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Astronomers To Peer Into A Black Hole For The First Time With New Event Horizon Telescope

The Conversation UK | Posted 20.03.2017 | UK Tech
The Conversation UK

Perhaps part of the allure is that these enigmatic objects have never actually been "seen". But this could now be about to change as an international team of astronomers is connecting a number of telescopes on Earth in the hope of making the first ever image of a black hole.

ET Phone Home...

PA | Posted 07.11.2012 | UK

BBC bosses told Professor Brian Cox he could not attempt to listen to a newly discovered planet on TV show Stargazing Live in case aliens breached the...

World's Fastest Telescope Launches

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 07.10.2012 | UK Tech

The Australia Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP), the world's fastest telescope, was officially launched in the wilderness of Western Australia...