Right Wing Extremism

Prevent: A Personal Reflection

Will Baldèt | Posted 10.08.2017 | UK
Will Baldèt

It would be ridiculous for those of us who work in Prevent to be complacent, this area of safeguarding is too sensitive and too important. We need open dialogue and debate, but constructive critics are drowned out by the cacophony of detractors who demand to be heard but offer nothing but noise.

Now Is Not The Time To Question Our Values But To Stand Up For Them

Waqar Ahmed | Posted 31.01.2017 | UK
Waqar Ahmed

Prevent in the UK has focused on terrorism from a global violent jihadist perspective, but front-line workers like me up and down the country have always worked on all forms of extremism and have been dealing with a rise in referrals from far-right extremism.

Far Right Extremism Poses A Real Threat To Us All

Qari Asim | Posted 28.11.2016 | UK Politics
Qari Asim

Post Brexit and in the Trump era, it is more important than ever that the authorities take steps to tackle the growing threat of Britain's far-right movement and dismantle their networks. There are already reports that the Far-right extremists in Germany are joining forces with like-minded groups across Europe and even the United States as they prepare to carry out more attacks on our streets.

I Dumped My Boyfriend Because of His Political Views

Anna Brown | Posted 12.01.2017 | UK Politics
Anna Brown

Two weeks before Christmas, I left my French boyfriend of ten months. We hadn't argued, there wasn't anyone else, things were good... Little did I know, my then-boyfriend had given Le Front National his vote. I had no idea he was this way politically inclined, and 24 hours later, we were done.

Isis Is No More an 'Islamic State' Than the Nazis Were Socialists

Will Black | Posted 13.03.2015 | UK
Will Black

The terrorist network that calls itself the 'Islamic State' has been almost as audacious - some might say ridiculous - with its name changes over the years... The simple fact is that it is NOT Islamic and it is NOT a state.

Heroes or Villains?: Comics as Extremist Propaganda

Tanya Silverman | Posted 24.11.2014 | UK
Tanya Silverman

n the battle of good vs evil there needs to be balance. For every extremist-made comic there should be one purporting an adventurous alternative. Dilbert's gags about expense reports just won't cut it.

Europe's Problem With Far-Right Violence

Vidhya Ramalingam | Posted 01.11.2014 | UK Politics
Vidhya Ramalingam

We aim to start a conversation on how Europe can engage directly with the problem of far-right extremism. It is a conversation about solutions.

Three Years on From Breivik's Massacre, It's Time to Start Taking Survivors Seriously

Vidhya Ramalingam | Posted 21.09.2014 | UK Politics
Vidhya Ramalingam

We now, to a larger and larger extent, see far-right extremists not only taking to the streets and intimidating communities, but entering European parliaments. De-politicising the incident in Norway did not help in stalling this development. This is not an alarmist claim, but an unfortunate reality we as Europeans must face.

Republican Politician Finally Proves The Existence Of God

The Huffington Post UK | Paul Vale | Posted 10.07.2014 | UK Comedy

Man has finally proved the existence of God. After several millennia of war, killing, death and sacrifice, the debate over the divine was sensationall...

Nazis Now on Campus

Colin Cortbus | Posted 29.04.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Colin Cortbus

The far-right, the BNP and the short-lived Liverpool-based National Culturists, have previously attempted to agitate on campuses. But what is new and threatening about National Action as a phenomenon is the group's overt, totally unconcealed admiration for Adolf Hitler, its links to the ideology of violent terrorists, and most significantly the advanced, potentially ground-breaking propaganda tactics the group employs .

Should We Really Trust the Quilliam and Tommy Robinson Coalition?

Imran Awan | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK Politics
Imran Awan

Like most people when I heard the news that Tommy Robinson (whose real name is Stephen Lennon) and Kevin Carroll had left the English Defence League (EDL) I was cautious about jumping up and screaming 'Finally, Tommy we told you so'...

The Rise of Golden Dawn Casts a Shadow Over Greek Politics

Daphne Halikiopoulou | Posted 23.11.2013 | UK Politics
Daphne Halikiopoulou

The recent murder of left-wing activist Pavlos Fyssas in Greece has drawn further attention to the rise of the extreme right-wing Golden Dawn. For many, this phenomenon may be understood as the result of the economic crisis facing Greece, the severe austerity measures, declining living standards, the lack of jobs and the government shut-downs.

