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Abortion Law Is Killing Women in Northern Ireland

Stephen Donnan | Posted 19.01.2016 | UK Politics
Stephen Donnan

The fact that four completely volunteer funded and non-profit organisations are doing the job of the State in providing advice, counselling, medical care and financial assistance for women's reproductive health is nothing less than a bloody disgrace; this has to end before we have another Savita Halappanavar.

Naomi's Choice - Why the Pro-life Bubble Needs to Burst

Ruth Harrison Roberts | Posted 21.10.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Ruth Harrison Roberts

It's thought that once you've had your (seemingly in particular medical abortion) the aftercare is non-existent. You pop the pills, and away you go. Don't travel, just go home and rest, have someone to stay with you and take a couple of days off work.

Why We Need to Keep Talking About Abortion

Erika Garratt | Posted 30.09.2015 | UK
Erika Garratt

Many have told me that my petition is restricting freedom of speech. This is not about banning protests, just moving them to a safe distance away from women accessing the clinics. If these protests are about educating women about abortion (which I find to be an incredibly patronising reason) and not to intimidate, then I cannot see why a legal buffer zone would be an issue for them...

I am Pro Choice. I Am Not Ashamed

Stephen Donnan | Posted 03.04.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Stephen Donnan

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with the truth that I am pro Choice and I am unashamedly so. I was always afraid to say it because of the nature of NI's deeply conservative society and how it would reflect on my character.

Pregnant Woman Sticks It To Anti-Abortion Protesters

Becky Hopper | Posted 03.02.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Becky Hopper

A video has been posted online of a heavily pregnant woman absolutely sticking it to anti-abortion protesters. She deserves a massive thank you and a high five from women everywhere! What a hero!

Pregnant Woman Delivers Verbal Smackdown To Gobsmacked Anti-Abortion Campaigners

The Huffington Post UK | Paul vale | Posted 04.12.2014 | UK

Anti-abortion campaigners in central London took a verbal shoeing from a heavily pregnant woman at a demonstration outside a health centre on Wednesda...

Cardiff Uni Chooses To Not Be Pro-Choice In Landslide Victory

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 01.12.2014 | UK Universities & Education

A motion to make Cardiff University's Student Union officially pro-choice was defeated by such a landslide that the votes weren't even counted. The...

Cardiff University Students To Vote On Whether To Officially Become A 'Pro Choice Union'

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 26.11.2014 | UK Universities & Education

A row over free speech is brewing as students at Cardiff University gear up to vote on whether their union should officially become "pro choice". T...

Oxford Abortion Debate Cancelled Due To 'Security Concerns' Over Planned Protest

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 18.11.2014 | UK Universities & Education

An abortion debate organised by a pro-life society at Oxford University has been cancelled due to security concerns over a planned protest. The Oxf...

How Can We Make Women Count When the Numbers Don't Add Up?

Simon Cooke | Posted 21.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Simon Cooke

By investing to make contraception available to every woman who wants it, improving access to safe abortion where it's legal and making sure that medical care is readily available when things go wrong we can make a real difference. It's not rocket science - even for someone still relatively new to the development sector like me.

Moral Judgement: Please Use Responsibly

Kathryn Taylor | Posted 05.10.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Kathryn Taylor

The case of the Australian couple who have taken the twin, but not the Downs syndrome sibling from the surrogate Thai mother, which has been in the news this week raises some interesting ethical issues. I don't mean to comment directly on that case here because the facts of that particular case are far from clear. The only thing that is clear is that it is very sad that it has happened. But what were the alternatives?

Anti-Abortion Activists Stopped From 'Intimidating' Vigil By Riot Law

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 07.06.2014 | UK

Anti-abortion activists who attempt to stop women visiting a clinic for terminations have been barred from the facility using rioting legislation, acc...

Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion Charities Banned From Advertising At Oxford University

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 04.06.2014 | UK Universities & Education

A pro-life charity has been banned from advertising at Oxford University's student union over its controversial stance on abortion, and narrowly escap...

Forget Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, It's Pro-Female Rights

Sophie Turton | Posted 07.06.2014 | UK
Sophie Turton

In much of the western world we have the luxury of choice, whether you agree with the actions that follow that choice or not, it is the option that is important. The lack of choice, the continued subjugation of the rights of women and the subsequent death or injury that still affects so many, is a big problem and we should not ignore it.

'This House Regrets the 1967 Abortion Act'

Esther Rich | Posted 20.05.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Esther Rich

This was the title of a debate hosted by Oxford Students for Life on Monday 10th March...

Abortion: What Are We Really Getting Rid of?

Esther Rich | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Esther Rich

In order to truly understand the magnitude of what we are considering, we must return to the child at the centre of it all. A child who did not ask to be conceived in such a way, nor ask to be unwanted in any way, but could have grown up to be a child with a voice asking for love, respect and dignity. For now, we must be their voice.

Should Pro-Choice Mean Women Are Free To Have Abortions On Basis Of Gender?

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 18.09.2013 | UK

Women are legally free to end a pregnancy should they not like the sex of their unborn child, an abortion charity has said. Ann Furedi, the chief exec...

Pro-Life Group's Gay Marriage Ad Was 'Misleading'

The Huffington Post UK | Tom Moseley | Posted 04.09.2013 | UK

A pro-life group has been slapped down by the advertising watchdog for "misleading" claims about gay marriage. The adverts from the Society for the...

Deceptive Hysteria Surrounds Abortion Debate in Northern Ireland

Gary Spedding | Posted 15.05.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Gary Spedding

In my opinion, there is a serious lack of education coupled with a deliberate propagation of misinformation in the political and public sphere when it comes to women's reproductive rights in Northern Ireland.

Dina Rickman

'It's Surprising It's Been Uncontroversial For So Long' | Dina Rickman | Posted 10.01.2013 | UK

It’s been a great year for the pro-life lobby. That’s the view of Mark Bhagwandin, Senior Education and Media Officer of anti-abortion charity ...

Miscarriage of Justice

Charlotte Ryan | Posted 22.01.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Charlotte Ryan

The complete ban on abortion sends out the message that women are simply vehicles to bring life into the world and, if they lose their own life in the process, well, at least they have fulfilled their ultimate purpose.

Vigils For Savita Halt Traffic In Dublin (PICTURES)

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 14.11.2012 | UK

Streets surrounding the Irish parliament were shut down and traffic ground to a halt during rush-hour as around 2,000 demonstrators staged a spontaneo...

Ireland PM: We Will Not Hold Inquiry Into Abortion Death

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 14.11.2012 | UK

Ireland's prime minister has said there will be no external inquiry into why a pregnant woman died after being refused an abortion in hospital. Pre...

Woman Dies In 'Agony' After Being Refused Abortion

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 14.11.2012 | UK

A woman has died in an Irish hospital after she was refused an abortion. Savita Halappanavar, a dentist aged 31, was 17 weeks pregnant when she die...

Lower Limit on Abortion: A Dangerous Idea

Louise Wilson | Posted 19.12.2012 | UK Politics
Louise Wilson

Medical reasons would provide the only good justification for reducing the limits of abortion; if this is the case, I'm all for a change in the law. But until this is proven, an arbitrary change could result in fewer rights, severe harm or even death - and this is simply not worth it.