The Referrals Of Jimmy Savile Case, NSPCC Says

The Huffington Post | George Bowden | Posted 01.12.2016 | UK

The NSPCC made three times the referrals to police from calls to its dedicated football abuse hotline than it did in the first three days of the Jimmy...

Youth Involvement In Politics Is More Important Than Ever

Andrew Hedges | Posted 25.11.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Andrew Hedges

I was extremely excited to find out I had the opportunity to speak at the House of Lords because it is a place of such great historical significance and has a massive role to play in the scrutiny of government. I have previously visited the Houses of Parliament but it is such an interesting and amazing place that I could never turn down a trip again.

Light Bulb Moment On Oxford Street

Joe Irvin | Posted 15.11.2016 | UK Lifestyle
Joe Irvin

The shops are full of it, the adverts have started and if you were one of the reported one million families who were in Oxford Street last weekend, you'll know that the lights are up and on. Christmas is well and truly on its way.

A Thousand Days Of Missed Chances

Peter Wanless | Posted 09.11.2016 | UK Politics
Peter Wanless

The fate of thousands of children's mental health now rests in the lap of the Lords. Let us hope that they take that responsibility seriously and don't allow another 1,000 days of missed chances.

A Porn Stars' Response To Children Accessing Porn

Samantha Bentley | Posted 20.10.2016 | UK
Samantha Bentley

Blaming porn for children being sexually active and anxious about sex, is a single minded and uneducated view. Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook and even Whatsapp, all give young people an endless platform for swapping messages and photos without their parents knowing.

Government Must Count Abused Children Who Need Mental Health Support

Peter Wanless | Posted 12.10.2016 | UK
Peter Wanless

We take it for granted that the Government has data on everything that's important. But right now, they don't know the number of children in our communities up and down the country who've been abused and need support. As a society, if we don't know exactly how many children are suffering, how can we ensure they are all getting the help they need?

Let's Make Sure Online Porn Is Strictly For Over 18s

Peter Wanless | Posted 15.09.2017 | UK Politics
Peter Wanless

Recent research by the NSPCC found that young people are as likely to see online porn accidentally as search for it, and that repeated viewing can lead them to see porn as realistic. Exposing children to porn at a young age, before they are equipped to cope with it, can be extremely damaging to their developing understanding of sex and relationships.

Children's Mental Health: Lack Of Data Or Heads In The Sand?

Prof Dame Sue Bailey | Posted 14.09.2017 | UK
Prof Dame Sue Bailey

If we're serious about improving the mental health of young people, we need a sea change in our approach to monitoring the issue. A prevalence survey once every 14 years simply isn't good enough. It's time to recognise children's mental health as a national asset, and do everything we can to understand, strengthen and protect it.

We Cannot Risk Creating A Generation Of Children Who Feel Worthless, Cut Off And Alone

Peter Wanless | Posted 09.09.2017 | UK
Peter Wanless

We have to make sure that all children know that they won't be abandoned to deal with the stresses and strains of life. Wen you know someone is listening, things can and do get better. The first conversation might be the hardest, but plucking up the courage to speak to someone is the first step.

NSPCC Post Child 'Radicalisation' Posters In GP Surgeries

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 30.08.2016 | UK Parents

Parents worried about terrorism and child radicalisation will find advice on the wall of their GP’s waiting room, thanks to the NSPCC. The national ...

Parents Need To Talk To Kids About Sexting

Peter Wanless | Posted 17.08.2017 | UK
Peter Wanless

What would you do if you found out that your child had shared a nude selfie with their boyfriend or girlfriend? What if that person had shared it with their friends. If it was shared round the whole school or posted online?