Germany's Neo-Nazi Problem

David Crossland | Posted 05.10.2013 | UK Politics
David Crossland

German commentators have been tutting at the British government's hard line. But Germany needs to focus on its own, very serious racism problem which is being overlooked amid all the hype about its stable economy and well-organized social system.

Anti-Islamic Hate Should Be Banned

Imran Awan | Posted 28.08.2013 | UK Politics
Imran Awan

The British Home Secretary, Theresa May, made the right decision on Tuesday (25 June 2013) in banning the two prominent US anti-Islamic activists, Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer in entering the UK.

Was the 'Today' Programme Right to Interview Tommy Robinson?

Jamie Bartlett | Posted 10.08.2013 | UK Politics
Jamie Bartlett

This morning, the leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, appeared and was interviewed by Sarah Montague. Was the Today programme right to have Tommy on? On balance, yes. But I would have liked some tougher questioning.

Woolwich Attack: Should We Expect a Violent Response?

Vidhya Ramalingam | Posted 24.07.2013 | UK
Vidhya Ramalingam

Wednesday's horrific attack on the streets of southeast London was more than just a random murder; This murder, like all terrorist attacks, was intended to send a message, one of division and hate. Though the English Defence League is by no means a terrorist organisation, Wednesday's events have not only skyrocketed the movement's levels of support, but have yielded increasing calls for targeted violence against Muslim communities.

Angry Protests As 'Neo-Nazi' Beate Zschäpe On Trial In Germany

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 06.05.2013 | UK

A leading female member of an alleged neo-Nazi cell, accused of complicity in a series of brutal murders of immigrants in Germany, has begun her trial...

The EDL are Not 'Counter-Jihad Extremists'; They're Islamophobic Extremists

Dr. Leon Moosavi | Posted 09.05.2013 | UK Politics
Dr. Leon Moosavi

The EDL would better be described as anti-Muslim extremists or Islamophobic extremists. Either would be more suitable than 'counter-Jihad extremists'.

The Rise of the Right

Patrick Cash | Posted 18.01.2013 | UK
Patrick Cash

Earlier this year I reported in an article for QX Magazine upon the 'anti-gay propaganda' legislation being passed in Russia, effectively banning the mention of the word 'gay' upon the streets of large, otherwise cosmopolitan cities such as St Petersburg.

PICTURES: 11 Arrested After EDL Demonstrations In Bristol

PA | Posted 13.09.2012 | UK

A controversial English Defence League (EDL) demonstration and a major opposition rally were praised for passing peacefully on Saturday despite 11 arr...

PICTURES: Seven Arrested After EDL Demonstrations In Bristol

PA | Posted 13.09.2012 | UK

Seven protesters have been arrested as two major demonstrations took place in Bristol city centre on Saturday. Riot police made the arrests as up t...

What Would British Fascism Look Like?

James Bloodworth | Posted 29.06.2012 | UK Politics
James Bloodworth

Were a far-Right government ever to win power in Britain - and never get too complacent, for a Searchlight poll last February found a staggeringly high number of voters who said they would be prepared to vote for party of the far-Right if it renounced violence - what might it do in its first year of power?

In Defence of Multiculturalism

John Wight | Posted 17.06.2012 | UK Politics
John Wight

With the trial in Norway of mass murderer Anders Breivik now underway, a man whose complete lack of remorse and indeed evident satisfaction over the slaughter of 77 people was a sickening sight to behold, it is time for progressive forces in the West to make a stand in defence of multiculturalism.

Muslims Should Be 'Partners Not Informants' In Terror Fight

The Huffington Post UK | Olivia Williams | Posted 21.11.2011 | UK

Partnerships with London's Muslim community have been far more effective at fighting terrorism in the capital than confrontation, a former head of a M...

What Norway Should Teach the Media About Covering Terrorism

Peter Blair | Posted 10.10.2011 | UK
Peter Blair

I wasn't alone on July 22nd in thinking that the attacks in Oslo and Utoya bore few of the hallmarks of Al Qaeda, but it certainly didn't seem that way to anyone watching rolling news coverage of the events unfolding in Norway.