From Fear to Fury - Feminism and Rock'n' Roll

Ros Cairney | Posted 18.05.2016 | UK Entertainment
Ros Cairney

We formed deux furieuses in 2013 because we were angry on a personal level, on a career level and on a wider political level. We decided to self finance and release an album of songs about the things in the world which really angered us as we were not hearing this from other musicians at the time and the music itself did not seem enough anymore.

Exhibition of Women Artists Highlights Their Creativity, Courage and the Challenges They Faced

Jackie Kemp | Posted 21.02.2016 | UK Entertainment
Jackie Kemp

There are many powerful pieces in the current exhibition of Modern Scottish Women's Art from the late Victorian era to the early 1960s and the show casts light also on the stories behind the work and the challenges the artists faced.

Is Critical Thought Being Suppressed in Post Referendum Scotland?

Jordan Daly | Posted 18.12.2015 | UK Universities & Education
Jordan Daly

Last year, as a young voter, I voted Yes - for a Scotland where social democracy, opinion and critique was valued. Where political engagement was encouraged. I looked beyond the SNP, and I saw opportunity in independence. Now, I'm left asking myself: is this really the kind of Scotland that I wanted to see?

The Art Of Drinking Whisky - Here's How

Claudia Canavan | Posted 24.09.2015 | UK Lifestyle

Want to sound like a pro at the bar? Order a whisky. The deep, golden and well-matured liquid is having a moment; cooler than vodka, more complex ...

Here's Your Chance To Win One Of 25 Bottles Of Select Laphroaig Whisky

The Huffington Post | Jo Carrigan | Posted 06.11.2015 | UK Lifestyle

When you’ve been distilling whisky on a remote Scottish Island for over two hundred years, you’re certainly used to a little pain and punishment. ...

21 Of The Most Hilarious #GrowingUpScottish Tweets

The Huffington Post UK | Sophie Brown | Posted 20.07.2015 | UK Comedy

#GrowingUpScottish is trending on Twitter, and amongst the chat about Irn Bru and miserable weather, there are some hard-hitting tweets about the star...

What Next for Labour?

Louise Wilson | Posted 19.05.2016 | UK Politics
Louise Wilson

To stop a repeat of 2015, Labour must make itself a viable option by electing a leader which people could conceivably see at No. 10. Miliband did not fill this criteria. Hopefully the next leader will, and this will go part way to ensuring England and Wales sway back to the left so Scottish Labour are not forced to split on the grounds that their political attitudes contrast too much with their rUK colleagues.

Why Halo Tora Will Help Lead the Charge for Scottish Alt-Rock In 2015

James Brinsford | Posted 20.05.2015 | UK Entertainment
James Brinsford

It is going to be a stellar couple of months for alt-rock releases from the north of the border and whilst the likes of Mogwai may dominate the music press column inches, it could be Halo Tora that make the most waves.

Celebrate Burns Night 2015 with a Haggis Manhattan

Michael Stringer | Posted 17.03.2015 | UK Lifestyle
Michael Stringer

After hours of experimentation with different ingredients and techniques I think I have finally found the perfect recipe which encompasses the true Scottish feel in a glass - this is my Haggis Manhattan!

Patriot Games: In Defence of Britain

Tom Johnson | Posted 16.11.2014 | UK Politics
Tom Johnson

Unless you've been living inside a black hole since the early 1990s, the allusions to the current referendum must be apparent. For as a child of Britain, unable to affect the potential break up of the United Kingdom on Thursday, the naïve response is to feel this is unfair...

Latest Polls Still Say Scotland Vote Is Too Close To Call

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 15.09.2014 | UK

David Cameron will today make a last-ditch trip north to urge Scots to vote No in the independence referendum, as the latest polls show the contest is...

A Scottish Fashion Invasion

Christina Miller | Posted 08.11.2014 | UK Lifestyle
Christina Miller

With 'ScotFashInvasion' as the official hashtag, it was clear before the event began that the Scottish Fashion Awards would be a night to remember.

16 Brilliant Things Spotted In Glasgow (PICTURES)

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 24.07.2014 | UK Comedy

To celebrate the 2014 Commonwealth Games, a round-up of marvellous Glasgow spots, as found by the people of the internet... SEE ALSO: 20 Things We ...

The Day I Got My Kit Off for a Pop Video

Hugh Carswell | Posted 19.02.2014 | UK Entertainment
Hugh Carswell

When we came to think about making the video for the single 'Take Hold', which is all about that incredible feeling of liberation, I wanted to try to capture a bit of that spirit - and the idea was born that we should feature some swimming, in particular, some underwater swimming.

'An Independent Scotland Will Keep The Pound, The Queen And Dr Who'

The Huffington Post UK | Asa Bennett | Posted 26.11.2013 | UK Politics

Alex Salmond has reassured Scottish voters that an independent Scotland would still keep the pound, the Queen as its head of state and access to watch...

Is This Election Leaflet Racist?

The Huffington Post UK | Tom Moseley | Posted 30.04.2013 | UK Politics

The Labour Party has complained of racism about a Lib Dem election leaflet - because it points out the Scottishness of one of its candidates. Lib ...

Dining out in The Italian Bistro, Glasgow

Raj Gill | Posted 20.04.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Raj Gill

It's the last day of half term break, and we want to take the children out for a nice lunch, somewhere off the beaten track, and the usual child frien...

Turning Over New Material

Daniel Sloss | Posted 30.11.2012 | UK Comedy
Daniel Sloss

I make sure I do the Edinburgh Fringe Festival every year because that forces me to write a new hour of material every year. This is a bit of advice I read from Louis CK, one of my favourite ever stand-ups.

Edinburgh University Offers Free 'Degree' On Aliens

Huffington Post UK | Felicity Morse | Posted 24.07.2012 | UK Universities & Education

Edinburgh university is the first in the UK to offer a selection of free online courses, including one that teaches students about UFOs and the search...

Sarah Dean

ROCKNESS: The View Warns Bands 'Don't Get Caught' | Sarah Dean | Posted 12.06.2012 | UK Entertainment

"Don't get caught," says Kieren Webster from The View. Referring to the time the Scottish band's lead singer Kyle Falconer was charged with cocaine...

Scottish Government's 'Panda Ad' Banned

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 11.04.2012 | UK

A Scottish Government advert has been banned by the advertising watchdog for suggesting that two pandas sent by China to Edinburgh Zoo were a "gift". ...

British Mum Accused Of Running Lucrative Prostitution Ring In NY

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 07.03.2012 | UK

Scottish woman Anna Gristina has been accused of running a multi-million-pound prostitution ring in New York. The 44-year-old mother-of-four who is...

Scottish Independence: With More Pandas Than Tory MPs, Scotland Doesn’t Need Dictated to By David Cameron

Humza Yousaf | Posted 11.03.2012 | UK Politics
Humza Yousaf

No one cares more about Scotland's success than the people who live here and that, ultimately, is why independence is the best choice for our future.

Small Boobs And A Chicken Fillet Bra Saved Mother's Life In Crash

Huffington Post UK | Felicity Morse | Posted 11.01.2012 | UK

Small boobs saved a woman's life when her bust-boosting chicken fillet pads took the impact from a near-fatal car crash. The head-on collision gave S...

Technology Reveals Lost Words In David Livingstone's 140-Year-Old Diary

PA | Posted 01.01.2012 | UK

A faded 140-year-old diary written by explorer David Livingstone has been made legible again with the help of modern technology. Scientists used sp...