Why We're Urging Global Leaders to Invest in Childhood Education Worldwide

Jacob Kragh | Posted 05.07.2016 | UK
Jacob Kragh

Together we have the opportunity to establish better prospects for the world's children by investing in their future at a scale capable of achieving universal pre-primary education by 2030. This is necessary for business. This is necessary for society. And most importantly, this is necessary for the future of our children.

Angry Birds Get Angrier

Gordon Brown | Posted 28.06.2016 | UK
Gordon Brown

Today the Angry Birds are a little bit angrier. The characters that have become a worldwide gaming phenomenon are flapping even more furiously because 58million children are not in school and learning. Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish creator of Angry Birds, has added a huge boost to the #UpFor School campaign by launching a new tournament where players are asked to sign the petition going to global leaders. It demands that every child has the right to go to school and already has the support of seven million people worldwide.

North Korea's State-Made Tablet Has HD Screen And 'Angry Birds'

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Official: Star Wars Angry Birds Is Mega Hit On iOS App Store

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A Star Wars version of popular game Angry Birds has taken top place on the paid-for app chart for iPhone and iPad this week. Angry Birds Star Wars,...

Is This The Worst Star Wars Tie-In Ever?

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'These Are The Birds You're Looking For'

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Rovio looks set to unveil a new Angry Birds game set in the Star Wars universe. A teaser page for the game has been set up on Tumblr, featuring a c...

REVIEW: Is Rovio's 'Angry Birds' Sequel 'Bad Piggies' Any Good?

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WATCH: Angry Birds Sequel Revealed In Gameplay Trailer

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Bad Piggies: New Details Leak About Rovio's Angry Birds Follow-Up

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Angry Birds Theme Park Heading To Nottingham

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If you love Angry Birds and you live in Nottingham - well, prepare to be a little less angry. An Angry Birds-themed adventure playground will be bu...

Angry Birds Space Now Live

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The highly anticipated new game from Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, is out now. The new game, launched in partnership with Nasa and National Geog...

Angry Birds Adventure Playgrounds To Launch Across The Globe

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Angry Birds is launching its own themed adventure playgrounds in local neighbourhoods, with two planned for the UK. The announcement was made in t...

Angry Birds Space Game To Launch On 22 February

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Are you ready for the first new Angry Birds game in a year, and the biggest launch since Angry Birds? That's what Rovio, the Angry Birds developers...

Play Angry Birds On Facebook

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Great news productive members of the working public who by no means waste a vast amount of time on Angry Birds! Angry Birds is now playable on Faceboo...

Real Life Angry Birds: Artist's Realistic Versions Of Mobile Game Stars

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Humanity would be in a lot of trouble if the loveable and furious stars of the hit mobile game Angry Birds were discovered in real life. As the 500...