Find Your Debbie Page and Unlock Your #DoubleGold

Dame Kelly Holmes | Posted 28.10.2014 | UK
Dame Kelly Holmes

What makes me smile? This does: youth unemployment is down. In fact it's down a lot... Without doubt the figures say we're going in the right direction, but I've got some bits of paper in front of me now which tell me there's a long, long way to go yet. My charity has just carried out some research on young people who've been labelled as 'NEETs'. It's a horrible term I know - and in case you didn't know, it means Not in Employment, Education or Training - but they're exactly the type of people we work with, and we need to understand how they're thinking in 2014 in order to help them.

Olympic Cyclist In Road Accident

Huffington Post UK | Posted 06.06.2013 | UK Sport

Olympic cyclist Joanna Rowsell has warned people to take care on the roads after being knocked off her bike by a car. Rowsell, who has won three go...

Has Prince Harry Revealed The Crown Jewels In Vegas? (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 24.08.2012 | UK

Saucy details of Prince Harry’s Las Vegas bender continue to emerge – as have images of what appears to be the young royal stark naked during a ga...

Prince Harry Gets Wet And Wild With Ryan Lochte In 3am Las Vegas Pool Party (PICTURES)

Huffington Post UK | Sara C Nelson | Posted 22.08.2012 | UK

UPDATE: Has Prince Harry Revealed The Crown Jewels In Vegas? (PICTURES)Royal Blush: Naked Prince's Exploits Earn Him A Spot On The Celebrity Skin Walk...

Get Into the Olympic Spirit

Amir Eden | Posted 23.09.2012 | UK Sport
Amir Eden

It's been long awaited and now it's here. It's time we brace ourselves and truly get into the spirit of the London 2012 Olympics.

A Gold Medal in Relaxation

Tony Wrighton | Posted 18.09.2012 | UK Sport
Tony Wrighton

This is going to sound weird, but for many of our Olympic athletes, the best thing they can do right now is forget about it all for a while and have a good laugh with friends. Hang out, go to the movies, go sightseeing in London... anything to take their mind off the fact they've spent their entire lives preparing for this moment.