A Bit Of What You Fear Does You Good

Olivia Cox | Posted 14.06.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Olivia Cox

When I was growing up, my mother would torment me with words like 'balance' and 'moderation'. It just all seemed so boring at the time, but I guess the moral of the story is that she was (as per) quite right. It's good to feel scared occasionally, especially when it motivates action. But only when you can feel utterly unafraid later.

It's a Man's World - Mentoring In Qargha

Kate Lord | Posted 14.07.2014 | UK
Kate Lord

A year ago I was offered a chance to deploy to Afghanistan as a mentor at the Afghan National Army Officer Academy located in Qargha, out to the west of the capital city of Kabul. My job here is to mentor the Afghan female PTIs who will deliver the physical training syllabus to the female officer cadets...

Aung San Suu Kyi Visits Sandhurst

Gareth Milner | Posted 23.01.2014 | UK
Gareth Milner

On Friday the 25th of October 2013, Aung San Suu Kyi visited and spoke at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS). I'm extremely privileged to have attended this event. Whilst writing this I've attempted to add value to the notes/scribbles I took.

We Should All Be a Little More Like Iain

Nick Abbot | Posted 07.06.2013 | UK Politics
Nick Abbot

Iain Duncan Smith was riled to be "ambushed" on a radio programmed (not guilty) and challenged to survive on the £53 a week that a benefit claimant said he had to subsist on. It was not really an ambush as such - Iain's job is being a politician, and so talking to people who might not agree with his every utterance and who might have issues with his policies and the direction the government is taking is, sort of, his job and deliberately going on a radio programme to talk about benefit scroungers does rather leave one open to that sort of thing.

Not the Academic Type

PA | Posted 21.01.2013 | UK

Prince Harry is the first to admit he is not the academic type. Exams at school were a "nightmare" and he could have hit the books a lot harder dur...

Prince Harry Labelled 'Slave Master' By Protesters On Jamaica Tour

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 07.05.2012 | UK

Prince Harry was labelled a "slave master" as he faced a small protest on his tour of Jamaica. Harry was met with demonstrators as he arrived at th...

Prince Harry Changes Plans After Afghanistan Tragedy

PA | Posted 07.03.2012 | UK

Prince Harry showed off his prowess on the firing range today and proved he is a top marksman. Harry, an Apache pilot, was named best gunner when h...