Should We Remove Children From Drug Addicted Parents? Watch This BBC Documentary, Then Decide

Natasha Phillips | Posted 18.07.2017 | UK
Natasha Phillips

From the teenage boy who tells his mother not to be so hard on herself for relapsing - he tells her it's perfectly normal and that she should keep going - to the daughter who says to her mother she could do this, and get clean and that she wasn't alone, the wisdom, kindness and compassion the documentary allows us to witness, is a window into some of the greatest moments the human condition has to offer.

An Open Letter To My Alcoholic Mum

Gina Lyons | Posted 25.04.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Gina Lyons

As today was the day my mum was admitted to hospital due to taking an overdose and today, is hopefully the day she allows me to get her into rehab. For anyone suffering with addiction, or loving a person who is, be vocal. Take your dirty laundry outside and let people help you clean it.

When I Was Homeless I Would Use Dating Apps Just To Find A Bed To Sleep In

Josh Parker | Posted 03.03.2017 | UK
Josh Parker

I was forced to use dating apps like Grindr to find a place to stay. I was meeting up with complete strangers every night. You can find yourself in really scary situations, in which people try to take advantage of you. I tried to protect myself by arranging to meet in a public place first of all, to make sure it wasn't a hoax.

'Legal Highs' and Prison Lows - My View From Inside

Dan Rolfe | Posted 23.11.2016 | UK
Dan Rolfe

I was lucky and never had any of the frightening effects spice can have, but I saw others who used it have 'spice attacks'. It's like they were having heart attacks, not knowing where they were, collapsing. Men would smoke half a gram in one go. They'd wander out of the cell, and the next thing they'd be on the floor or in health care. A lot would call for their mums.

Why Learning to Listen to Experts Is a Vital Skill in Recovery

Carrie Armstrong | Posted 05.09.2016 | UK
Carrie Armstrong

The best thing I can recommend is you take a job in a charity shop for a few hours a week. Don't push yourself.

To Reform, We Must be Conflicted

Ben Greenhalgh | Posted 24.05.2015 | UK Politics
Ben Greenhalgh

I need to both understand the impossibility and inevitability of the world of determinism, and yet attempt to widen the constraints by a pure belief in free agency. If I were to fully accept that the dye is cast, my job, and that of any other professional working in reforming or rehabilitating people, would be pointless.

The Keyword for Addiction Treatment is "Recovery"

Rupert Wolfe-Murray | Posted 17.03.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Rupert Wolfe-Murray

To those of us on the inside the word "recovery" makes perfect sense. When someone says "I'm in recovery" I know immediately that they've been through hell, have faced their demons and is dealing with life "a day at a time" - another of AA's many useful aphorisms.

UFC Champion Jon Jones Enters Rehab After Testing Positive For Cocaine

Huffington Post UK/ AP | Posted 07.01.2015 | UK Sport

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has entered a drug rehabilitation facility after testing positive for the main metabolite of cocaine. The ...

A Bridge To San Patrignano

Danny McCubbin | Posted 08.02.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Danny McCubbin

San Patrignano is the most successful drug rehabilitation community in the world with an impressive 72% success rate. Situated near Rimini in Italy, there are over 1,300 residents currently residing there from 28 countries around the world.

Is There Only One Road to Recovery?

Trevor Kleinhans | Posted 07.09.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Trevor Kleinhans

After reading about Robin Williams re admitting himself to rehab I was reminded of the journey I have taken as a recovering crack cocaine addict.

The NHS Endorses AA - After 80 Years

Rupert Wolfe-Murray | Posted 22.04.2014 | UK
Rupert Wolfe-Murray

Gradually things are changing. Public Health England, an NHS policy making body that has the mission to "protect and improve the nation's health", issued a briefing document at the end of last year which encourages GPs to make use of "mutual aid" groups like AA.

San Patrignano UK - Now a Charity

Danny McCubbin | Posted 30.03.2014 | UK
Danny McCubbin

This week we are off to San Patrignano with a special team of volunteers who are going to work with me and be responsible for the admissions process here in the UK. This will mean that we will be able to support more people who are dependent on drugs and looking to enter the community in Italy.

WATCH: Zac Efron Talks Rehab

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 25.01.2014 | UK Entertainment

Zac Efron has opened up about how he's feeling after his recent stint in rehab. The 26-year-old former Disney star said: "I'm in the best place I'v...

