Short Story

Why Are Americans So Good At Short Stories?

Andrew Holgate | Posted 27.04.2017 | UK Entertainment
Andrew Holgate

Look at the shortlist for this year's Sunday Times EFG Short Story award, the world's richest and most prestigious prize for a short story, and you'll...

Beyond the Edge

Matthew Tansini | Posted 31.10.2016 | UK
Matthew Tansini

17th June, 1898, Antarctica Dr Frederick Cook looked out of the ship from his grimy window. It was dark. It had been dark for months, nothing to see ...

Christmas With the Family

James Conmy | Posted 11.12.2016 | UK Comedy
James Conmy

The streets are lit up, homes pulsing with light. Bushes twinkle in front gardens while back gardens up and down the country are dark and jealous. If you listen carefully, on this cold winter night before Christmas, you can almost, almost, hear the magical sound of the national grid wheezing...

Adventures in Indie Publishing: Part Three

Chris Saunders | Posted 29.07.2014 | UK Entertainment
Chris Saunders

Market primed, you can finally hit 'publish.' The KDP service allows you to utilize various promotional offers, such as discounted pricing or offering your book free for a limited time. With X: A Collection of Horror, I opted for the latter.

The Book Gathers Dust: Independent Book Production and Digital Publishing

James Vella | Posted 08.04.2014 | UK Entertainment
James Vella

My first published fiction work - sixteen compiled short stories - will begin its dust collection in February 2014. As the writer, I cannot stress enough the personal significance of the work being printed as a real, heavy, tactile book.

Why I Need Stories

The London Magazine | Posted 01.10.2013 | UK Entertainment
The London Magazine

When I am faced with smallness and inanity, I write stories. When I am struck down by the catastrophic grief of life, I write stories. When in my belly writhes a nest of snakes because I am overcome with the knowledge that death waits for all of us--well, you go the idea.

The Legacy of the Year of the Short Story?

David Whelan | Posted 30.01.2013 | Home
David Whelan

2012 was declared the year of the short story and back in March I wrote an article exploring the immediate repercussions of such a statement. Now, here in November, as the final days of the year come swift and cold, I thought it pertinent to inspect the year's legacy.

Short Fiction: Short, Not Always Sweet, But Perfectly Formed

Will White | Posted 30.05.2012 | Home
Will White

Other than a fairly crucial commitment to brevity, what is it that makes a short story a short story? As the 2012 edition of the world's richest prize for the form comes to a conclusion, I spoke with this year's shortlist to get their own insights into the art and craft of writing short fiction.

The Year of the Short Story?

David Whelan | Posted 08.05.2012 | Home
David Whelan

Britain is a funny place. We like to theme our years. The publishing world has decided that 2012 is the Year of the Short Story, when over in America it's pretty much been the decade of the short story.

Book Written In Txt Spk Cud Win £30k

PA | Posted 20.04.2012 | Home

An author who has written in text speak could soon be all smiley faces and LOLs after finding himself in the running for the world's richest short sto...