Saving The World, One Patient At A Time

Janet Davies | Posted 12.05.2017 | UK
Janet Davies

Tales of superhuman strength, commitment and compassion have come in from far and wide. What we've found is that it's not the moments of great drama that people remember as much as the quiet moments of support, the kind words that help them to be brave.

All Parties Need To Step Up For The NHS

Janet Davies | Posted 27.04.2017 | UK Politics
Janet Davies

Whichever political party triumphs in June, it is time to stop taking nursing staff for granted and start to appreciate the incredible work they do. The RCN is calling on all parties to step up and commit to the long-term funding that patients and services need.

The NHS 'Should Be Cherished'

Janet Davies | Posted 18.01.2017 | UK Politics
Janet Davies

Since the Government announced the withdrawal of student funding for would-be nurses last year, we are already hearing of a 20% drop in applications for graduate nursing courses. And the 1% pay cap on salaries is not helping to encourage people into nursing and is making existing nurses reconsider whether they can even afford to continue. If the NHS wants to achieve a clean bill of health, we need to ensure there is adequate staffing, funding, resource and education. The health of the nation is at stake.

The Power of a Thank You Can Transcend Place or Time

Anna Crossley | Posted 11.05.2017 | UK
Anna Crossley

Thank you. It's a universal phrase, used for countless reasons from passing the salt, to providing support in a time of crisis. And it means different things to different people. But as a nurse let me tell you, one small thank you can go a long way.

'Patient Care Is at Stake': What the Trade Union Bill Means for the NHS

Josie Irwin | Posted 11.01.2017 | UK Politics
Josie Irwin

The Government says that the Trade Union Bill will protect essential public services. But all the evidence shows that happy, fairly treated employees produce the best work - and not just in our vital public services. This Bill will sadly make this harder and harder to achieve.

The Only Way to Be Sure That the NHS Can Safely Care for Its Patients Is By Training Enough Nurses

Dr Peter Carter | Posted 28.07.2016 | UK
Dr Peter Carter

Around 7,500 nurses from the EU registered to work in the UK last year. This is an increase on the previous year, which was an increase on the year before that. Overseas nurses have played a vital role in the NHS since its inception, and will continue to do so, but clearly when trusts are relying more and more on this form of recruitment something is going wrong.

It Is Nonsensical, Unfair and Completely Illogical to Force Nurses to Leave the Country While We Face a Shortage

Dr Peter Carter | Posted 22.06.2016 | UK
Dr Peter Carter

Thousands of nurses have left their homes and moved to the other side of the world, to work for the NHS in hospitals, our emergency departments and in our care homes. For the vast majority, their starting salary will be about £21,000 a year. Without them many health and social care organisations would struggle to deliver safe care. Their reward for this contribution to our health service? If they don't somehow increase their salary to £35,000 they will be forced to leave the country after six years.

Why I Study Nursing

Kieran Uttley | Posted 10.05.2016 | UK Universities & Education
Kieran Uttley

Studying nursing is demanding. It can be stressful, tiring and yes, I sometimes wonder why I do it. But then something happens that rekindles the reasons why I nurse, why I love it and why it means so much to me.

Regional Pay For Nurses Means Poor Patient Care

PA | Posted 07.09.2012 | UK Politics

Introducing regional pay and conditions in the NHS would lead to lower standards of patient care, according to The Royal College of Nursing. Scrapp...

Nurses 'Not Too Posh To Wash'

PA | Posted 04.09.2012 | UK

Nurses are being forced to clean toilets and mop hospital floors on top of their patient care duties, a new survey has found. More than half of NHS...

Treated In Corridors And Left On Hospital Trolleys

PA | Posted 13.05.2012 | UK

Nursing leaders have called for a halt to the loss of hospital beds after a study revealed that patients were being left on trolleys for hours on end ...

Controversial NHS Reforms Passed

PA | Posted 21.03.2012 | UK Politics

The passage of the coalition's controversial NHS reforms would prove to be a "cause of significant regret", according to the Royal College of Nursing ...