Reading Russia Today for a Week Made Me Believe in Anything

Lukas Mikelionis | Posted 22.02.2015 | UK Politics
Lukas Mikelionis

"This is what happens then there is no second opinion" as those filthy and badly painted ads of Russia Today say all across London tube stations. I agree, this is exactly what happens when there's no other voice in an authoritarian country.

Russia Today UK Is Bad News - But Even Tyrants Have a Right to Free Speech

James Snell | Posted 02.02.2015 | UK
James Snell

Yes, RT is bad, but maybe by exposing its partisanship and the many flaws in its approach to a wider range of people, we might be able to defuse some of its negative potential. If our arguments for liberal democracy were not good enough to stand up to this sort of naked political manoeuvring, that is the point at which we should begin to worry.

How To Buy Followers and Influence People on Twitter

Luke Hurst | Posted 10.08.2013 | UK Tech
Luke Hurst

Everybody from catering companies to record labels, celebrities to politicians are jumping on this simple marketing tool. It makes them look like they have well established customer/fan bases. This is not limited to Twitter. You can buy Facebook 'likes' for your pages

Russian Channel To Broadcast Julian Assange's TV Programme

Posted 25.01.2012 | UK

Julian Assange's new television programme is to be broadcast by Russia's RT station, the network has announced. On Wednesday RT revealed its news e...

Occupy London Stock Exchange Begins, Where will it end?

Jason Reed | Posted 17.12.2011 | UK
Jason Reed

The global Occupy protests are an organic democratic procedure that has been born out of pure frustration for the current political, media and economic climate. It's more than possible that we are in uncharted territory with history giving us no lessons on how this global movement will conclude.

Occupy Wall Street = Mainstream Fail

Jason Reed | Posted 03.12.2011 | UK
Jason Reed

Occupy Wall Street is heading for its third week of protests. The movement was hesitant in its first steps, but it's now picking up momentum and spre...