Obama Debt Ceiling

Paul Vale

US Government Shutdown Could Have Serious Implications For Global Economy

HuffingtonPost.com | Paul Vale | Posted 01.10.2013 | UK

Once again Europeans may be forgiven for looking on baffled at the bizarre maneuverings of Washington's political class this week as the US government...

U.S. Debt According to a 5th Grader

April Salchert | Posted 02.10.2011 | UK
April Salchert

My passport says "United States of America", but it means very little to me now. How can I claim a country as my own if I cannot afford to live there?

Washington Notebook: A Machiavellian Bargain

Jon-Christopher Bua | Posted 02.10.2011 | UK
Jon-Christopher Bua

After a long and painful process both Houses of Congress finally voted to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending in an effort to begin to reduce the deficit.

Washington Notebook: Too Close for Comfort

Jon-Christopher Bua | Posted 30.09.2011 | UK Politics
Jon-Christopher Bua

To prevent a default at the eleventh hour Obama may have relinquished the last arrow in his political quiver by agreeing to deep cuts in government spending which some economists believe might jeopardise this fragile recovery.

LIVE UPDATES: Debt Ceiling Deal Reached

AP/The Huffington Post | Posted 30.09.2011 | UK Politics

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama and Republican congressional leaders reached historic agreement Sunday night on a compromise to permit vital U.S....

Tighten the Belt, not the Noose

Colleen Becker | Posted 30.09.2011 | UK Politics
Colleen Becker

The American national debt is extravagant, so vast as to be almost unimaginable. Everyone agrees that something must give and at this point, Republicans and Democrats face two options: raising taxes or cutting public programs.

Washington Notebook: Debt Crisis Warfare

Jon-Christopher Bua | Posted 24.09.2011 | Home
Jon-Christopher Bua

The world - especially the financial community no longer believes the U.S. Government functions properly and may not be able to be trusted to act like responsible adults in charge of the world's most important economy.