An Introduction to the Film-Poem

An Introduction to the Film-Poem

Robert Peake  16.06.2014
Organiser Alastair Cook emphasised the point that the film-poem genre is an inclusive and encouraging one--suggesting that we all start...

Dylan Thomas: The Playful and the Profound

Ioan Marc Jones  11.06.2014
The public persona of Thomas, embodied in Brinnin's book, is often the focus of articles concerning the writer and this year, on the centenary...
A toast to teachers

A toast to teachers

Dominic Stevenson  6.06.2014
Teaching isn't easy, and it's getting harder as ministers and parents decide they know best, but teachers will carry on. They'll strive...

A Kinder City - Playable City Award

Ben Gwalchmai  26.05.2014
For anyone unaware of the project or those uninterested, they'll be powering the project by day and should they cross the bridge at night...

A Taste Of Honey: Finding Poetry In Poverty

Paul Drury  27.04.2014
We've always enjoyed regular trips to Hull Truck Theatre, and with a return home organized for Easter weekend I was delighted to read about...
How Depression Forced Me to Seek a Balanced Life

How Depression Forced Me to Seek a Balanced Life

Rachel Kelly  25.04.2014
I didn't know that this kind of depression could happen so swiftly, least of all to someone who seemed to have no right to an illness associated...
WATCH: The Most English Poem Ever

WATCH: The Most English Poem Ever

We give Rudyard Kipling's classic poem a modern-day - and English - slant. (Created by David Schneider, Very British Problems and Handface) SEE...

Parallels From A Victorious Weekend, Thoughts on Hillsborough From 9 Year Old Me; To A Policeman's Lie..(A Poem For Hillsborough)

Karl Davis  14.04.2014
My heart is still beating hard following Liverpool's dramatic win on Sunday over Manchester City. Many have pointed to the strange parallels...
Read It and Weep: New Poetry Anthology Makes Grown Men Cry

Read It and Weep: New Poetry Anthology Makes Grown Men Cry

Kate Allen  11.04.2014
It directly addresses the assumption bordering on cliché that women are more emotional - weaker - than men. Yet the contributions are...
Meet The Student Slam Poet Sensation Megan Beech

Meet The Student Slam Poet Sensation Megan Beech

Indigo Ellis  4.04.2014
Meet: Megan Beech, student slam poet extraordinaire. 20 year old from Bridgwater, Somerset. Second year English Literature student at King's...

Poetry on the Internet and the Saturation of Information

Jack McSweeney  26.03.2014
The Internet is a tool that has the capacity to help art and creativity flourish and develop, yet we must be careful to utilise it properly,...

Poetry, Remixed

Robert Peake  22.03.2014
The Poetry Storehouse has an excellent idea - to do for poetry what has worked so well for software, by making some of it "open source"....
The Art of Loneliness

The Art of Loneliness

Aaron Vallely  21.03.2014
Having a friend die young, one realizes that their own existence is not guaranteed simply because of their youth. It might seem obvious,...

How Creative Spoken Word and Music Projects Are Helping the UK's Literacy Issues

Jasmine Dotiwala  18.02.2014
This month however, I attended one such event that seemed to have ticked all the right boxes to actually make a difference. Fusing the...