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Jack Sommers

How A Single Murder Brought Northern Ireland's Entire Government To Its Knees | Jack Sommers | Posted 13.09.2015 | UK

Most Britons know too little about Northern Ireland's politics to fathom why a murder could bring the arrangement that has kept the peace, in the word...

Nobody Knew How Welfare Reform Was Resolved, Now Nobody Knows How It's Unravelling in Northern Ireland

Brian John Spencer | Posted 12.05.2015 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

The Stormont House Agreement materialised on December 23 2015. It was Haass 2.0 striding deep in extra time. The crowd, the press, the bookies saw n...

The Union Has Changed, But Northern Ireland Remains Unchanged as the Pork-Barrel Sectarian Principality

Brian John Spencer | Posted 23.11.2014 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

The Union abides. Change is afoot, utterly. Scotland gets more power. England evolves. Wales will do its thing. Change is afoot - Except in Northern Ireland.

Peter Robinson: 'No Longer Fit for Purpose'

Brian John Spencer | Posted 10.11.2014 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

We're left with a leader that is devoid of leadership capacity, lumbered with the charisma of a damp rag, the vision of a mole and all the on-camera tact of a 14 year old pubescent man-child. A sepulchral sod. Goodness knows the manner off-camera. So let me say it again, it's the man, not the House, who's no longer fit for purpose.

What Kind of Week Has It Been? 7 June 2014

Paddy Duffy | Posted 05.08.2014 | UK Politics
Paddy Duffy

The relaxing hammock bear of news Nobody likes to admit they're wrong, but whether it's a team of footballers' passport numbers being printed on a s...

Parliamentarian 'Considering Leaving The Country' Over Race Abuse

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 29.05.2014 | UK

The UK's sole China-born parliamentarian is to quit at the next election because of the intimidation and abuse she receives. Anna Lo, a Northern Ir...

NI's First Minister Has Just Said Some Pretty Controversial Stuff About Muslims

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 28.05.2014 | UK

The First Minister of Northern Ireland Peter Robinson has said he would not trust Muslims "devoted to Sharia law" and appeared to back a controversial...

Gerry Adams Accused Of 'Threatening' IRA Victim's Son

PA | Posted 05.05.2014 | UK Politics

A son of IRA murder victim Jean McConville has said Gerry Adams threatened him with a "backlash" if he released the names of those he believed were re...

Northern Ireland Needs London and Dublin and Its Emigré

Brian John Spencer | Posted 16.06.2014 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

Northern Ireland needs to enter the British consciousness. We especially need the Irish diaspora, unionist and nationalist, to feed into the process. At present it's just a troublesome cousin. But we're more than that. We're not just a troublesome side issue.

A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Adults of Northern Ireland From Wrecking Things for the Children

Brian John Spencer | Posted 05.03.2014 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

We're stuck in some sort of sick, brutal and dispiriting Cold War stalemate; Paralyzed by mutual recrimination and mistrust and under a constant threat of extra-political exchange. Contrary to what James Joyce said, we're still an "outcast from life's feast."

PICTURES: Rubber Bullets, Bricks And Petrol Bombs

PA/ The Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.07.2013 | UK

Seven police officers and an MP were among those injured during a night of fierce violence in Northern Ireland. Four hundred extra police officers ...

Northern Ireland Leaders Welcome Economic Boost

PA | Posted 14.06.2013 | UK Politics

Northern Ireland's leaders have welcomed a new package agreed with the Government in Westminster to help their struggling economy. Following talks ...

Northern Ireland's 15th Birthday Present and Reward for Unruliness: A Handsome Cash Transfer

Brian John Spencer | Posted 29.06.2013 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

Fifteen years ago Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and other statesmen mediated the un-mediatable and created the Northern Ireland that we know today. Some see the bargain as a grand failure. The creation of a parochial sectarian state suspended in a form of purgatory with a bloody history and no future.

The Northern Ireland of Old Hasn't Gone Away, You Know

Brian John Spencer | Posted 05.05.2013 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

Ever since the Good Friday peace agreement of 1998, parties on both side of the divide have, albeit slowly, attempted to move things forward. And forward things have moved, as I explained at the start. However, a critical demographic have been left behind: the working class and the radicals within.

(WATCH) 'We Could Have Been Looking At Mass Murder'

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 04.03.2013 | UK

Police in Northern Ireland have condemned 'reckless' dissident republicans over a foiled bomb plot that could have caused mass casualties. Four pri...

Northern Irish Is the New Irish

Brian John Spencer | Posted 16.03.2013 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

Should people in Northern Ireland start to see themselves less as strictly British or Irish and more pragmatically as Northern Irish?

Northern Ireland: A Divided Society That Can't Even Share Rory McIlroy

Brian John Spencer | Posted 05.03.2013 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

So little has been achieved and so much of the old has continued since 1998 - a year when Northern Ireland was supposed to have entered a new dawn - that we cant even share our greatest living son.

Belfast Riots Are the Symptom of a Community Left Behind

Brian John Spencer | Posted 13.02.2013 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

The ugly scenes of rioting that have returned to Belfast's streets 14 years after the signing of the peace agreement are a sorry sight. But they tell a story of poor political leadership and of a demographic section of society left behind.

Man Charged Over Death Threats Against NI First Minister

PA | Posted 12.12.2012 | UK

A 34-year-old man has been charged with threatening to kill Stormont's first minister Peter Robinson. The man is also charged with improper use of ...

Loyalists Petrol Bomb Police Car in Belfast

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 11.12.2012 | UK

Loyalists tried to kill a police officer when they set fire to his patrol car in Belfast on Monday. A gang of 15 men tossed a petrol bomb into the ...

The Problem With Being as Much British as Irish

Brian John Spencer | Posted 15.01.2013 | Home
Brian John Spencer

For any Northern Ireland protestant feeling out of place in Ireland you should read the words of Belfast's famous poet John Hewitt. He made it clear that any Northern Ireland Protestant or hardworking immigrant has as much right to call themselves Irish.

Reflections on Edward Carson and the 100th Anniversary of the Ulster Covenant

Brian John Spencer | Posted 28.11.2012 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

This weekend Northern Ireland's unionists are celebrating the life of Sir Edward Carson and the centenary of the signing of the Ulster Solemn League and Covenant.

Goodbye Owen Paterson, Hello Theresa Villiers

Brian John Spencer | Posted 04.11.2012 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

In a cabinet reshuffle billed as the answer to Britain's economic ills, Prime Minister David Cameron went with the economic status quo: holding tight to the fiscally prudent and the ever-derided George Osborne.

Stormont Ministers are Putting Political Prosperity Ahead of that of their Posterity

Brian John Spencer | Posted 22.10.2012 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

Stormont legacy builders, 3 months into a 4 month summer recess, are risking the demographic health of Northern Ireland through patent policy inaction.

Why the Devolution of Corporation Tax is Key to Tackling Northern Ireland's Youth Joblessness

Brian John Spencer | Posted 19.10.2012 | UK Politics
Brian John Spencer

For the young person in Northern Ireland current prospects are dire and as I look to the future, speaking directly as a young and disgruntled jobless person, I am filled with foreboding.