'Empowered Moms', Fergie? I Don't Follow...

Lisa Williams | Posted 06.07.2017 | UK Parents
Lisa Williams

Moms I'd Like to Follow: Yes, I'll follow Kim on Instagram because she and Kanye are fricking hilarious. I'll dance to Fergie's music, shake my ass around the kitchen and, once a quarter, on the dancefloor. But Fergie's sweaty pseudo-feminism and its accompanying Instagram account? #unfollow

JoJo's Returned and How She's Showing You How Your Setback Is Only the Set Up for Your Comeback

Tasha Okeke | Posted 21.04.2017 | UK Universities & Education
Tasha Okeke

Your true strength and character is revealed in how you rise up from your battles. Triumph isn't given, it is earned from how you make your comeback into the spotlight and how you show the world that you are ready to return. It's in how you bring light and inspiration by giving your best, authentic self to your craft and audience fearlessly, despite the odds. And JoJo did just that.

David Bowie: The Man Who Fell to Earth and Saved My Generation From Boredom

John Robb | Posted 12.01.2017 | UK Entertainment
John Robb

The most dignified death in the history of rock n roll saw Bowie turn his passing into a work of art. His final album dealt with the last taboo - the mystery of death with a poetic and artful brilliance and could arguably be his ultimate statement as he left the ultimate stage.

Remember The Skanking TV Pigeon? The Selecter's New Album 'Subculture' Is The Soundtrack Of Summer 2015

Claudia Tomlinson | Posted 01.06.2016 | UK Entertainment
Claudia Tomlinson

Subculture is the rhythm-packed, vibrant, fresh new album from The Selecter, and listening to it you understand why this band has remained relevant, a...

A Long Time Between Drinks

Tina Arena | Posted 09.01.2015 | UK Entertainment
Tina Arena

I've always loved London. I feel it's time to reconnect with its culture and the people. And see my audience again after all this time. Personally, I think London has evolved more than most European cities, it's really one of, if not the most dynamic cities in the world.

Charli XCX: From Hertfordshire Girl to International Pop Star

Jasmine Dotiwala | Posted 05.11.2014 | UK Entertainment
Jasmine Dotiwala

A quick check on twitter confirms that she's spent the past year flying across the globe daily, for tours and promo, as well as having been nominated for loads of global ''ones to watch'' and awards this year. So, she's a bona fide singer songwriter that's flying that British flag globally.

How Indonesia Helped Me Forgive Bruno Mars

Olly Hunter | Posted 13.02.2014 | UK Entertainment
Olly Hunter

It's not because the songs are so painfully catchy, I was already well aware of this. What Bruno Mars music has is a cocktail of musical flavours which is precisely why he is so popular across Indonesia, a place filled with different cultures, religions, landscapes and tastes in music.

Peter Blake - Pop Art's True Storyteller

Ben J. Cotton | Posted 29.10.2013 | UK Entertainment
Ben J. Cotton

To many the word 'Pop' often assossiates with cynical Andy Warhol and his Fun Factory, but there is another, more subtle and uniquely British take on ...

New UK Artist David Stewart Says "Pressure Makes Me Work Better"

Bwoywonder | Posted 09.09.2013 | UK Entertainment

If you were to cross the looks of 80s Johnny Depp with present day Orlando Bloom, add a stage-resonating voice spawned from cruise ship performing parents, finish off with the talents of a drummer, guitarist and pianist, then Voila! you'd have David Stewart.

The Voice of Carl Frenais

Rita Pal | Posted 11.08.2013 | UK Entertainment
Rita Pal

Carl Frenais describes himself as a "Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist" based in beautiful Cochin, India. To legions of his female fans, Carl is a handsome young singer with a voice of silk that reminds us of a young Elvis Presley.

New Pop Artist, Yasmeen On Faith, Family & Following Her Dreams

Bwoywonder | Posted 04.08.2013 | UK Entertainment

Amidst the sea of female R&B artists in the music industry today, how does one keep from getting swept up in the pop culture wave and yet stay current? Yasmeen, a fresh, talented singer/songwriter and soon to be graduate from Phoenix, Arizona explains how her faith and family roots keep her grounded.

