Sexual Liberation

In an Age of Austerity is It Okay to Marry for Money?

Vivi Friedgut | Posted 12.03.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Vivi Friedgut

For many women, "should one marry for love or money" was an amusing question in our 20s but has many more shades of grey in our 30s. In financially difficult times the split in answers seems to depend on where you stand. Fiscally.

Is it Right to Measure Liberation by the Number of People We Have Sex With?

Rima Amin | Posted 21.08.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Rima Amin

So, how can sexual liberation be measured? The concept of liberation is centred around the notion of freedom. In this case, it means the freedom to control who you have sex with. It refers to consciousness, knowing the decisions you wish to make about your body and having the freedom to act upon it.

Let's Talk About Sex: Pegging

Ashley Hames | Posted 29.04.2012 | UK Lifestyle
Ashley Hames

Internet porn and a more liberal media have made us increasingly aware of those people with extraordinary sexual kinks or fetishes, but these people have always been among us. Warning: This blog post contains adult content and graphic images.

The Knox Verdict has Revealed More about Western European Prejudices Than any Sort of Justice

James Howell | Posted 10.12.2011 | UK Politics
James Howell

The verdict on Amanda Knox's appeal draw a close to the four-year-long saga of "Foxy Knoxy" but has showed more prejudices against south European states.