Dealing With Toronto's Mayor Two - Enabling, Denial, Disease and Blah, Blah, Blah...

Dr. Peter Ferentzy | Posted 02.02.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Dr. Peter Ferentzy

Just as most murderers are not absolved by reason of insanity, most people who misbehave in public when tipsy (e.g., urinating for the crowd) are not necessarily diseased - some people are just rude and crude, without any medical qualification.

Beyond the Paleo

Sarah Blackwood | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Sarah Blackwood

I was drawn to this way of eating because grains were the basis of my meals; lunches were a sandwich, quick easy dinner was microwave brown rice and a stir fry and Paleo seemed to be a good way of consciously increasing veg and reducing grains and sugar in my diet.

Hannah's story - Getting Help for Drug Addiction

Danny McCubbin | Posted 18.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Danny McCubbin

I started smoking cannabis and drinking socially when I was about 13. I fairly quickly progressed on to harder drugs and at about 15 I was using speed, ecstasy and cocaine.

Cooking for Good - Please Spread the Word!

Danny McCubbin | Posted 08.11.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Danny McCubbin

I often here myself saying that I have one of the best jobs in the world. I work part time for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and the rest of my time is spent running the UK San Patrignano Association. I get to meet some pretty amazing people and travel to wonderful locations spreading Jamie's message about good food and how it can bring people together.

Dream Your Way to Recovery

Carrie Armstrong | Posted 21.10.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Carrie Armstrong

Don't let anyone laugh at your dreams. Or let them tell you they can't become a reality. Sick or well. People used to laugh at me all the time, which is fine, some of my dreams seemed fairly ridiculous.

Get the Balance Right

Sarah Blackwood | Posted 27.09.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Sarah Blackwood

I became a personal trainer after a long journey struggling with low self-esteem and poor body image fuelled a frustration to drink until I blacked out most evenings. The entertainment industry seems to excuse this behaviour; in fact it thrives on the myth of rock n roll excess, the wilder the better.

San Patrignano - A Free Drug Rehab Community

Danny McCubbin | Posted 25.09.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Danny McCubbin

From heroin to cocaine and ecstasy the people who call me have realised that what San Patrignano offers is a long term solution that works and I am proud to say that I can now help anyone in this country who wants to enter the community.

What Gazza Taught Us About Rehab

Carrie Armstrong | Posted 09.09.2013 | UK Entertainment
Carrie Armstrong

Gazza is unlikely to make it this time. Gazza is very near death right now. The very end of end-stage alcoholism. Soon. Very soon. Sadly. And when he does? We will still all be shocked. Because it makes us all a bit vulnerable doesn't it? When someone so strong, with such professional brilliance disintegrates right in front of us.

Smoking Cannabis Can Lead to Harder Drugs

Danny McCubbin | Posted 07.09.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Danny McCubbin

I can tell you here and now that I think it is a huge mistake to legalise cannabis use because I have seen and witnessed first hand how smoking cannabis at a young age can ruin a persons life. Instead of saying to our young that it is acceptable to smoke cannabis we need to educate them to make better choices and to inform them of the dangers of taking drugs.

World Drug Day Blog: Treating the Addiction Not the Drug

Mandy Saligari | Posted 26.08.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Mandy Saligari

The mistake we all make when treating addiction is to fire fight and call that treatment. Rehabs and addiction programmes tend to treat the manifestation of the addiction, not the condition itself and so of course people relapse.

Please Come to San Patrignano Richard Branson

Achim Franchetti | Posted 25.08.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Achim Franchetti

I just read a story written by Richard Branson that he wants to relax the laws on smoking marijuana and I am worried that if this happens then more young people like I did will think that it is ok to smoke a joint. The thought that my little brother back home could buy marijuana easily just like buying chewing gum makes me very worried.

NHS and Government Have No Policy on Alcohol

Rupert Wolfe-Murray | Posted 04.08.2013 | UK Politics
Rupert Wolfe-Murray

It's becoming increasingly obvious that the Health Department and NHS have no policy about the ever increasing alcohol epidemic beyond repeating "something must be done" and making sure that nothing gets in the way of the drinks companies maximising their profits.