EXCLUSIVE: Parachute Youth - Cant Get Better Than This (Hostage Remix)

Bwoywonder | Posted 24.06.2013 | UK Entertainment

Australian electro pop duo Parachute Youth have been dominating club land and DJ playlists in Europe with their dance floor hit 'Cant Get Better Than This' since early last year. Having recently touched down in the UK the 2-man group have a fresh new remix which I've been able to premier exclusively on the Huffington Post!

British Music's Newest Entrepreneurial Pop Star

Nik Thakkar | Posted 17.06.2013 | UK Entertainment
Nik Thakkar

Entrepreneurial pop is something that has always existed, since Sinatra at least.

Justin Bieber: The Pinnacle of Your Stupidity

Sammy Sultan | Posted 15.06.2013 | UK Entertainment
Sammy Sultan

Just when I thought this little twerp couldn't be any more irritating, he surpasses my expectations. His thrust into superstardom seems to have resulted in a bypass of any cognitive development.

Welcome Back... Queens of the Stone Age

Raj Bains | Posted 13.06.2013 | UK Entertainment
Raj Bains

Long overdue on the 3rd of June, Queens Of The Stone Age will finally release their sarcastically titled sixth studio album, '...Like Clockwork'.

It's the Year of Music Comebacks But Is It Always Sweeter Second Time Around?

Olivia Heath | Posted 14.03.2013 | UK Entertainment
Olivia Heath

We're not even half way through January and already 2013 is set to be the year of music comebacks.

Interview: A Conversation With Ed Jones

Clara Cullen | Posted 09.03.2013 | UK Entertainment
Clara Cullen

Sounding like a young John Mayer with hints of Adam Levine, Ed Jones' debut album Going Places is a confident and brash affair. Effortlessly blending ...

The Best Albums of 2012

Joel Durston | Posted 18.02.2013 | UK Entertainment
Joel Durston

Hot Chip really are a national treasure, up there with the NHS, stamps, pints, Cornish pasties and John Motson with their quintessentially British warm eccentricity. Their fifth studio album, a tribute to staying young while growing up and getting married, has a few dull syrupy moments, but mostly shows the band at their best; making dance music for the hearts as well as the feet.

I Am Kloot

Pete Jobson | Posted 15.01.2013 | UK Entertainment
Pete Jobson

Signed 500 limited edition seven inchers this morning. I felt very like Muhammad Ali. He used to sign 1000 photos of himself every morning before breakfast and dispatch them forth quipping, "Yeah, I was pretty", safe in the knowledge that the bills were covered for the day.

Hanson's 2012 So Far - Shadows, Spaces and Faces

Taylor Hanson | Posted 12.01.2013 | Home
Taylor Hanson

For a year that has been dedicated to the planning of a new album release in 2013 (which is underway) and focusing on looking back at 20 years of music (our band turned 20 this year) we still found a way to cover a lot of ground, from the Far East to the Great North.

Long Drives and Bed Bugs

Tim Thornton | Posted 22.12.2012 | UK Entertainment
Tim Thornton

Coming out of Montana and into Idaho was so dramatic I almost parked the van and cracked into a few poems.

Girls Aloud Are Back With Something New

Susana Novo Vázquez | Posted 16.12.2012 | UK Entertainment
Susana Novo Vázquez

Not everyone sees the layers, the subtlety that sets them apart from everybody else. But maybe that's part of the beauty and magic of Girls Aloud.

Morrissey and Marr, The Severed Alliance: A Potentially Great Biopic?

Daley James Francis | Posted 04.12.2012 | UK Entertainment
Daley James Francis

Johnny Rogan's 1992 biography of The Smiths' leading duo and subsequent fall out is a big seller and the definitive take on one of the 80's best loved and most missed bands, at least until Johnny Marr and/or Morrissey release definitive autobiographies. It also has the potential to make a great biopic.

WATCH: The Saucepan That Stirs Itself As If By Magic

Huffington Post UK | Alastair Plumb | Posted 20.06.2012 | UK Comedy

Japanese inventor/dentist Hideki Watanabe has come up with something really rather ingenious: a saucepan which stirs itself. Why would that be useful,...

The Rapprochement Between Pop Music and High Culture

Tanjil Rashid | Posted 08.07.2012 | Home
Tanjil Rashid

"Pop and thought don't go together," a BBC controller once said, resisting the introduction of pop music to his schedules. That battle was won a long time ago, but the sentiment behind it lingers still; pop music lacks the esteem accorded to other art.