Online Reputation

The One Thing That Should Make Or Break A Doctor's Practice

Dr Neil Bacon | Posted 14.06.2017 | UK
Dr Neil Bacon

So yes, doctors must take control of their online reputations and yes, this will positively impact upon their private practise and bottom-line, but doctors must not overlook the fact that empowering patients is the right thing to do, that it will make them better clinicians and that it will improve standards of healthcare for everyone.

Millennials And Their Digital Legacy

Nicholas Shaw | Posted 20.09.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Nicholas Shaw

Imagine that all important interview; you've graduated university with a 1st, spent your summer working hard to gather the relevant experience, and you've spent hours doing your research and brushing up on the job, the company and the industry. It's September and it's game time.

Ashley Madison Leak: The Guilty, the Damned and the Cyber Vigilantes

Julien Tissandier | Posted 23.08.2016 | UK Tech
Julien Tissandier

The data is currently available to anyone. At this stage it is still too soon to fully grasp the extent of the problem, but it is likely that over the next few days we will begin to see a rise in the number of websites, blogs, and even social media accounts aimed at divulging the names.

Children to Become Illegal: The Week in Twitter Gaffes

Verity Stockdale | Posted 28.06.2014 | UK Tech
Verity Stockdale

When it comes to Twitter, I have found one of the best ways of learning how to approach the site is to take inspiration from those who don't know how things work around the Twittersphere. Or rather, those who maybe do know, but yet still manage to make boobs of themselves.

Virtual Reputation in the Digital Age: An Asset We Should Be Careful Not to Waste

Alessandro Bonzio | Posted 13.03.2014 | UK Tech
Alessandro Bonzio

Getting fired because of a bad joke is certainly a painful experience on its own. But watching the joke as it makes its way to the front pages of major international newspapers, pushed by a global wave of public indignation, is definitely a lot worse. Especially when it's just a few days before Christmas.

Online Bullying: Is the Internet Bringing out the Worst in All of Us?

Kirsty Lemare | Posted 05.08.2013 | UK Tech
Kirsty Lemare

Then I saw something happen on one of my networks that entirely disavowed me of any notions that bullying on-line doesn't really happen. A small but very successful business I follow was targeted by a group of other women in the same industry, for reasons I can only attribute to jealousy.

The Dangers of an Online Character Assassination

Gareth Johnson | Posted 24.03.2013 | UK Tech
Gareth Johnson

If you're feeling a bit self-absorbed, it can be fun to Google yourself to see what shows up in the search results. However this exercise is less fun if what shows up as the public record of your life is not only untrue but maliciously false.

Is a Tarnished Reputation a Bitter Pill to Swallow for Giant Pharmaceutical Companies?

Ehud Furman | Posted 11.11.2012 | UK Tech
Ehud Furman

If distrust of the pharmaceutical industry is not high enough, then fact sheets issued by the World Health Organisation warning of massive corruption throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain is certainly not going to inspire much confidence.

Strong Medicine For MD's and Online Reputation

Ehud Furman | Posted 31.10.2012 | UK Tech
Ehud Furman

The media can be absolutely merciless at times and it does not take much for a medical practitioner's reputation to be dragged through the mud. Unfortunately with medical malpractice suits there will often be a push for publicity to garnish sympathy, particularly if it's a high profile case.

Did You Hear the One About the Plumber...

Ehud Furman | Posted 02.10.2012 | UK Tech
Ehud Furman

Plumbing emergencies don't wait until it's convenient for you. Neither does searing toothache at 3am. When you've locked yourself out of your home, it's always the middle of the night. As much as we'd like to have a handy list of emergency service people on speed-dial, the truth is, we often turn to the internet to get hold of someone in a hurry.

Bankers, Bailouts and a Bad Reputation

Ehud Furman | Posted 24.09.2012 | UK Tech
Ehud Furman

Banks and bankers are starting to see the value and understand just how important it is to maintain a good reputation.

A Picture Could Cost You Thousands...

Ehud Furman | Posted 12.09.2012 | UK Tech
Ehud Furman

Just like the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words", YOUR picture on search engines could be worth a great deal when it comes to your online reputation. If you want to do a quick check to find out what people are saying about you, or what has been written about you; you type your name into Google and the results are available in an instant.

A Little Extra Could Get You Fired...

Ehud Furman | Posted 01.09.2012 | UK Tech
Ehud Furman

Far too many people still think of the internet as a veil which they can hide behind and maintain an online persona that is private; the truth is somewhat more disturbing: The internet is a reflection of exactly who you are and if you're looking to impress, you'd better make sure that your reflection is a true and fair depiction of exactly who you are.

Key Things to Look for When Buying a Diamond

Vashi Dominguez | Posted 30.07.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Vashi Dominguez

Whether it's for a present or as an investment there are some key things to look for when buying a diamond. Following these tips will help you choose the perfect diamond for her or for you.

Addressing the Google Influence Factor - How Brands Can Manage Their Reputation Online

Ehud Furman | Posted 23.07.2012 | UK Tech
Ehud Furman

Quality content reigns supreme for anyone managing their reputation online. Whether you're protecting your brand and image or promoting it, without distributing new content on a regular basis, you can quickly be misrepresented on search engines.