The Big Society Failed So Let's Join the 'Small Revolution' and Make This Country Lean!

Danny Bartlett | Posted 15.07.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Danny Bartlett

I recently organised a series of events at Wayra, Telefonica's digital accelerator, on what compelling solutions the UK's entrepreneurial community ha...

People with Learning Disabilities Are Being Sold Off Like Slaves

Dr Simon Duffy | Posted 17.06.2016 | UK Politics
Dr Simon Duffy

Tendering for human services seems like a slave auction in reverse: human beings are sold off, for profit, to the lowest bidder.

Pooling Our Resources to Serve Children Well

Jonathan Stanley | Posted 23.08.2014 | UK
Jonathan Stanley

We need new thinking about the operating environment we currently frame as a 'marketplace'. We need a courageous, informed articulation of what is happening now, and the start of the thinking that can move us towards a method of effective working, both for quality of care and the health of our finances.

Cost Versus Value - Why the Water Industry Needs to Reassess Its Goals

Simon Thomas | Posted 28.07.2014 | UK
Simon Thomas

The water industry is currently undergoing a sea change that will have a significant impact on the way water companies and their partners operate in decades to come.

Choose Life, Choose Your Coffee, Choose Better Public Services

Cat Hobbs | Posted 29.03.2014 | UK Politics
Cat Hobbs

Right now, water and energy companies have full license to rip you off without consequence. But we can at least tackle outsourcing contracts, where we can decide what to do with public money. This Bill would be a small step in the right direction.

Time for a Real 'Civil Society' - Not Just Contracted Public Services

John Tizard | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics
John Tizard

I know that a few public sector bodies are developing collaborative alliances with the voluntary and community sector rather than simply contracting with it. However, in reality, the latter are in a small minority and the trend, sadly, is in the opposite direction.

Public Services We Can Believe In

Dan Gregory | Posted 28.12.2013 | UK Politics
Dan Gregory

The taxpayer it seems, doesn't actually like privatisation very much. Successive governments have often been to the right of the taxpayer, outsourcing regardless of a public mandate, not least in the NHS.

Public Sector Outsourcing - Time for the Tide to Ebb

John Tizard | Posted 27.09.2013 | UK Politics
John Tizard

In my opinion, a contemporary public sector leader should think very hard and analytically before assuming outsourcing is the most effective and efficacious way of either improving the quality or reducing the cost of public services.

Public Service Contracts - Opportunities and Challenges for the VCS

John Tizard | Posted 08.07.2013 | UK Politics
John Tizard

The public service landscape is changing and fast - and not always in ways that the voluntary and community sector would wish to see. Some services are simply disappearing and others are being altered beyond recognition.

Open Access - Breaking the Monopoly of Large Academic Publishers

Ann McKechin | Posted 17.06.2013 | UK Politics
Ann McKechin

Breaking the stranglehold which the handful of large corporate publishers currently have over academics and university libraries is not only important because of the public money at stake, but also because genuine open access allows research to be utilised by those outside the close confines of academia.

GM: Time for a More Nuanced Debate

Green Futures | Posted 09.06.2013 | UK Tech
Green Futures

What is a person with a conscience to think about the fraught and complex issue of genetic modification (GM)? Picking sides used to be easy: if you were green, you were against GM because it was unnatural and industrial.

Mehdi Hasan

The Fresh Prince of Streatham | Mehdi Hasan | Posted 12.05.2015 | UK Politics

Mehdi Hasan sat down with Labour’s fresh prince, Chuka Umunna, ahead of the 2013 Budget to talk bankers, business and why he would “trust Ed Milib...

Are Women Selling Themselves Short in Business?

Lynne Parker | Posted 20.01.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Lynne Parker

Transparency is everything, along with a good proposal and price, and the ability to deliver. I believe in second chances too because there is the learning curve to consider and you are dependent on the buyer to make sure you get the right brief.

The Government's Flagship Work Programme in Trouble - Time to Review and Revise

John Tizard | Posted 27.07.2012 | UK Politics
John Tizard

Tragically for those whom it is intended to assist, a programme designed in very different economic conditions and based on a belief that market incentives would drive a range of providers to secure long-term employment for those who have been inactive in the labour market for a long period may end up not delivering.

£38bn Defence Budget 'Black Hole' Plugged

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 14.05.2012 | UK Politics

A £38bn black hole in the UK's defence budget has been eliminated, Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, said. Hammond told the House of Commons ...

Procure Yourself Into Insolvency...

Richard Denny | Posted 10.07.2012 | UK
Richard Denny

Professor Arjan van Weele, NEVI-Chair of Purchasing and Supply Management, at Eindhoven University of Technology and doyen of procurement strategy is ...

Cameron U-Turns Over Jump-Jets

PA/The Huffington Post UK | Posted 09.05.2012 | UK

David Cameron is set for an embarrassing U-turn over the fighter aircraft for the Royal Navy's new carriers, it was reported today. The Prime Minis...

£45m Weapons Testing Deal Protects 250 Jobs

PA | Posted 30.03.2012 | UK

A total of 250 jobs have been protected by a £45m government contract for testing Royal Navy warship weapons systems. QinetiQ and BAE Systems have...

Open Public Services - Open Accountability

John Tizard | Posted 08.04.2012 | UK Politics
John Tizard

There can be no excuse for delay in introducing bold reform to ensure the accountability of all public service provision.

Government To Publish £50bn Of Public Projects, Reform Procurement

Huffington Post UK | Peter Guest | Posted 20.11.2011 | UK Politics

The government is to reform how it works with the private sector in a new package of measures to be announced on Monday. More than £50bn worth of opp...

Defence Officials Misspent Procurement Cash

PA | Posted 18.11.2011 | UK Politics

Defence officials spent nearly £600 million on technical advice which was intended for equipment, an internal report has revealed. The audit of de...

The Procurement Pond Just got a Little Murkier - Bombardier

Christian Lister | Posted 12.09.2011 | UK Politics
Christian Lister

Then economies of scale clearly dictate that SMEs wouldn't be bidding for contracts worth £1.4billion, those figures are only for the big firms. But big firms need revenue or they will shrink to smaller entities, so they have to make a decision 'do we just land one big fish or lots of little ones?'