Rugby World Cup

England Rugby - No Room for Error Against Ireland

Emma Thurston | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

The harsh reality is that come Saturday evening one of England or Ireland will be nursing their wounds in defeat and will head into this Rugby World Cup off the back of two straight losses. The thought of it being England is too painful to think about right now, by hook or by crook England must muscle past Ireland on home soil.

Variation on a Theme - Duracell's RWC

Emma Thurston | Posted 01.09.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

As a popular team sport in the UK rugby stands alone in terms of its physicality, football is on a different planet altogether and whilst American Football obviously isn't for the fainthearted the pads make it just a touch tamer in my eyes!!

Opportunity Knocks for Brands This Rugby World Cup

Emma Thurston | Posted 31.08.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

The opportunity that a home Rugby World Cup affords to brands and sponsors is a large one. With the eyes of the rugby world focused solely on this tournament it is time for them excel and deliver in the same manner that our International rugby sides want to do.

Statistics and Headlines of the Rugby Variety - Rugby World Cup

Emma Thurston | Posted 31.08.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

The Rugby World Cup is the pinnacle of our sport, it always delivers hugely competitive clashes and history tells us that we will also witness an upset or two during the course of its eight weeks.

The Olympic Stadium's Re-Opening Left Rugby Fans Furious

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 31.08.2015 | UK Sport

London's Olympic Stadium was put to use for the first time in three years this weekend, but memories of the epic Opening Ceremony quickly faded, as th...

England Rugby - Stuart Lancaster Announces His 31 Man Rugby World Cup Squad

Emma Thurston | Posted 28.08.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

Naturally at yesterday's announcement the decisions regarding Sam Burgess and Danny Cipriani were a keen focus with all seeking to hear clearly from England's management why certain decisions were made.

England Rugby - Selection Time for Stuart Lancaster

Emma Thurston | Posted 25.08.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

The fact that the Parisian crunch didn't go to plan means that emotions are running even higher than they would have been if England had delivered the performance that expected and as such secured a victory. We all have our opinions but at that end of the day they are just that and Stuart Lancaster and his coaching team will be the ones to decide.

Volunteering Virgin

Debbie Cleaveley | Posted 25.08.2015 | UK Sport
Debbie Cleaveley

It's my first foray into the world of volunteering since I was an adolescent. That sounds awful, especially as these days I'm in the dreaded middle age category on drop down menus, but I guess it's better late than never.

England Rugby's Parisian Crunch Lacked Bite But They'll Be Fine Come the Rugby World Cup

Emma Thurston | Posted 23.08.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

So the question is, with 25 days to go until the tournament starts and one week until the formal deadline to submit a 31 man squad, should we and indeed Stuart Lancaster be panicking? Unsurprisingly, my answer is no.

England Rugby - Strong Competition

Emma Thurston | Posted 18.08.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

Saturday's Test match against France certainly answered some of the questions that Stuart Lancaster and his coaching team had about individuals and units within their squad however some still remain.

England Rugby - A Positive First Hit Out

Emma Thurston | Posted 17.08.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

As Stuart Lancaster woke up this morning I expect that he was feeling pretty content with the match that unfolded in front of his eyes last night for by anyone's standards, including his own, England's first hit out was a positive one.

England Rugby - Central Focus

Emma Thurston | Posted 30.07.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

The partnerships in the centre have been an area of focus for the past two seasons with a few different options reviewed due to injuries and schedulin...

Rugby's Finest - How Jonny Built Jerusalem

The Huffington Post UK | Caroline Frost | Posted 29.07.2015 | UK Entertainment

Summer 2003, and after six weeks of competition, England were in the rugby world cup final against reigning champions, Australia. After eighty min...

England Rugby - Strettle, Selection and More

Emma Thurston | Posted 26.06.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

On Tuesday lunchtime Stuart Lancaster addressed the press for the first time from inside the England Rugby World Cup Training Camp; all fifty players had arrived at Pennyhill Park the day before and were in the middle of their first double day of training.

Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage - Boosting Britain's Tourism Regions

Christopher Rodrigues | Posted 25.06.2015 | UK Sport
Christopher Rodrigues

With less than 100 days to go the countdown is finally upon us, as the Rugby World Cup trophy makes its away around Britain. But what about a host nation legacy plan? Who is set-up to deliver the longer term economic boost for Britain's nations and regions? Over the years VisitBritain, and, the wider tourism industry, has proven it can deliver.

An Esteemed Perspective - Jonny Wilkinson on England & Rugby World Cup 2015

Emma Thurston | Posted 18.06.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

The 100 Days To Go Event at Twickenham Stadium afforded a great opportunity to speak with the man himself and understand his perspective on all manner of things regarding England and the forthcoming tournament.

Marking 100 Days to Go Prior to a Home Rugby World Cup

Emma Thurston | Posted 15.06.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

Throughout that time the Trophy will tour, the Festival of Rugby will delight and we was outsiders will become more and more excited by the day safe in the knowledge that in less than 100 days the most thrilling and important tournament of our sport will commence on home soil.

The 31 Man Conundrum - Selecting England Rugby's World Cup Squad

Emma Thurston | Posted 12.06.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

The fact is England's depth of talent is great, across the board, and that makes for some extremely tricky decisions either with or without injury and form changes between now and the start of the tournament.

Hartley Out of Rugby World Cup Squad

Emma Thurston | Posted 01.06.2015 | UK Sport
Emma Thurston

For the second time in two weeks Stuart Lancaster found himself facing a very large decision due to a player's discipline. Once again Stuart has made the 'big call', the call that rules out Dylan Hartley of another major competition and that ends his home Rugby World Cup hopes.

Not Rugby Songs as You Know 'Em!

Helen Astrid | Posted 21.05.2015 | UK Sport
Helen Astrid

I've always loved creating unique combinations. Whether it's my own cooking (I've collated cookbooks from every country ever visited) or my wild (and sometimes wise) wardrobe or mixing my home décor with the old and the new. I love being individual.

Steffon Armitage - The Only Choice

Tom Byrne | Posted 07.05.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Tom Byrne

The RFU policy on selection for the England team is frustrating; if you want to represent your country you must play your club rugby in England. The idea is simple; to make sure the best English players are playing week in week out for our clubs...

Rugby: The Armitage Dilemma - What Should Lancaster Do?

Eoghan Hickey | Posted 28.06.2015 | UK Sport
Eoghan Hickey

As the Rugby World Cup draws nearer, waiting just over this season's horizon, the divergent fortunes of success or failure are drawing more into focus, as each subsequent decision by the various coaches compounds the already great pressure on them.

Top Five Young Rugby Players to Watch This Year

Rory Nicolson | Posted 23.05.2015 | UK Sport
Rory Nicolson

With the IRB Rugby World Cup this September, casts an eye on the players to look out for in what could be the biggest year for rugby yet.

Ireland at the World Cup and Other Thoughts

Abdullah Mahmood | Posted 22.05.2015 | UK Sport
Abdullah Mahmood

Big statement time: Ireland will reach the World Cup final. Now I would have said this even if England had taken the title yesterday. I feel that out of all the Northern Hemisphere teams (and I'm including Wales and England in this) they seem to be best placed to challenge for the World Cup.

Is the Heart and Soul Being Ripped out of Rugby Union?

David Ready | Posted 15.05.2015 | UK Sport
David Ready

In the run up to the Rugby World Cup, I'd like to know what's in store for the future of rugby union. Is it going to be dominated by strong defences? Is the path of a game going to be dictated by the number of penalties awarded, by packs of rolling malls and choke tackles? Personally, I hope not, because it will destroy the very heart and soul of the game, a sport which will become used and worn out and shelved into the annals of history like boxing.