Palace of Westminster

Nicki Minaj Receives Support From An Unlikely Fan After Westminster Bridge Music Video Scenes

The Huffington Post | Rachel McGrath | Posted 20.04.2017 | UK Entertainment

Nicki Minaj has received support from a perhaps unlikely place, following scrutiny over whether she was right to feature scenes filmed on Westminster ...

Nearly 200 EU Nationals Work In Parliament - New Figures

The Huffington Post | Paul Waugh | Posted 14.04.2017 | UK Politics

Ministers are facing fresh calls to protect the post-Brexit rights of EU citizens as new figures revealed that 195 European nationals work in the UK P...

Body Of PC Keith Palmer To Lie In Chapel In The Palace of Westminster

The Huffington Post | Steven Hopkins | Posted 09.04.2017 | UK

The body of the policeman murdered in the London terror attack will lie in a chapel in the Palace of Westminster before his funeral on Monday. Pc Keit...

Westminster Attack Victim's Wife Has An Incredible Message About Her Husband's Killer

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 06.04.2017 | UK

The injured wife of a man killed in the Westminster terror attack has said she does not hate the assailant, and even pities him. Melissa Cochran had b...

Royals Among Those Paying Tribute To Westminster Attack Victims

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 05.04.2017 | UK

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were among those paying their respects at a service of remembrance on Wednesday for those who lost their lives in th...

Thousands Gather On Westminster Bridge For Vigil One Week After London Terror Attack

The Huffington Post | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 30.03.2017 | UK

Thousands of people gathered on Westminster Bridge on Wednesday to mark a week since the London terror attack that killed four people. Police officers...

Man 'Jumps' Off Westminster Bridge Hours Before London Terror Attack Vigil

The Huffington Post | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 29.03.2017 | UK

A search is underway on the River Thames after a man is believed to have “jumped” off the Westminster Bridge, just hours before a vigil is due to ...

One Of Our Own: Pain, Anguish And Anger On The UK's Thin Blue Line

Chris Hobbs | Posted 27.03.2017 | UK
Chris Hobbs

The grief felt by rank and file officers will be accompanied by a renewed realisation that the tragedy could provide a springboard for other zealots to create mayhem and that officers, now more thinly spread than ever, could be vulnerable especially outside the major cities. The death of a brave officer in the most heavily policed area of the UK will indeed be a cause for concern.

Intruder With Fake ID 'Wandered Round Parliament For 12 Hours'

The Huffington Post | Steven Hopkins | Posted 26.03.2017 | UK

Security at Parliament’s gates was breached last year by an intruder who flashed fake identification and wandered around the estate for 12 hours, it...

Fundraiser For Family Of PC Keith Palmer Raises More Than £500k

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 24.03.2017 | UK

A campaign to raise money for the family of the policeman killed in the Westminster attack has raised more than half a million pounds, in an astonishi...

Commons People Special: An Exclusive Documentary On The Westminster Terror Attack

The Huffington Post | Owen Bennett | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK Politics

In this special edition of Commons People, Huff Post UK brings you the inside story of what happened in Parliament during an extraordinary day when te...

Muslim-Led Fundraiser Raises Thousands For Victims Of Westminster Attack In Just Hours

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK

A Muslim-led fundraiser has raised thousands of pounds to help the families of victims of the Westminster attack. The Muslims Unite for London page wa...

Theresa May Says London Attacker Is British Born And Known To MI5

The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK Politics

Theresa May has revealed the man responsible for the terrorist attack on Westminster is British born and known to the security services. The prime min...

Londoners Are Being Their Brilliant, Grumpy Selves To Show Defiance In The Face Of Terror

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 24.03.2017 | UK

Defiant Londoners have again shown they will not be cowed in the face of terror by doing what they do best - getting on with life. As the city picked ...

A Knife Through The Heart Of British Democracy

Liam Bywater | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK Politics
Liam Bywater

Parliament will hold a minute's silence at 09:33 and the Prime Minister will give a statement at 10:30, with the Defence Secretary answering questions soon after. This terrorist clearly tried to stop parliamentary democracy and, despite the cruel losses we had to go through, we can all sleep safely knowing they failed.

Eight Arrested On Suspicion Of 'Preparing Terror Acts' After Westminster Attack

The Huffington Post | Jack Sommers | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK

LATEST: The so-called Islamic State group has said that the London attacker was a “soldier of the Islamic State”. Eight people have been arrested...

Britain Is Uniting Around This Simple Message Of Defiance In The Face Of Terror

The Huffington Post | Graeme Demianyk | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK

London was sent into shock after a “terror attack” left four people dead at the gates of the Houses of Parliament. The fatalities included the att...

How The Terror Attack On Westminster Unfolded Before Our Eyes

The Huffington Post | Paul Waugh | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK Politics

It was the day everyone at Westminster had been dreading. The Houses of Parliament, with their iconic ‘Big Ben’ clocktower, are the defining sym...

How Labour MP Mary Creagh Ordered Westminster Tube Station To Close During Attack

The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK Politics

Labour MP Mary Creagh has told of how in she ordered staff at Westminster Tube to shut the station down as the attack outside parliament unfolded. The...

Shocked Eyewitnesses Describe Horror Scene Following Westminster 'Terror Attack'

The Huffington Post | Sarah Harris1 | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK

Eyewitnesses including tourists, reporters and MPs have spoken of their horror during what is now being treated as a terror attack in Westminster. One...

Facebook Activates Safety Check Feature Following Westminster 'Terror Attack'

The Huffington Post | Thomas Tamblyn | Posted 23.03.2017 | UK Tech

Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature for London after a “terror attack” has left a woman dead and at least a dozen people hurt outside ...

Theresa May Facing Second Defeat In Lords On Brexit Bill

The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 03.03.2017 | UK Politics

Theresa May is facing a second defeat in the House of Lords on the Bill designed to begin the Brexit process. Labour and Liberal Democrat peers have t...

Conservative MP's Aide Charged With Rape At Houses Of Parliament

The Huffington Post | Steven Hopkins | Posted 02.03.2017 | UK

A Conservative MP’s aide has been charged with rape after an attack that allegedly took place in the Houses of Parliament. Samuel Armstrong was char...

Tory MPs Defend Trump Over Sexism And Racism During UK State Visit Debate

The Huffington Post | Graeme Demianyk | Posted 21.02.2017 | UK

Donald Trump has found unlikely support from some British Conservative MPs, who defended the US President against charges of sexism and racism. MPs to...

John Bercow Defends Speech Banning Donald Trump From Parliament

The Huffington Post | Ned Simons | Posted 07.02.2017 | UK Politics

John Bercow has defended his decision to ban Donald Trump from speaking in parliament after he received a barrage of criticism from Tory MPs. In an un...