Sharing Economy

Peer-To-Peer Energy Trading Holds Huge Potential For Social Inclusion And Uniting Communities In The New Low-Carbon World

Lynne McDonald | Posted 26.09.2017 | UK Tech
Lynne McDonald

Sharing activity has proliferated in the last few years. Thanks to the rapid growth in applications like Uber and Air BnB, more people than ever are exchanging resources with each other to reduce costs and contribute towards sustainability. But while sharing cars and homes has become the norm, what about other resources like energy?

Why The Future Of Driving Is Closer Than You Think

Richard Laughton | Posted 24.07.2017 | UK Tech
Richard Laughton

It is clear we are on the cusp of a revolution in the way we travel from A to B. Every week heralds a new breakthrough in the development of driverless cars. These and other developments in travel tech will have far-reaching implications for the automotive sector.

Building A Sharing Economy With A Social Purpose

Helen Goulden | Posted 12.07.2017 | UK Tech
Helen Goulden

The commercial sector has been highly successful in exploiting the power of digital technologies to enable people to participate in the 'sharing' economy. We've seen massive investment in new marketplaces to share homes and cars, enabling people to make and save money.

Blocks In The Road To The Sharing Economy

Jonathan Hewett | Posted 22.05.2017 | UK Tech
Jonathan Hewett

A massive 46% of respondents said they would be encouraged to lend their car if the car and driver are insured separately and if in the event of an accident, the owner of the car is able to claim against the driver's insurance. A further 34% would like to track and attribute damage, and 32% would like to be able to track the location of the car whilst it is being hired.

Goodbye Negativity And Welcome Home Hope

Sir Tim Smit KBE | Posted 09.03.2017 | UK
Sir Tim Smit KBE

Last month The Big Lunch patron HRH The Duchess of Cornwall hosted the launch of The Great Get-Together at Clarence House, announcing a weekend of com...

Can A Sharing Economy Approach To Energy Deliver A More Sustainable Future?

David Hill | Posted 09.02.2017 | UK Tech
David Hill

As global demand for electricity grows, are there alternatives to building more power stations which make smarter use of existing infrastructure? And in an industry renowned for high levels of consumer mistrust, could an Airbnb of energy finally deliver a consumer-centric energy market?

Are We Looking After The Gig Economy?

Rich Wagner | Posted 19.01.2017 | UK
Rich Wagner

So the next time you're booking a long weekend away, taking a taxi ride or getting some shelves fixed, make sure you play your part to ensure this exciting and evolving industry continues to spearhead the UK economy for years to come.

The Future Looks Bright For Female Entrepreneurs

Annabel Denham | Posted 06.12.2016 | UK
Annabel Denham

There's a Sheryl Sandberg quote that springs to mind every time I attend events to boost female entrepreneurship: "In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders." It's a sentiment frequently echoed by the female founders I encounter at our events. They don't see themselves as "female entrepreneurs". "Entrepreneurs" will do.

The 'Internet Of Trust': How IoT Will Help Grow The Sharing Economy

Richard Laughton | Posted 16.11.2016 | UK Tech
Richard Laughton

The rapid growth of the sharing economy means that more and more of us are relying on goods and services that are provided not by companies, but by individuals. And as we increasingly rely on peer-to-peer goods and services in our everyday lives, trust is ever more elevated as one of the biggest factors in our purchase decisions.

Legal Struggles In The Age Of Uber-Capitalism: Are Uber-Drivers Workers Or Self-Employed?

Christian Fuchs | Posted 01.11.2016 | UK Tech
Christian Fuchs

There is much talk about the sharing- and gig-economy. The basic idea is that mediated by apps and the Internet, humans share information, data, goods, services, their location, property, or animals.

What Uber, Airbnb & Co Need To Do To Earn (And Keep) Our Trust

Ollie Boesen | Posted 15.10.2017 | UK
Ollie Boesen

Most of us are in agreement that the sharing economy is a good thing, for business and for society. Having trust in the people around us is usually a decent sign that things are going well, and the economic and environmental benefits are clear, too.

The Shared Economy: Time For The Regulators To Catch Up

Janvi Patel | Posted 08.09.2017 | UK
Janvi Patel

The argument is that the shared economy is essentially employing workers, but without the worker rights and protections that we have built gradually up as a society over the last few decades. Many find this hard to reconcile, not least the companies because the individuals want complete freedom and control of their day and working life and want a platform which provides them access to the market which they can dip in and out of at their will.

