Murderers Don't Execute People, Murderers Murder People.

Rob Atkinson | Posted 09.03.2015 | UK
Rob Atkinson

Let their cowardly attacks be described with scorn, derision and condemnation. Let's not succour the thugs by appearing to admit some moral compass in their grisly world of terror and intimidation.

Syntax, Semantics, and Naked Emperors: Lessons Students Can Learn From an Academic Hoax

Amir Dastmalchian | Posted 15.07.2014 | UK Universities & Education
Amir Dastmalchian

Research students at the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology have devised a computer programme which automatically writes academic papers. ...

Understanding Language with David Crystal

Annie Martirosyan | Posted 01.05.2013 | UK Universities & Education
Annie Martirosyan

David Crystal has been unprecedented. Arguably the greatest linguistic shepherd, Crystal has a penchant for presenting language issues in a reader and listener friendly manner that will never leave you dry as you close one of his books or walk out of the hall where he has been lecturing.

Livingstone's Loaded Language

Keith Jarrett | Posted 11.04.2012 | UK Politics
Keith Jarrett

The language we choose seems to hold more weight than our actual ideas and values. So yesterday, Ken Livingstone, running for London Mayor again, says of closet gay MPs: "You just knew the Tory party was riddled with it, like everywhere else is."

Extreme Frustration

Jamie Bartlett | Posted 27.03.2012 | UK Politics
Jamie Bartlett

Deciding who is and isn't an extremist is important when setting counter-radicalisation policy, because on the whole the government ought not work with extremists.

The Childish Nature of Poetry

Phil Brown | Posted 29.02.2012 | Home
Phil Brown

So why is a child's mind so inherently poetic? A good portion of it comes from the fact that children are at a linguistic disadvantage to their elders and will often brilliantly bridge the gap in a creative fashion.

The Misleading Language of our Economic Crisis

Notting Hill Editions | Posted 16.01.2012 | UK
Notting Hill Editions

From Notting Hill Editions ( Tom Kremer, the founder of Notting Hill Editions, says that the way we define the success of...

Ricky Gervais and Adventures in Twitterland

Deborah Frances-White | Posted 25.12.2011 | UK
Deborah Frances-White

If Ricky Gervais came into a bar or a green room and said to some friends or fellow comics, "Alright mongs?", my guess is that it would cause little if any consternation, but when @rickygervais published the same phrase regularly, it started to cause trouble.