Could A "Third-Way" Employment Status Save The Gig Economy?

Maximilian Yoshioka | Posted 23.08.2017 | UK Politics
Maximilian Yoshioka

This lack of clarity and mismatched expectations around employment status are creating uncertainty among both businesses and workers in the gig economy. The former argue that the freedom of their staff to choose their own hours precludes them access to employee benefits, while the latter claim they are subject to restrictions and conditions that make them employees rather than genuinely self-employed contractors.

The 'Sharing Economy' Needs to Be a Caring Economy

Anneliese Dodds | Posted 04.06.2017 | UK Politics
Anneliese Dodds

All eyes now turn to the Tory government back home, who should be abiding by these EU guidelines: I'm calling on them to make sure that our new sharing economy is a caring economy too.

How to Bring Back the Human Touch to Our Food Culture? With an App, of Course

Maria Kivimaa | Posted 04.06.2017 | UK Tech
Maria Kivimaa

On one hand, our food culture is thriving like never before. On the other, for or many of us, food is a source of anxiety rather than nourishment and pleasure. It's evolved into a controversial 'thing' to either obsess over or give zero f***s about while stuffing your face and arteries with yet another unhappy meal at the drive-through.

Should the Sharing Economy Ever Be for Profit?

Eleanor Moss | Posted 14.04.2017 | UK
Eleanor Moss

There is lot of contention surrounding the term 'sharing economy', with Uber and Airbnb at the centre. Many argue that the term has been strapped onto...

Why You Should Swap Your Lie-In for a Dose of Chutzpah

Annabel Denham | Posted 10.03.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Annabel Denham

Her knowledge and advice extends beyond budding entrepreneurs. She believes a crowdfunding website "by women for women" will plug the aforementioned gender funding gap.

Technological Smorgasbord in Silicon Valley

Zaid Al-Zaidy | Posted 17.11.2016 | UK Tech
Zaid Al-Zaidy

Last week, I was lucky enough to be chaperoned by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), around a variety of emerging tech companies in Silicon Valley. The IPA/UKTI interactive mission has been a real smorgasbord of tech inspirations and here are my views on the trends that will be coming to European shores shortly.

Neoliberalism and the Death of Community

Julian Vigo | Posted 06.11.2016 | UK Politics
Julian Vigo

"The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right, greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and c...

Exploring Urban Mobility: Why This Car Company Wants You to Sell Your Car

Joseph Seal-Driver | Posted 23.07.2016 | UK Tech
Joseph Seal-Driver

Owning a car in the city is, in practice, a pretty big drain. Not just on finances, but on space. According to TfL, there are 2.6m cars in London. That's over seven thousand miles of cars clogging up and polluting London's streets.

We Are Living in the Greatest Generation for Entrepreneurship

Varun Bhanot | Posted 05.05.2016 | UK
Varun Bhanot

It is no secret that this very moment is perhaps the most fortunate time to start a business in recent times, in Britain.

Subletting in London: Who Wins and Who Loses?

Karim Goudiaby | Posted 21.06.2015 | UK
Karim Goudiaby

When the subletting legislature makes its way to parliament, the Chancellor must take care to ensure that tenants remain safe, landlords hold less liability for subtenants, and the housing supply isn't diminished by mass rent-to-rent schemes.

Mobility and Marketing: A Compelling Cross Sector Comparison

Jack R. Miles | Posted 03.05.2015 | UK Tech
Jack R. Miles

Both marketing and mobility are in a period of mass transition and evolution. As such, the myriad of consumer choices stretches from the very traditional and conservative to the dynamic and future facing.

Sharing Our Future

Karim Goudiaby | Posted 22.03.2015 | UK Tech
Karim Goudiaby

Despite the fact that the sharing economy is such a basic endeavor that has existed for centuries, many economists, corporate thought leaders, members of the workforce, and consumers themselves, have expressed hesitations regarding this model.

Is the Sharing Economy a Caring Economy?

Nick Liddell | Posted 14.02.2015 | UK
Nick Liddell

As a child, I was brought up to believe that sharing was a good thing to do. It makes sense to share things we don't need to use all the time. It's a way of making and keeping friends. It often comes with an emotional reward. And it's a sign of a civilised society at work: not every exchange of valuable goods requires a transaction.